Which are the Best Bissell Vacuum Cleaners?

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BISSELL might not be the most famous vacuum brand, but the company produces a range of upright, cordless and even steam cleaning models. Which are the best BISSELL vacuum cleaners? And which provide the greatest value for money? Keep reading to find out!

Before we get to our list of the top four BISSELL vacuums, it’s worth pointing out that the best model for you depends on your personal requirements. Are you looking for a new primary vacuum with strong suction and ability to deal with pet hair? Then the 15211 is probably the best choice. Or are you searching for a lightweight, easy-to-manoeuvre cordless? If so, the 13114 is an excellent option.

You also might be wondering: “are BISSELL vacuums any good?” The answer, of course, depends on the model. The company produces some respectable models, but each should be judged on its own merits – not just the brand. With that said, BISSELL, in general, are known to manufacture reliable vacuums, although they struggle to compete with Miele, Dyson and Vax. We’ve written a number of BISSELL vacuum reviews, with more being added all the time.

With that out of the way, we’ve compiled a list of our top four BISSELL vacuum cleaners. The list includes one upright, two cordless and one vacuum/steam model. Each model provides strong performance and value for money. So let’s get started!

4 Best BISSELL Vacuums

#1 Cordless
  • Type: Cordless
  • Dust Capacity: 1 litre
  • Filter: Standard
  • Price: ££
  • Long 40 minute run-time and handheld mode.
15211 BISSELL 15211 PowerLifter Pet
  • Type: Upright
  • Dust Capacity: litres
  • Filter: Standard
  • Price: £
  • Strong suction and TurboBrush for pet hair. Our #1 Bissell vacuum.
  • Type: Vacuum + Steam
  • Dust Capacity: 3.8 litres
  • Filter: Standard
  • Price: ££
  • Can handle vacuuming as well as steam cleaning.
  • Type: Cordless
  • Dust Capacity: 1 litre
  • Filter: Standard
  • Price: ££
  • 2-in-1 cordless with "EdgeReach" technology for skirting boards.


The Bissell Powerlifter PetBISSELL 15211 PowerLifter Pet

The BISSELL 15211 PowerLifter Pet is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner that’s aimed at people with pets. It’s a relatively low budget vacuum, so don’t expect the performance of a £300+ model, but in terms of value for money it’s a great choice.

We have to hand it to the EU: while not everyone agrees, the new regulations have forced vacuum manufacturers to improve the energy efficiency of their machines. At 800W, the 15211 still provides decent suction despite using much less energy than the now discontinued BISSELL 48751 PowerGlide. Of course, there are arguments about how much suction has been lost, but the 15211 has enough power to tackle almost any surface.

Vacuum cleaning isn’t just about raw power though. So, to improve the pickup performance of the 15211, BISSELL has included a triple action brush roll. This is designed to dig more hair, dirt and other debris out of carpets, so it can then be picked up by the vacuum’s suction.

How does it perform though? Despite the low price, the combination of strong suction power and brush bar provides surprisingly good performance on carpets. As expected, it does a decent job at getting rid of pet hair too – especially when using the turbo tool. Hard floors are also easy to clean as you can adjust the height of the brush bar.

The most interesting feature of the 15211 is its Pet Eraser tool. This is designed like a fabric roller, so it attracts hair while the vacuum cleans the tool itself. It’s a useful accessory for tackling hair on upholstery or curtains. Aside from the eraser tool, the BISSELL also comes with a standard turbo brush that’s designed to remove more hair from carpets or upholstery.

There are a few downsides to this model though. The small dust canister needs to be emptied regularly, so be prepared to make more trips to the bin. BISSELL has also made a big mistake by placing the cord connection point low to the ground, as this increases the chance of the cord being run over as you move backwards and forwards.

Another problem is that the pet tools quickly become clogged with fur and hair. You’ll need to maintain the brush bars regularly if you want it to continue cleaning at its best – especially if you have dogs or cats with long hair.

Despite these issues, the 15211 is still an option to consider if you’re looking for a relatively cheap upright that can handle pet hair. It’s not the most durable or easy to use model, but provides strong cleaning performance for the price.


  • Price Range: £
  • Power: 800W
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Filter Type: Standard

Key Features:

  • Pet Eraser tool tool for pet hair
  • Energy efficient compared to previous BISSELL uprights
  • Multi-cyclonic technology to prevent suction loss

BISSELL Vac and Steam 2-in-1 Vacuum CleanerBISSELL 11327 Vac and Steam 2-in-1

The BISSELL 11327 Vac and Steam, as the name suggests, is a versatile model that can handle steam cleaning as well as regular vacuuming. It achieves this with a “dry tank” design, which helps to keep everything in the dust canister dry.

The steam feature only requires a 30 second heat up time, making it as close to “on demand” as you can get with a multi-functional appliance. Other features include a control for steam output, manoeuvrable design for cleaning under furniture and a retractable handle.

Considering the relatively low price, the 11327 provides impressive performance. It’s not the best steamer on the market, but it does a great job – especially as it’s also a vacuum cleaner. It’s quick and easy to use the steam function, as it only takes 30 seconds to warm up.

In terms of cleaning performance, the 11327 goes a decent job on hard floors. It makes quick work of dirt and dust, although we wish it came with some smaller tools for awkward areas. It also won’t leave noticeable streaks when in steam cleaning mode.

If you need a vacuum and steam combination without spending a huge amount of money, the BISSELL 11327 Vac and Steam is an option to consider. It provides excellent value for money, and using the steam function is convenient – especially if your home has lots of hard floors.


  • Price Range: £
  • Power: 1500W
  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Dust Capacity: 3.8 litres
  • Filter Type: Standard

Key Features:

  • Built-in steam function
  • Only requires 30 seconds to heat water
  • Relatively lightweight

BISSELL 13114 MultiReachBISSELL 13114 MultiReach 2-in-1

The BISSELL 13114 MultiReach 2-in-1 is a convenient, lightweight cordless vacuum with a respectable battery life. It features a 40 minute run time off a single charge, which is considerably more than many other cordless vacuums, and an extension wand for reaching high places.

Other features include a removable tool for changing between upright and handheld modes, a “boosted” suction mode (at the cost of decreased battery life) and edge bristles for a more thorough clean. You can also switch the brush on or off depending on the cleaning task.

In terms of cleaning performance, the 13114 is versatile and can be used for cleaning almost anywhere in the home. The accessories are also useful and it’s easy to empty the vacuum. While it’s surprisingly effective at removing pet hair and performs well on hard floors, it tends to struggle with thick pile carpets – especially compared to newer cordless vacs such as the Dyson V8 series.

The 13114 MultiReach cordless vacuum is an decent model with a range of useful features. It’s probably the best cordless BISSELL vacuum cleaner on the market at the moment, although if your budget doesn’t stretch to it the cheaper 13127 is also an option (see below).


  • Price Range: £££
  • Power: 115W
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Dust Capacity: 1 litre
  • Filter Type: Standard

Key Features:

  • Versatile cordless cleaner
  • Impressive 40 minute run time
  • Handheld and upright modes

BISSELL 13127 MultiReachBISSELL 13127 MultiReach 2-in-1

The BISSELL 13127 MultiReach is the less expensive cousin of the 13114 listed above, but still comes with many of the same features and accessories. The vacuum is a cordless model with a folding handle, 30 minute run time and edge bristles. It also has 180 degree steering for more manoeuvrable cleaning.

Other features include an 18V Lithium-Ion battery, for powerful suction, and a hand vacuum for cleaning difficult areas. The BISSELL 13127 is built with cyclonic technology, along with “Edgereach” cleaning for getting rid of dust and dirt along the base of walls.

While the 13127 isn’t the best vacuum in the world, it does a good job on most tasks. It’s almost powerful enough to be considered a “main” vacuum and not just for small jobs, and it’s also highly manoeuvrable. This makes it easy to get into awkward areas. Additionally, the relatively long run-time and cordless design mean it’s a convenient tool to have in the home.

If you’re looking for a cordless BISSELL vacuum, but don’t want to spend the money to get the 13114, then the BISSELL 13127 is an alternative to consider. It’s powerful for a cordless, and comes with a number of useful features. Just don’t expect performance to match the best cordless vacs on the market.


  • Price Range: ££
  • Power: 90W
  • Weight: 4.75kg
  • Dust Capacity: 1 litres
  • Filter Type: Standard

Key Features:

  • Relatively powerful cordless considering the price
  • Edgereach technology for cleaning along skirting boards
  • Hand vacuum for difficult areas


So there you have it: our list of the best BISSELL vacuum cleaners available in the UK (for a full list, check out Bissell’s website). The list was compiled largely by looking at BISSELL vacuum ratings, as we believe this is the most accurate way to get an overview of the quality of a vacuum.

Do you have any questions about BISSELL vacuum cleaners? Or do you think we’ve overlooked a model that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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