Which are the Best Hoover Vacuum Cleaners?

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Looking to buy a Hoover vacuum but not sure which is the right model? Here are four of the best Hoover vacuum cleaners – including both cylinder and upright models – to help you make the right decision for your home.

Like other famous brands such as Sellotape, the Hoover name was once so popular it became synonymous with vacuums. Many people in the UK today still call a vacuum a “hoover” due to the previous success of this company’s models.

While Hoover doesn’t enjoy quite the same level of success today, they are still a popular brand that manufactures a range of excellent vacuum cleaners. Most of these models fall into the sub-£100 range, so they are much cheaper than vacuum brands such as Dyson.

One of the problems with finding the best Hoover vacuum cleaner, however, is the sheer quantity of options. The company seems to enjoy producing many different models, each with slightly different names, specifications and features.

For this reason, we’ve put together our list of the top four Hoover vacuum cleaners. Each has strong performance and provides excellent value for money.

Hoover PU71 Enigma Hoover PU71 Enigma
  • Type: Upright
  • Dust Capacity: 4.5 litres
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Price: ££
  • Strong carpet performance and decent with pet hair.
Hoover TE70 Enigma Hoover TE70 Enigma
  • Type: Cylinder
  • Dust Capacity: 3.2 litres
  • Filter: Standard
  • Price: ££
  • Relatively light, turbo tool and "no-fuss" design. Solid vacuum.
The Hoover Capture Evo Hoover Capture BV71CP10
  • Type: Cylinder
  • Dust Capacity: 2.3 litres
  • Filter: Standard
  • Price: £
  • Strong suction and energy efficient.
Evo Cordless Hoover Velocity Evo Cordless
  • Type: Cordless
  • Dust Capacity: 1.5 litres
  • Filter: Standard
  • Price: £££
  • Long 45 minute run-time and upright design.


4 Best Hoover Vacuums

Hoover TE70 Cylinder Vacuum CleanerHoover TE70 Enigma

Despite the relatively low price, the Hoover TE70 Enigma is an excellent all-round cylinder vacuum cleaner. It’s built for convenience, with a 3.2 litre capacity, lightweight 4.9kg design (which puts it just into our lightweight category) and variable suction settings.

Like most Hoover cylinder, the TE70 is a bagged vacuum cleaner. This adds to the lifetime cost of the vacuum and is less convenient than a bagless alternative. Bagged vacuum cleaners, however, are often better for people with allergies – and the TE70 Enigma has a built-in self-sealing mechanism to prevent particles escaping when changing the bag.

Other features include on-board storage for tools, an indicator when the bag is full, an A rating for energy efficiency and a pet Turbo Brush. This last feature is perfect for getting rid of pet hair that’s become caught in carpets, upholstery and stairs, making this model a candidate for the best Hoover for pet hair.

One of the great things about the TE70 Enigma is that it can handle almost any cleaning task. This includes cat and dog hair, which many vacuums struggle with, and deep pile carpets. It’s also relatively lightweight, so it’s easy to move around the home without getting tired.

Are there any downsides to the TE70 though? Very few – although it doesn’t have the widest cleaning radius. The 700W motor can also struggle to pickup larger debris, such as cereal.

If you’re looking for a cylinder Hoover vacuum cleaner, however, then the TE70 Enigma is one of the best options. It’s easy to use, yet powerful enough to suck up pet hair – especially with the included Turbo Tool. The Enigma also provides great value for money, and we like its “no fuss” design.


  • Price Range: £
  • Power: 700W
  • Weight: 4.9kg
  • Dust Capacity: 3.2 litres 

Key Features:

  • “No Fuss” cylinder vacuum cleaner that provides excellent value for money
  • Pet Turbo Tool to get rid of pet hair
  • 3.2 litre capacity and a relatively lightweight design

Hoover Capture BV71CP10

The Hoover Capture EvoAnother popular cylinder Hoover is the Capture BV71CP10. It’s a relatively cheap vacuum that does a capable job on carpets and hard floors, while also being lightweight and easy to use.

Let’s start with the basics. This is a small bagged vacuum that’s a post-EU regulations addition to the Hoover cylinder range. It has a 700W motor, weighs 3.8kg and comes with an adjustable floorhead for better performance on a variety of surfaces. The model also has a dusting brush, crevice nozzle and combination tool – but doesn’t include a turbo tool for pet hair.

In terms of performance, the vacuum has the strong suction required for hard floor cleaning. It’s capable of pulling dust and dirt from floorboard cracks, which is a task weaker vacs struggle with. The Capture also does a great job on carpets while being reasonably quiet.

So, should you get this or the Enigma?

The Enigma provides stronger all-round cleaning performance. Both vacuums make hard work of larger debris, but the Enigma is more efficient at picking up pet hair – largely due to the addition of a turbo tool. It also has a larger dust capacity and wider cleaning radius.

With that said, the Capture is a great option if you’re on a tight budget or need a lightweight vacuum. It’s over 1kg lighter than the Enigma, which can make a big difference during a long cleaning session. The Capture is also cheaper – although we don’t recommend it if you have pets.

Note: Hoover also sells a more expensive version of the Capture that includes a turbo tool for hair. While we don’t think it’s the best choice for pet owners, the addition of a turbo tool is great for stairs and upholstery.


  • Price Range: £
  • Power: 700W
  • Weight: 3.7kg
  • Dust Capacity: 2.3 litres
  • Filter Type: Standard

Key Features:

  • Strong suction power
  • Energy efficient design
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Hoover PU71 Enigma Upright Vacuum CleanerHoover PU71 Enigma Upright

The only upright to make our list of the best Hoover vacuum cleaners is the PU71. It has quite a bulky appearance, but is built with a low profile design for easier cleaning under furniture and a pet turbo brush. It also has a filter system containing seven stages, to prevent allergens from being released into the air, and a long stretch hose.

As a bagged vacuum, the PU71 EN01001 is great for people with allergies. Other features include “edge to edge” cleaning, so you can get rid of dust and dirt right up to the skirting board, and a big 4.5 litre capacity which means you won’t have to empty it as much.

There’s plenty to like about the PU71. It’s relatively energy efficient, which helps save on energy bills while helping the environment. The filter provides excellent dust filtration, which is important for people with allergies, and it’s reasonably quiet when in use.

How does it perform when cleaning though?

While it’s great on carpets and does a good job on pet hair, it’s surprisingly weak on hard floors. This is a shame, as its carpet cleaning performance rivals the best uprights.

Another downside is that it’s not the lightest vacuum, although this is common for upright models. The low-profile floor head also doesn’t entirely counteract the unwieldy design.

Still, if you’re looking for a simple upright vacuum cleaner that’s energy efficient, provides good value for money, great on pet hair and has an extra pet tool, then the PU71 EN01001 could be a good option. Just don’t expect the simplicity and ease-of-use of a Miele or Dyson.


  • Price Range: £
  • Power: 700W
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Dust Capacity: 4.5 litres
  • Filter Type: 7 stage

Key Features:

  • Pet turbo brush
  • Large capacity for an upright
  • Bagged vacuum

Hoover Velocity Evo VE18LIG Cordless

Evo CordlessThe final model on our list of the best Hoover vacuums is the Velocity Evo VE18LIG Cordless. The standout feature compared to other cordless vacuums is the upright design without the nuisance of a cord. It also has a long 45 minute run-time from a single charge, which is ample time to clean all but the largest homes.

How does it perform compared to a “true” upright though?

As you would expect from a cordless vacuum, it’s not as powerful as a corded upright. It has enough suction to do a decent job on hard floors, but struggles when cleaning deep pile carpets. The button to switch the brushbar on and off is a useful feature though – and there’s also a boost mode when you need more power.

Aside from its floor cleaning performance, the Evo comes with a 2.5 metre hose and extension tube. This makes it easy to clean above floor areas, although it lacks the versatile handheld mode included with cordless Dysons or even Hoover’s own FD22G though.

There are other drawbacks to this model. It’s an expensive machine, so it’s directly competing with models from the Bosch Athlet or Dyson V7 range – and it’s hard to recommend it over these vacs. It’s also relatively heavy for a cordless vacuum.

Even so, if you want a cordless vacuum with an upright design, it’s worth considering. It provides more cleaning power and better performance than other cordless Hoover machines – plus it’s particularly effective at removing pet hair.


  • Price Range: £££
  • Power: Cordless (45-Minute Run-Time)
  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Dust Capacity: 1.5 litre
  • Filter Type: Standard

Key Features:

  • Upright design without a cord
  • Long 45-minute run-time
  • Boost mode


While Hoover doesn’t command the same brand prestige as others on the market, the company still manufactures some excellent vacuum cleaners. The four listed in this article all provide great value for money, and have been rated highly by buyers.

If you’re looking for a cylinder vacuum, then the Hoover TE70 Enigma is probably the best option unless you need a bagless model. For upright vacuums manufactured by Hoover, we think the PU71 EN01001 is the one to go for.

Do you have any questions about finding the best Hoover vacuum cleaner? Or do you think we need to add a model to this list? Let us know!

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  1. Avatar for Anna

    Hi James. Thank you for this post – I’ve found it very useful. I’m a little confused about why you haven’t included any models from the Freedom range though? Do you not recommend them?

    • Avatar for James Hall

      Hi Anna. If you’re looking for a reasonably cheap cordless with a stick/handheld design then the Freedom range is worth looking at – at long as you’re aware that they don’t offer the same suction as Dyson or Bosch models. They are less than half the price though, so it would be unfair to expect the same performance.

      If you decide to go for a Freedom, the Pets Plus FD22RP is probably the best available at the moment.


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