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A Guide to German Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Written by James Hall |

A guide to German vacuum manufacturers

Germany has a reputation for excellent vacuum cleaners – but it’s not always obvious which models are manufactured there. Here’s our guide to German vacuum cleaner brands.

When it comes to reliability, it’s hard to beat a German vacuum! The top German brands consistently rank highest in durability and longevity tests, making them a great choice if you want a vacuum that lasts.

Which vacuum brands are based in Germany though? And do these brands still manufacture their models in German factories? Keep reading to find out.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Logo

Miele is a German manufacturer that has been making vacuum cleaners for many decades. The company has an outstanding reputation for building vacuums of the highest quality, including both bagged and bagless models. More recently, Miele has also started to produce high-tech cordless stick vacuums.

At the time of writing, many (but not all) of Miele’s vacuum cleaners are assembled at their Bielefeld factory in Germany, although various parts are made in other factories around Europe. Bielefeld is one of Miele’s oldest production centres and is home to around 1800 employees.

However, Miele also has a factory in Dongguan, China, where it makes some of their lower priced vacuums. These include the Swing H1, Compact C1, Compact C2, and Complete C2 vacuum cleaners.

We’ve tested some of these Chinese Miele models and found them to be just as reliable, durable, and effective as German-made models. But if you’re looking for a vacuum that’s been built in Europe, make sure you’re careful about which Miele vacuum you buy.

Examples of Miele Vacuums:

  • Miele Complete C3 Pure Red – A bagged cylinder vacuum that’s one of the most popular on the market.
  • Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog – Miele’s bagless cordless vacuum range and the company’s answer to the Dyson V11. Comes with built-in headlights, 3-in-1 configuration, and many other advanced features.
  • Miele Complete C2 – Another bagged cylinder that’s a bit cheaper than the C3. This model is made in China.
  • Miele Blizzard CX1 Comfort – A cylinder vacuum with a bagless design. Uses Miele’s “Vortex” technology.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO logo

SEBO are another German manufacturer that produces vacuums that are built to last. However, unlike Miele and Bosch, which produce a range of appliances, SEBO are fully focused on vacuum cleaners.

The SEBO brand produces a range of vacuum cleaners, including both upright and cylinder models. At the time of writing, SEBO doesn’t make cordless vacuums though. While the company sells many vacuums for home use, they also build commercial vacuums.

One of the great things about SEBO is that all of their vacuum cleaners are still produced in Germany. So if you’re looking for a European vacuum cleaner, SEBO is a safe bet. SEBO vacuum cleaners also come with a free 5-year guarantee.

Examples of SEBO Vacuums:

  • SEBO Automatic X1.1 ECO – A powerful upright vacuum cleaner with great suction power.

Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch Logo

Bosch is a German company that doesn’t need any introduction. They produce a wide array of home appliances, including a large range of vacuum cleaners.

Unlike Miele or SEBO, Bosch almost entirely focuses on cordless vacuums. They do still produce a few cylinder vacuums, such as the ProSilence series and GL-30 bagged vacs, but it’s clear that Bosch believes the future is cordless.

Even though the company is only focused on cordless, there are still a massive range of Bosch vacuum cleaners on the market. These often have slightly confusing names, so it’s important to check exactly which model you’re buying!

It’s best to shop by range depending on what type of cordless you need. The Unlimited series, for example, has a similar detachable stick design to most other cordless vacuums. The Athlet and Flexxo series are more similar to upright vacuums.

While we don’t think Bosch can quite match SEBO or Miele when it comes to longevity, their vacuums are still amongst the most durable and long-lasting on the market. They also come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

While some components of Bosch vacuums are made in Germany, such as the company’s HiSpin motor, the vacuums themselves are made in various different countries around the world.

Examples of Bosch Vacuums:

  • Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet – A cordless vacuum with a 60-minute run-time and decent suction power.

Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaners


Vorwerk might not be the most well-known brand in the UK, but they are a popular manufacturer in Germany – despite producing some very pricey vacuum cleaners.

The main reason you probably haven’t heard of Vorwerk is that the company’s vacuums have traditionally been sold direct to consumers via in-house demonstrations. You can now buy them online directly from Vorwerk, but don’t expect to find them at Argos or Currys.

Like other German brands, Vorwerk is known for producing high-quality vacuums that are durable and effective. Vorwerk vacuums are expensive, but have excellent durability and are amongst the best on the market when it comes to cleaning performance. The newer Kobold models also come with advanced features, such as automatic floor detection.

At the time of writing, the Vorwerk Kobold range contains an upright, cordless, robot, and handheld model. There’s also the VG100 window cleaner available in the same product range.

Vorwerk vacuum cleaners are largely made in Germany, although the company also has factories in France and China, so it’s not entirely clear where each vacuum is built.

Examples of Vorwerk Vacuums:

  • Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – A powerful upright vacuum cleaner with a wide range of accessories. This is an expensive vacuum costing over £1000 though!
  • Vorwerk Kobold VB100 – A cordless vacuum cleaner with a long run-time.
  • Vorwerk WR300 Robot – A robot vacuum cleaner with intelligent navigation system and app integration.


There are a number of German vacuum cleaner brands that produce a wide range of models. These include huge brands, such as Miele and Bosch, along with lesser-known companies like SEBO and Vorwerk.

While the style and type of vacuum varies between brands, one thing they all seem to have in common is a commitment to quality construction and meticulous testing. That’s why German vacuums are considered some of the best on the market.

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