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4 Best BISSELL Vacuum Cleaners in the UK [2022 Reviews]

Written by James Hall |

BISSELL vacuum cleaners

BISSELL aren’t the most popular vacuum brand in the UK, but they produce a range of budget vacs. Which are the best BISSELL vacuum cleaners? Keep reading to find out!

#1 Pick: BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

Rating StarsBISSELL Pet Hair Eraser
Our favourite BISSELL vacuum cleaner is the Pet Hair Eraser. It’s a lightweight handheld vac that generates strong suction, has a rotating brush roll for removing pet hair, and is easy to use.

If you need a handheld vacuum for managing pet hair between deep cleans with a full-size vac, then the Pet Hair Eraser is one of the best options.

Thinking of buying a BISSELL vacuum cleaner? While this brand is more popular in the US than the UK, you shouldn’t overlook BISSELL vacs – particularly if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to pay for a premium model.

BISSELL produces a range of different vacuums, including uprights, cordless, stick, and handheld vacuums, so there is an option for everyone. They are also known for providing excellent value, although it’s important to choose a model that’s suitable for your home’s flooring, as the low prices mean BISSELL vacuums usually aren’t the best all-rounders.

In this article, we’ve listed four of the best BISSELL vacuum cleaners, along with reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) consider buying them. Let’s get started!

Which Are the Best Bissell Vacuum Cleaners?

1. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is a handheld vacuum that’s designed for pet owners. It features a powered brush roll, to help agitate carpet fibres and remove more hair, along with a lightweight design.

In our review, we found that the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser generates excellent suction power for a handheld. It also has a rotating brush bar, making it a great choice if you need a handheld vacuum for cleaning up pet hair, dander, and even cat litter.

As handheld vacuums need to be convenient, the BISSELL is lightweight at just 1.36kg. It’s also easy to use, although the long and rigid design can make it difficult to clean in tight spaces.

The main downside of this vacuum cleaner is that it only has a 17-minute battery run-time and is slow to recharge. This means it’s only really suitable for spot cleaning – although that’s often the case with handheld vacuums.

Even so, if you’re a pet owner who wants a powerful handheld for spot cleaning, then the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is one of the best options on the market at the moment. We love how easy it makes removing pet hair, due to the strong suction and motorised brush bar.

Full Review: BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

Key Features:
  • Generates strong suction power
  • Has a powered brush roll for pet hair
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Price Range: ££
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Dust Capacity: 0.7 litres
  • Filter Type: Triple Stage

2. BISSELL Featherweight 2024E

BISSELL Featherweight 2024E

If you need a cheap stick vacuum for cleaning hard floors, then the BISSELL Featherweight 2024E could be an option to consider. It’s a corded stick vacuum with a bagless design, washable filters, and cyclonic filtration, but for a much cheaper price than most bagless vacuums.

As the “Featherweight” name suggests, this is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that weighs just 2kg. This makes it a solid choice for cleaning stairs, although the five metre power cord is shorter than we would like. It also generates decent suction power that provides strong performance on hard floors, such as laminate and vinyl.

But the biggest advantage of the BISSELL Featherweight 2024E is the price. It can often be bought for around £50, making it one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners on the market.

There are some major drawbacks to this vacuum cleaner though. It’s poor at cleaning carpets, so don’t buy it if you have lots of carpeted floors or rugs in your home. The 2024E also struggles with pet hair and is more difficult to manoeuvre than many other vacuums.

In summary, the BISSELL Featherweight 2024E is only worth buying if you’re on a tight budget and your home is mainly hard floors. Even then, don’t expect it to replace a full-size vacuum cleaner.

Key Features:
  • Very lightweight
  • Convenient handheld mode
  • Cheap
  • Price Range: £
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Dust Capacity: 0.5 litres
  • Filter Type: Washable

3. BISSELL Icon Pet 2602E 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum


Most BISSELL vacuum cleaners are at the budget end of the vacuum market, but the BISSELL Icon Pet 2602E is an exception. This is a premium cordless vacuum that’s designed to compete with models from brands such as Dyson and Shark, so it comes with advanced features (such as LED headlights) and strong suction power.

The 2602E has an impressive set of features. Along with the 25V battery, which is capable of up to 50 minutes run-time, the vacuum comes with an anti-tangle brush roll, three power settings, and a smart seal to reduce the quantity of allergens that escape into the air.

It also has a pet tool (called the “Turbo Brush”) which is great for removing hair from upholstery or stairs. Even the crevice tool has LED headlights to help you find dust and dirt hiding in cracks.

While these features are impressive, the cleaning performance can’t match the quality of the design. There’s no doubt that the BISSELL is effective at removing pet hair, but the 2602E is let down by its carpet cleaning performance. This might be easy to overlook if it was a cheap vacuum, but for the price we expect more.

It provides better performance on laminate and vinyl. The 2602E makes quick work of pet hair on these surfaces, and is capable of doing a decent job at handling both fine dust and larger debris (although it’s not the best we’ve seen either.)

For these reasons, we only recommend considering the BISSELL Icon Pet 2602E if you’re a pet owner with a home that’s mainly hard floors. There are much better options in this price bracket if you have carpets.

Key Features:
  • 25V battery for up to 50 minutes run-time
  • Decent pet hair pick up
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Price Range: £££
  • Weight: 3.18kg
  • Dust Capacity: 0.4 litres
  • Filter Type: Washable

4. BISSELL MultiReach 2907B Cordless Vacuum


The BISSELL MultiReach 2907B is a cordless vacuum cleaner with the familiar hand-stick design. Like the other BISSELL vacuums on this list, it’s a bagless vacuum with washable filters, cyclonic design, and a lightweight construction – plus it’s considerably cheaper than most cordless vacuums.

There are a few interesting features of this vacuum that you wouldn’t expect from a budget cordless. It comes with LED headlights, for example, which make it easier to see dust and fluff. It also has a tangle-free brush roll, which is something you would expect to see on premium cordless vacuums.

It’s still hard to recommend this vacuum cleaner over other cordless models though. While it’s decent at cleaning laminate and vinyl flooring, it’s poor for carpets and struggles to generate enough suction power for tough jobs. We also found that it’s fiddly and impractical to use, which is a shame as BISSELL vacuums are usually convenient models.

So, the BISSELL 2790B is only worth considering if your home is mainly vinyl and laminate flooring. It’s not hopeless for other tasks, but the advanced features don’t make up for the poor underlying performance. There are better options available for similar prices that work well on carpets.

Key Features:
  • Great for cleaning vinyl and laminate
  • Cheaper than many cordless vacuums
  • Decent pet hair pick up
  • Price Range: ££
  • Weight: 3.63kg
  • Dust Capacity: 0.5 litres
  • Filter Type: Washable

Are Bissell Vacuums Any Good Compared With Other Brands?

While it’s true that Bissell vacuum cleaners can’t match the top brands for cleaning performance and advanced features, they are certainly a brand to consider if you’re looking for value for money.

Some of the pros of BISSELL include:

  • Budget vacuums that provide excellent value for money. Most BISSELL vacuums are budget-friendly and affordable. If you can’t afford pricier brands, then BISSELL is an option to consider.
  • Range of vacuum types. BISSELL manufactures a range of different vacuum types. These include their upright, cordless, cylinder, and handheld ranges. The company also has a couple of robot vacuums on the market.
  • Known for strong pet hair performance. BISSELL vacuums have a reputation for making quick work of pet hair. This is something that budget vacuum brands often struggle with.

Some of the downsides to this brand include:

  • Not the most durable vacuums. As you would expect from an affordable vacuum brand, BISSELL vacuums aren’t as durable as models from Miele and Shark. They also feel plasticky compared to premium vacs.
  • Typically not all-rounders. It’s common for BISSELL vacuums to excel at one type of cleaning, such as vinyl or pet hair, but struggle with others.
  • Not all BISSELL vacuums are available in the UK. When searching for the best BISSELL vacuum, it’s important to check that the models you’re looking at are actually sold in the UK. Most of BISSELL’s upright vacuums, for example, don’t make it across the Atlantic.


So there you have it: our list of the best BISSELL vacuum cleaners available in the UK (for a full list, check out Bissell’s website).

Our top pick for a BISSELL vacuum is the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser. It’s an excellent handheld vacuum that excels at cleaning pet hair, making it a useful tool for managing the amount of hair in your home.

Do you have any questions about BISSELL vacuum cleaners? Or do you think we’ve overlooked a model that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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