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5 Best Hoover Vacuum Cleaners [2022 UK Reviews]

Written by James Hall |

Hoover vacuum cleaners

Looking for a Hoover but not sure which to buy? Here are four of the best Hoover vacuum cleaners to help you make the right decision for your home.

#1 Pick: Hoover TE70 Enigma Pets

Hoover TE70 Enigma Pets

Rating StarsHoover TE70 Enigma Pets
The Hoover TE70 Enigma is our top pick for a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

It’s a cylinder model that provides great value for money, particularly as it includes a pet turbo tool. It’s also a quiet vacuum cleaner with hygienic bag emptying.

Hoover might not be the top dogs of the vacuum market anymore, but they still produce some excellent vacuum cleaners. Many of these models have affordable prices that are much lower than brands such as Dyson and Shark, including various sub-£100 vacuums.

With so many Hoover models, it can be hard to know which to choose. Here are five of the best Hoover vacuum cleaners, along with tips for picking the best model.

Which Are the Best Hoover Vacuums?

1. Hoover TE70 Enigma

Hoover TE70 Enigma

Despite the relatively low price, the Hoover TE70 Enigma is an excellent all-round cylinder vacuum cleaner. It’s built for convenience, with a 3.2 litre capacity, lightweight 4.9kg design (which puts it just into our lightweight category) and variable suction settings.

Like most Hoover cylinder, the TE70 is a bagged vacuum cleaner. This adds to the lifetime cost of the vacuum and is less convenient than a bagless alternative. Bagged vacuum cleaners, however, are often better for people with allergies – and the TE70 Enigma has a built-in self-sealing mechanism to prevent particles escaping when changing the bag.

Other features include on-board storage for tools, an indicator when the bag is full, an A rating for energy efficiency and a pet Turbo Brush. This last feature is perfect for getting rid of pet hair that’s become caught in carpets, upholstery and stairs, making this model a candidate for the best Hoover for pet hair.

One of the great things about the TE70 Enigma is that it can handle almost any cleaning task. This includes cat and dog hair, which many vacuums struggle with, and deep pile carpets. It’s also relatively lightweight, so it’s easy to move around the home without getting tired.

Are there any downsides to the TE70 though? Very few – although it doesn’t have the widest cleaning radius. The 700W motor can also struggle to pickup larger debris, such as cereal.

If you’re looking for a cylinder Hoover vacuum cleaner, however, then the TE70 Enigma is one of the best options. It’s easy to use, yet powerful enough to suck up pet hair – especially with the included Turbo Tool. The Enigma also provides great value for money, and we like its “no fuss” design.

Key Features:
  • “No Fuss” cylinder vacuum cleaner that provides excellent value for money
  • Pet Turbo Tool to get rid of pet hair
  • 3.2 litre capacity and a relatively lightweight design
  • Price Range: £
  • Weight: 4.9kg
  • Capacity: 3.2 litres

2. Hoover H-Handy 700 Express

Hoover H-Handy 700 Express

If you’re looking for a Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner, then the Hoover H-Handy 700 Express is one of our top recommendations. It’s a relatively cheap handheld vacuum that’s great for quick clean-ups on carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces, while also being lightweight and easy to use.

Let’s start with the basics. This is a bagless vacuum cleaner that’s designed for small spills and quick jobs. It’s perfect for sucking up cereal, small patches of hair, or dirt by the front door, for example, but is too small for cleaning large areas of floor (or even an entire car interior.)

It’s a cordless vacuum with a 11.1V battery and 12-minute maximum run-time, along with an ultra lightweight 0.66kg design. There’s no turbo pet tool, although the H-Handy 700 Express does come with a 3-in-1 accessory.

In terms of performance, the vacuum has strong suction for a handheld vacuum. This is due to the 120W brushless motor, which generates similar suction to much more expensive cordless vacuums. The downside is that this strong suction power fills up the tiny dust bin very quickly, but the Hoover is still a great vac for small jobs.

Other features include headlights to make it easier to see dirt in low-light conditions and a washable filter. We wish it had a slightly larger dust capacity, but this is to be expected from a lightweight handheld vacuum.

In summary, the Hoover H-Handy 700 Express is a high-quality handheld vacuum cleaner that’s a great complement to a full-size vac. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and excels at quick cleaning jobs. We recommend getting the Pet version if you have pets though.

Full Review: Hoover H-Handy 700 Express

Key Features:
  • Strong suction power for a handheld
  • Headlights to make viewing dirt and hair easier
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Price Range: £
  • Weight: 0.66kg
  • Capacity: 0.15 litres

3. Hoover Breeze Evo Pets

Hoover Breeze Evo Pets

The first upright to make our list of the best Hoover vacuum cleaners is the Breeze Evo Pets. It’s a low budget vacuum that provides surprisingly strong performance for the price, along with a turbo pet tool and a big dust capacity for an upright vacuum.

One of the interesting things about this bagless vacuum is that it has a 3 litre dust capacity. This is much larger than many other upright vacuums, making it a great choice for people who hate emptying the canister multiple times when cleaning a home. It’s also a simple vacuum that’s easy to use, plus it has an energy efficient motor (350W.)

How does it perform when cleaning though?

The Breeze Evo Pets generates decent suction power and has a rotating brush bar, making it a solid all-rounder. It’s particularly good at picking up fine dust and surface debris from carpets, along with larger debris on hard floors. The vacuum does struggle with thick pile carpet though.

Another downside is that it’s not the lightest vacuum, although this is common for upright models. The filters also aren’t the most efficient we’ve seen, so it’s probably not the best choice for people with allergies.

Still, if you’re looking for a simple upright vacuum cleaner that’s energy efficient, provides good value for money, great on hard floors and has an extra pet tool, then the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets could be a good option. Just don’t it to match pricier upright vacuums when it comes to cleaning performance.

Full Review: Hoover Breeze Evo Pets

Key Features:
  • Pet turbo brush
  • Large capacity for an upright
  • Budget option
  • Price Range: £
  • Weight: 6.4kg
  • Capacity: 3 litres

4. Hoover Telios Extra Pet

Hoover Telios Extra Pets

The Hoover Telios Extra Pet is an excellent Hoover vacuum cleaner for an affordable price. It’s not the newest model on this list, so don’t expect any advanced features, but it’s a solid all-rounder that provides great cleaning performance.

As a bagged vacuum, the Telios Extra Pets has a larger 3.5 litre dust capacity than bagless alternatives. It comes with onboard tool storage for the crevice tool, dusting brush, and furniture nozzle, so these accessories are always to hand. Hoover has even included both a Parquet floor nozzle (for hard floors) and a pet turbo brush with the Telios Extra Pet.

One of the most interesting features of this Hoover vacuum cleaner is the quiet operation. It’s not silent, but is much quieter than most cylinder vacuum cleaners due to extra insulation and a “silent” nozzle.

When it comes to cleaning performance, we found that the Hoover Telios Extra Pet does a great job on both carpets and hard floors – especially considering the low price. It has strong suction, which allows it to pull out dust from within floorboard crevices, while the floorhead is suitable for both fine particles and larger debris.

In summary, the Hoover Telios Extra Pet is a high-quality vacuum cleaner that’s available for an affordable price. It’s one of Hoover’s best models and provides excellent value for money. We’re also impressed by how many tools and accessories that Hoover has included with this vacuum.

Key Features:
  • Quiet vacuum at just 64dB
  • On-board tool storage
  • Great value for money
  • Price Range: ££
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Capacity: 3.5 litres

5. Hoover Power Capsule Pets

Hoover Power Capsule Pets

The Hoover Power Capsule Pets is similar to other Hoover bagged vacuum cleaners, but the key feature of this model is the large capacity. With a 5 litre dust bag, it can hold plenty of debris before needing to be emptied.

As you would expect from a “Pets” vacuum, this model comes with a turbo brush for upholstery and stairs. It also has a parquet nozzle for hard floors and several other non-motorised accessories.

We don’t think the Power Capsule is quite as effective as the Hoover Telios Extra Pets, but it still does a decent job at cleaning carpets, laminate, and other hard floors. The strong suction also makes it a good choice for crevice cleaning.

A downside of this vacuum cleaner is that it only has a 6 metre power cord, which is shorter than some of the other Hoover vacuum cleaner on this list. It’s also not the best “Pets” model for pet hair that we’ve reviewed, although it can still do a solid job on most surfaces.

Overall, the Hoover Power Capsule Pets is a good choice if you need a bigger capacity than a typical bagged cylinder vacuum. It’s let down by the short power cord and only average pet hair cleaning though.

Key Features:
  • Bagged vacuum with a large capacity
  • Multiple suction power options
  • Pet turbo brush and onboard storage
  • Price Range: ££
  • Weight: 4.45kg
  • Capacity: 5 litres


While Hoover doesn’t dominate the vacuum market like it once did, the company still manufactures some excellent vacuum cleaners. The five listed in this article all provide great value for money and are worth considering if you’re looking for on an affordable vacuum.

If you’re looking for a cylinder vacuum, then the Hoover TE70 Enigma is probably the best option unless you need a bagless model. For upright vacuums manufactured by Hoover, we think the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets is the one to go for.

Do you have any questions about finding the best Hoover vacuum cleaner? Or do you think we need to add a model to this list? Let us know!

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    Hi James. Thank you for this post – I’ve found it very useful. I’m a little confused about why you haven’t included any models from the Freedom range though? Do you not recommend them?

    • James Hall

      Hi Anna. If you’re looking for a reasonably cheap cordless with a stick/handheld design then the Freedom range is worth looking at – at long as you’re aware that they don’t offer the same suction as Dyson or Bosch models. They are less than half the price though, so it would be unfair to expect the same performance.

      If you decide to go for a Freedom, the Pets Plus FD22RP is probably the best available at the moment.


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