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How to Clean Shark CH950UKT Handheld Vacuum Filters

Written by James Hall |

Shark 950ukt filter

Need to clean your Shark CH950UKT? We’ve put together a simple guide to cleaning this handheld vacuum’s filters, including pictures showing how to perform each step.

The Shark HandVac CH950UKT has a two-part filter, which can be accessed by removing the dust cup from the main body of the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning both filters is important to maintain airflow through your vacuum and prevent suction loss.

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to remove and clean both filters. We’ll also give you some tips for maintaining your Shark CH950UKT and keeping it in top condition.

How to Clean the Shark CH950UKT Filters

Step 1: Remove The Canister From the Vacuum Body

Button to remove dust cup

The first step is to remove the vacuum canister and cleaning head from the main body. To do this, there is a yellow button on the underside of the vacuum.

Detaching dust cup

Press this button, then gently pull the canister away from the vacuum’s handle. It should slide easily out of place.

You can now remove the filter frame from the dust cup. Be gentle when doing this to avoid damaging the frame.

Step 2: Remove Both Filters From The Filter Housing

Removing the foam filter

Now that the filter frame has been removed from the vacuum, you’ll be able to remove both filters individually. This is just a case of gently prising them out of the filter frame.

The first is a thinner felt filter, followed by a thicker foam filter. Make sure you remember which way these go, as it’s important to put them back in the same order.

Step 3: Rinse The Filters In Fresh Water

You can now rinse the filters under a cold water tap to remove any clogging or debris that’s stuck to the surface. Keep washing the filter until the water runs clear.

Only use cold water to clean the Shark CH950UKT’s filters. Never clean the filters with hot water, cleaning products, a dishwasher, or a machine wash.

Step 4: Allow the Filters Time to Dry Fully

It’s essential that the filters are both completely dry before you place them back into the filter frame. You don’t want to risk water being sucked into the motor, as this can cause permanent damage.

Filters typically take around 24 hours to dry after being washed. They may take longer in humid or cold environments though, so double-check that the filter is completely dry before moving to the next step.

Note: In the CH950UKT manual, Shark specifically mentions that you shouldn’t use a hair dryer (or any other drying tool) to speed up the process. The filters should only be air-dried.

Step 5: Re-Assemble The CH950UKT

Putting the filter back into position

Once the filters are dry, you can put them back into the filter frame. The foam filter should go first, followed by the thinner felt filter.

Finally, reinstall the filter frame into the dust cup, and reattach the canister section to the vacuum body. Your Shark CH950UKT filters have now been cleaned and your vacuum is ready to use again.

Other Tips for Maintaining Your Shark CH950UKT

  • We recommend cleaning your Shark’s filters at least once per month. You may need to wash them more regularly if you use the vacuum a lot.
  • You can also wash the CH950UKT’s dust cup. Use the process above to remove the dust cup from the vacuum’s body, empty it into a bin, then with the lid open rinse the cup in cold water (don’t use any cleaning products or a dishwasher). Leave the lid open and place the cup on its side to allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Shark sells replacement filters for the CH950UKT. The filters should last a long time, but if they become torn or otherwise damaged then it’s important to replace them.


The Shark CH950UKT is a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner that’s great for cleaning up pet hair. It’s important to keep the filters clean, however, to ensure that the vacuum doesn’t lose suction strength over time.

Here’s a quick summary of how to clean the Shark CH950UKT’s filter:

  1. Remove the canister from the main body using the yellow button. Gently remove the filter frame from the dust cup.
  2. Take both filters out of the frame.
  3. Wash the filters under a cold tap until the water runs clear. Do not use any cleaning products.
  4. Allow the filters at least 24 hours to dry completely.
  5. Replace the filters in the frame, the frame into the dust cup, and the dust cup onto the main vacuum body.

Do you have any questions about how to clean the Shark CH950UKT’s filter? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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