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11 Nasty Things That Happen When You Don’t Vacuum Your Home (Infographic)

Written by James Hall |

Let’s face it: vacuuming isn’t the most enjoyable task. A great vacuum cleaner can speed things up, but it’s never going to be fun. If you’re thinking of skipping your next cleaning session, however, check out these 11 nasty things that can happen if you don’t vacuum. We think you’ll change your mind!

These 11 reasons for vacuuming will mean you'll never skip it again!

1. Dust Mites Breed and Cause Allergies

One of the most common causes of allergies is dust mites – or, more accurately, dust mite faeces and body parts. These tiny creatures are residents of every home and live off human skill cells. If you have a dust allergy, the more mites in your home the worse your symptoms are likely to be.

Regular vacuuming can remove dust mites and other allergens from carpet fibres. Vacuuming won’t get rid of all mites, but reduces their number and helps relieve allergies. For more tips on relieving a dust allergy, check out another of our infographics.

2. Carpets Get Stained, Dull and Worn

Dirt doesn’t just make your carpet look unclean. It also acts as a razor blade that continuously cuts fibres when walked on. This causes the carpet to look dull and worn much faster than it should.

One of the easiest ways to prevent this from happening is to vacuum often. Many websites recommend vacuuming once a week – and this is a good place to start. We recommend vacuuming areas of high traffic twice a week though, as this reduces dirt build-up. Some people find a lightweight cordless vacuum makes it easier to perform quick cleans throughout the week.

3. Bed Bugs Might Move Into Your Bedroom

Bed bugs are particularly nasty parasites that feed off human blood. They love to live in and around bedding, before crawling out when it gets dark to bite your skin. While bed bugs usually aren’t dangerous, they are unpleasant to sleep with and can cause allergic reactions.

An easy to way to reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation is to vacuum your mattress and bed regularly. Use your vacuum hose (or upholstery tool) for this. If you see a bed bug, vacuum it up as soon as possible and immediately dispose of it. This works best if your vacuum uses a sealed bag.

4. Second-Hand Smoke Causes Bad Smells and Health Problems

It’s well-established that second-hand smoke can be dangerous to people’s health. Unfortunately, smoke can get caught in carpets, curtains and upholstery, which may lead to health problems (or even just an unpleasant smell).

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is one of the most important ways to get rid of old cigarette smoke. You may also want to consider using an air purifier, keeping the windows open when possible and regularly washing all bedding, curtains, towels and sheets.

5. Bacteria Breeds in Your Carpet Fibres

Many types of bacteria thrive in carpet fibres. If you don’t vacuum regularly, this can allow colonies of unseen bacteria to build-up and potentially cause health problems.

This is particularly dangerous if you have children who play on the carpet. Children often don’t wash their hands before touching their mouth, which can increase the chance of an infection.

6. Your Home Looks More Messy and Cluttered

Does your home always seem to look cluttered and messy? If so, vacuuming regularly could help – at least indirectly.

When you vacuum, you’re forced to put away items (or at least move them from the floor). Regular vacuuming makes it much easier to keep your home tidy and clean.

7. Mould Can Spread Around Your Home

Mould can quickly become a nightmare if it’s left untreated. It spreads quickly, looks awful and can even cause health problems. Solving mould issues in the long-term requires a careful analysis of why your home is excessively damp – but there are short-term steps to reduce the chance of it spreading.

As you’ve probably guessed, vacuuming can prevent mould moving around your home. This is because the vacuum sucks up dormant spores from carpets and upholstery. You should also dust and clean all surfaces in your home at least once per week if you have a mould problem.

8. Your Home Smells Musty and Unclean

As we’ve already mentioned, carpets harbour a variety of different types of bacteria. If you have carpets and fail to vacuum them regularly, this build-up of bacteria can cause a permanent musty smell.

Regular vacuuming and cleaning can greatly reduce the amount of bacteria in your carpets. This leads to healthier air and a fresher smell – as long as you’re using a vacuum with an effective filter!

9. Pet Hair and Dander Takes Over

If you own a dog or cat, you’re probably fed up with the constant battle with hair. Pet dander (dead skin cells) and hair can cause an unpleasant smell in the home and also trigger allergies.

We recommend vacuuming frequently with a pet vacuum if your pet sheds a lot of hair. These vacuums are designed to be more effective at removing hair from carpet fibres and upholstery. The best pet vacuums also have effective filters, which is vital if you have an allergy.

10. Carpets Need to be Replaced Sooner

As dirt builds up, it becomes ground into carpet fibres. This causes the fibres to become more difficult to vacuum, until eventually even a strong vacuum can’t lift them. Once this happens, it’s only a matter of time before the fibres are damaged by the constant grinding as they are walked over.

For this reason, regular vacuuming can greatly extend the lifespan of a carpet. We also recommend using mats in high traffic areas and using a professional carpet cleaning service at least once per year.

11. Your Home Looks Dirty and Unpleasant

The final reason for vacuuming is also the most obvious – not vacuuming leaves your home looking dirty and unpleasant!

Fortunately, the more you vacuum the easier it becomes, as you’ll spend less time going over the same areas trying to get rid of dirt that’s ground into carpets. Make sure you empty the vacuum regularly (some vacuums lose suction when they are close to full) and remember to clean the filter if necessary.

Want to learn more about how to keep your home clean? Take a look at our guide to 13 places you’re probably forgetting to vacuum.

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