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How to Empty Gtech Multi Mk2 Handheld Vacuum

Written by James Hall |

Gtech Bin

Does your Gtech Multi Mk2 handheld vacuum need to be emptied? Here’s how to empty this model without letting dust escape back into the house.

We think the Gtech Multi Mk2 is a brilliant handheld vacuum. It’s a powerful model that’s easy to use, relatively lightweight, and has a headlight for illuminating dirt.

Gtech also provides clear manuals that are easy to follow. But, if you’ve lost the manual, or you’re just not sure how to empty your Multi Mk2, here’s a quick guide to emptying the dust bin.

How to Empty the Gtech Multi Mk2

Emptying the Gtech Multi Mk2 is a quick and simple process. This is important, as the Multi Mk2 has a small dust capacity and needs to be emptied regularly. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Remove The Dust Bin

Gtech removing bin

The first step is to remove the Multi Mk2’s dust bin from the main body of the vacuum.

Unlike many vacuum cleaners, there isn’t a latch or button that you need to press. Instead, you can just pull it away from the rest of the vacuum.

You might need to wiggle the bin slightly to get it to come away. Sometimes the Multi Mk2’s bin is a bit stiff, due to it not having a latch system.

Step 2: Take the Gtech Bin to an Outdoor Bin

You can technically empty the Gtech Multi Mk2 into any bin. However, we always recommend emptying a bagless vacuum cleaner into an outdoor bin (if possible).

The reason is simple: there’s nothing stopping a cloud of dust, pet dander, and other allergens escaping into the air when you empty a bagless vac.

This might not seem a major problem if you don’t have allergies, but a cloud of dust can still undo some of your housekeeping. And, for allergy sufferers, escaped dust from the vacuum can trigger a reaction.

Tip: We recommend a bagged vacuum for people with allergies. Bags keep dust and dander contained during the emptying process, making them more hygienic.

Step 3: Release The Dirt And Tap Off Any Remaining Debris

Latch to release dirt

Hold the Gtech Multi Mk2’s dust bin over the outdoor bin, then pull down the latch to open the trap door. Dirt and other debris will fall out of the bin automatically, although you may need to give it a tap to get rid of any remaining material.

Latch for releasing dirt

Unfortunately, the Gtech Multi Mk2’s dust bin doesn’t have an internal collar to push out stuck clumps of hair and debris. You’ll need to pull these out by hand, although you can reduce the chance of them developing by avoiding overfilling the bin.

Step 4: Re-attach The Gtech Bin

Now that the bin has been emptied, the last step is to re-attach it to the Gtech Multi Mk2.

To do so, close the trap door, then gently push the bin back into the main body of the vacuum. Again, there is no latch for the bin, so it should easily fit back into position.

When Should You Empty the Gtech Multi Mk2?

The Gtech Multi Mk2 has a small 0.4 litre dust capacity. The dust bin is transparent, so it’s easy to see when the vacuum is getting full.

However, like other bagless vacuum cleaners, we recommend emptying the Gtech Multi Mk2 when it’s around 75-80% full, rather than waiting until it’s completely full.

Overfilling can reduce the vacuum’s cleaning performance and make a clog more likely. It also makes it harder to empty the vacuum and may force the motor to work harder than it should.

Why Has My Multi Mk2 Lost Suction Power?

There are three common reasons for the Multi Mk2 having reduced suction power. These are:

  • The bin is overfilled. When the bin is overfilled, there is more air resistance inside the vacuum which reduces suction power. Emptying the bin and removing any clumps will usually solve this issue.
  • The filter is blocked. The Gtech Multi Mk2 has a washable filter, which can be pulled out from the top of the bin. When this filter is blocked, the suction power of the vacuum will be reduced. To clean it, tap off excess dust, remove the scented cartridge (if you have the K9 version), then rinse the filter under a cold water tap. Make sure the filter is completely dry before being re-inserted into the vacuum.
  • There is a blockage somewhere in the vacuum. If the filter is clear and the bin is empty, there is likely to be a blockage somewhere else inside the vacuum. Remove the bin and battery, then look through both inlets to check for blockages. It’s also a good idea to check for blockages within the tools.

Another potential issue is that there is too much hair caught around the brush bar. This won’t reduce the vacuum’s suction power, but can affect cleaning performance.


The Gtech Multi Mk2 is an excellent handheld vacuum cleaner that’s great for spot cleaning. We love the powered brush bar and lightweight design, which is why the Multi Mk2 is one of our top picks for a handheld vacuum.

A bonus is that the Gtech Multi Mk2 is also easy to empty, as the bin can be pulled away from the vacuum without even touching a button.

Make sure you empty it regularly, as overfilling can reduce the vacuum’s performance and cause blockages. We also recommend cleaning the filters on a regular basis to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

We hope this article has helped you empty your Gtech Multi Mk2. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section.

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