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How to Clean the Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9 Brush Roll

Written by Kaylee Barber |

How to clean gtech brush

Is your Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9 failing to clean as effectively as it once did? Or has the brush stopped spinning altogether? Here’s how to clean the Gtech’s brush roll and improve performance.

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9 is a popular vacuum for pet owners. It comes with all the features found on the standard AirRam Mk2, but with extras like a reinforced aluminium frame and scented cartridges.

One feature this vacuum doesn’t have is anti-hair wrap technology, so you occasionally need to clean the brush roll. The good news is that Gtech has made this a simple process.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to know when your K9’s brush needs to be cleaned. We’ll also show you how to clean the brush and what to do if this doesn’t solve the problem.

How to Tell If The K9’s Brush Bar Is Jammed

The first sign that your AirRam Mk2 K9’s brush needs to be cleaned is if performance starts to drop. The Gtech heavily relies on the rotating brush bar to pick up debris and hair, so tangles or partial blockages can have a big impact on performance.

It’s hard to say how often you’ll need to clean the brush. Households with lots of pets – especially those with longer hair – will need to clean it more regularly. You should also expect to clean the brush more frequently if your Gtech is your primary vacuum.

A drop in performance only applies to partial blockages though. If the brush is completely jammed, then the AirRam will switch itself off to avoid damage. There’s also a red indicator light to let you know that the brush needs to be cleaned.

How to Clean the AirRam Mk2 K9 Brush Bar

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9 has a removable brush bar, which makes it much easier to clean. You also don’t need any special tools to remove or clean it, which is a bonus!

Here’s how to remove and clean the K9’s brush bar:

  1. Prepare the AirRam. Start by switching off the Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9 and removing the battery. If the brush bar has been blocked, you definitely don’t want it to start spinning again while your hand is inside the machine!
  2. Take out the brush bar from the bottom of the vacuum. Lay down the vacuum cleaner on its side, so that the right-hand side is facing upwards. Press the small button to remove the brush bar. Once this has been pressed, you’ll be able to pull out the brush bar from the bottom of the vacuum (beginning at the button side).
  3. Cut hair or other tangles. Use a small pair of scissors to cut away hair that’s become tangled around the brush bar. There is a groove along one side of the brush which you can run your scissors along. Once the hair has been cut, pull it away from the brush by hand.
  4. (Optional) Wipe away dirt and grime with a damp cloth. If you want to give the brush a more thorough clean, use a damp, soft cloth to wipe away dirt (avoid cleaning products or detergents – just use plain water). Make sure that the brush is completely dry before re-inserting it into the vacuum though, otherwise more dirt will instantly stick to it.
  5. Re-insert the brush bar into the vacuum. You’ll need to insert the end of the brush opposite the side with the button first. Once that end has been inserted, gently push the brush until you hear a satisfying click.
  6. Remember to replace the battery!

Keep in mind that the red lights indicating a blockage won’t switch off straight away. It’ll take around 10 seconds for the lights to go out and the vacuum to restart after the jam has been resolved.

What Should I Do If The Brush Still Won’t Spin?

If the brush won’t spin after removing any tangles, you should double-check that the brush bar has been re-inserted correctly. The brush should click into place, so if it’s not clicking then something is wrong.

Unfortunately, if the brush still won’t spin after cleaning it, then you’ll need to contact Gtech’s support team. There may be an issue with the brush bar motor, which isn’t something that can be fixed at home.

How Does the Mk2 K9 Compare To The Basic Mk2?

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9 is a very similar vacuum cleaner to the standard Mk2. Both vacuums use Gtech’s AirLOC system, LED headlights, and a design that’s focused on floor cleaning (rather than above-floor cleaning)

There are a few key differences, however, which make it more suitable for pet owners. Two of the most important include:

  • Gtech has reinforced the AirRam K9 with aluminium to make it more durable.
  • The K9 has scented cartridges to reduce pet odours in the home.

Whether these features justify the higher cost of the Mk2 K9 depends on how heavily you’ll use the vacuum and whether you need the scented cartridges.


One of the things we love about the Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9 is that it’s designed to be easy to use and maintain. An example is how simple it is to remove the brush bar for maintenance, which isn’t the case with many vacuum cleaners.

Once the brush bar has been removed, you should cut away tangled hair (or other fibres) with scissors, then pull them away from the brush. These tangles can stop the brush bar from turning freely, which can reduce performance and even cause the vacuum to switch off.

Do you have any questions about how to clean the Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9’s brush roll? Please let us know in the comments section. You may also want to read our guide on how to empty the Gtech AirRam Mk2.

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