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Vax Vacuum Reviews (2022) – Which are Vax’s Best Models?

Written by James Hall |

A guide to Vax vacuums

Are you a fan of Vax vacuum cleaners but not sure which to buy? Or just want a straightforward list of the best Vax cleaners? Here are our top four Vax vacuum cleaner reviews to help you decide which to buy.

Vax is a UK-based company that specialises in floor-cleaning appliances, including carpet cleaners, steam cleaners and, of course, vacuum cleaners.

The wide range of Vax vacuum cleaners can make it difficult to choose, so we’ve listed our favourite models below. Along with these mini-reviews, we also write in-depth Vax vacuum cleaner reviews which you can find on our reviews page.

#1 Pick: Vax Air Lift Steerable Advance

Vax Air Lift Steerable Advance

Rating StarsVax Air Lift Steerable Advance
Our top pick for a Vax vacuum cleaner is the Air Lift Steerable Advance. It’s not a flashy vacuum cleaner and doesn’t come with many advanced features, but it provides strong cyclonic suction for a great price.

The Air Lift Steerable Advance also has a lift-out cylinder and a turbo tool for pet hair, making it a versatile choice.

Which Types of Vacuum Does Vax Produce?

Vax produces a range of vacuums in almost every category. This includes upright vacuums, cylinder, handheld, steam cleaners and cordless – although they are best known for their upright models.

Most Vax vacuums are at the lower end of the price scale. This makes them a great choice if you’re on a budget, as many of the company’s vacuums provide excellent value for money.

Which Are The Best Vax Vacuum Cleaners?

ImageProduct NameTypePrice RangeView Price
Vax Air Lift Steerable AdvanceUpright££VIEW PRICE
Vax U85-AS-Pme Air Stretch Pet MaxUpright££VIEW PRICE
Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 PetCordless££VIEW PRICE
Vax Blade Pro TBT3V1P1Cordless££VIEW PRICE

1. Vax Air Lift Steerable Advance Vacuum (UCSUSHV1)

Vax Air Lift Steerable

The Vax Air Lift Steerable Advance appears on several of our “Best Of” lists, mainly due to its strong all-round performance – particularly for people with pets. It’s built with multi-cyclonic technology, which prevents suction loss, and is designed to be easy to steer around your home. It also has a lightweight cylinder that can be lifted out of the main body for easier stair cleaning.

Other features include a turbo tool, which is great for getting rid of pet hair in upholstery, and a “Total Home Tool Kit.” It also has a HEPA media filter for enhanced dust retention.

These features add up to an excellent vacuum cleaner for a great price. The Air Lift Steerable Advance is one of the most popular Vax models on the market – and for good reason. It’s highly versatile, due to its attachments and removable canister, plus it has powerful suction (especially considering the price). A bonus is that the vacuum is easy to empty.

We think the Air Lift Steerable Advance is one of the best Vax vacuum cleaners on the market at the moment. It’s especially good if you have a cat, dog or other pet. The turbo tool is perfect for removing pet hair, but it also excels at almost any other cleaning job and the detachable canister makes vacuuming stairs much easier.

Note: The UCSUSHV1 replaces Vax’s previous U84 model. Click to read our full review of the U84-AL-PE.

Key Features:
  • Decent suction power
  • Detachable canister for easier stair cleaning
  • Turbo tool for pet hair
  • Price Range: ££
  • Weight: 6.2kg
  • Dust Capacity: 1.5 litres

2. Vax U85-AS-Pme Air Stretch Pet Max

Vax U85-AS-Pme

If you don’t need a lift-out cylinder, the U85-AS-Pme Air Stretch Pet Max is another popular Vax upright vacuum cleaner that’s cheaper than the Air Lift Steerable Advance.

Like the Air Lift series, the U85-AS-Pme is built with multi-cyclonic technology to prevent suction loss. It’s also lightweight at 4.9kg and has a long 13 metre power cord. Even more impressively, the hose stretches to 17 metres, so you can clean multiple rooms without changing socket.

Other features include an eco-friendly motor,  turbo tool for pet hair and a 1.5L capacity. The U85-AS-Pme also comes with several attachments, such as a crevice tool, mattress nozzle and dusting brush.

Considering how cheap the U85-AS-Pme is compared to models from brands such as Dyson, it provides solid suction power and cleaning performance. It’s not the most stylish or powerful vac on the market, but when it comes to value for money it’s hard to beat. The huge cleaning radius also makes corded cleaning more convenient – although it can’t match a lightweight cordless for mobility.

If you’re looking for a cleaner that’s relatively lightweight, has a long hose and is easy to move around the home, then the U85-AS-Pme Air Reach Pet Max could be an excellent option. It doesn’t have the detachable canister of the Air Lift, but is one of the best Vax vacuum cleaners – particularly for carpets.

Note: The U85-AS-Pme replaces Vax’s U90 series which was too loud for new EU regulations. You can read our full review of the previous model here.

Full Review: Vax U85-AS-Pme Air Stretch Max

Key Features:
  • Powerful suction considering the 820W motor
  • Turbo tool for sucking up stubborn dirt and pet hair
  • Long 13 metre cord and stretch hose
  • Price Range: ££
  • Weight: 4.9kg
  • Dust Capacity: 1.5 litres

3. Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet

Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet

Instead of trying to compete with premium cordless vacuum cleaners, most of Vax’s cordless models are at the lower end of the price spectrum. This doesn’t mean they aren’t worth buying though – and the Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet is one of the best examples of Vax’s cordless machines.

The Blade 4 Pet can’t quite match the power of top vacuums, but has a motorised brush bar and surprisingly strong performance on carpets. We’re also impressed with the Vax’s ability to pick up pet hair with both the main floorhead and the miniature pet tool.

Another feature we like is that the ONEPWR comes with a removable battery. Batteries are often the first components to need replacing on cordless vacuums, and the Vax makes it easy. It also provides up to 45-minutes of run-time from a 3-hour charge, which is more than respectable.

In addition to the decent carpet performance, the Vax comes with a removable bin, LED headlights, and a stick/handheld design. It doesn’t have a HEPA filter, however, and isn’t quite as effective at cleaning hard floors.

Even so, this is an excellent Vax cordless vacuum cleaner that’s available for a very reasonable price. It’s definitely worth considering if your home is carpeted.

Key Features:
  • Excellent value for a cordless vacuum
  • Great on carpets
  • Comes with a miniature pet tool
  • Price Range: ££
  • Run-Time: 45 minutes
  • Dust Capacity: 0.6 litres

4. Vax Blade Pro TBT3V1P1

Vax Blade Pro TBT3V1P1

We’re going to finish this list with another cordless vacuum cleaner – the Vax Blade Pro TBT3V1P1.

As you can tell from the picture, this is a hand/stick vacuum with a similar design to the popular Dyson V8 series. The stick can be removed to turn the vacuum into a handheld for stairs and cars, while the pet turbo tool is great for tackling hair.

In terms of cleaning performance, the Blade Pro is surprisingly effective considering the low price. It’s not as strong on hard floors or laminate as the Dyson series, but is great for cleaning carpets due to its strong suction and brush bar. It’s also useful for removing stubborn pet hair.

We’re impressed by how convenient the Blade Pro is to use. The lightweight and balanced design makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods, while the handheld mode is useful for above-floor cleaning. And, despite the similar design, the Vax Blade Pro is considerably cheaper than Dyson cordless vacuums.

There are a few drawbacks though. It’s not the worst hard floor vacuum we’ve reviewed, but it can’t match more expensive cordless vacuums when cleaning laminate. It can also be messy to empty – although this is a common issue with cordless vacs.

Overall, the Vax Blade Pro TBT3V1P1 is a versatile cordless that provides great value for money. It’s particularly effective on carpets and stairs, so if there aren’t many hard floors in your home it’s an excellent choice. Don’t expect it to match the best cordless vacuum cleaners that cost a lot more though.

Full Review: Vax Blade Pro 32V

Key Features:
  • Brilliant at carpet cleaning
  • Great suction power (especially in boost mode)
  • Balanced and lightweight
  • Price Range: ££
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Dust Capacity: 0.6 litres

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If My Vax is Overheating?

Vax vacuums have a thermal cut-out system to protect the motor from overheating. This is often activated by reduced airflow due to a blocked filter, blockage in the vacuum, or overfilled canister. Take a look at our guide to Vax vacuums overheating for more information.


Vax are one of the top manufacturers of vacuum cleaners sold in the UK. While many of their products are uprights, there are also canister, cylinder and cordless models available. We’ve listed four of the best Vax vacuum cleaners above, but these are far from the only popular models.

If you’re looking for a pet vacuum, we think the Vax Air Lift Steerable Advance is probably the best option from this brand. It’s powerful, comes with a turbo tool, and features a handy detachable canister which isn’t included on the other uprights in this list.

We hope this article has helped you choose a Vax vacuum cleaner. If you have any questions or comments, please use the comments section below.

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  1. I bought a pet vax last week on line.Talk about Tom cats and cellar doors the suction would certainly do that! It is a good design apart from this. I set about my carpets today and could not move it. I opened the vent on handle but not much help.Finally found if I pulled it towards me it would move, not the way to vacuum! Certainly picked up everything including the carpet. At 83 years old with back problem not very good.


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