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How Much is a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner in the UK?

Written by James Hall |

How much is a Kirby vacuum

Kirby is an American company that traditionally sells their vacuums via in-home sales reps. How much do these vacuums cost? And is there room for negotiation? Keep reading for our thoughts.

Kirby vacuum cleaners are premium machines that are designed to be the best on the market – with a high price to match.

As the vacuums are usually sold via in-home demos, it can be hard to find out how much they actually cost. We decided to investigate Kirby’s pricing to see if we could find out how much you can expect to pay for one of their vacuums.

Important: We’d like to mention up-front that we have not tested or used a Kirby vacuum cleaner. The following article is based on research into the company and their prices, but we don’t have any direct experience with these vacuums. This may change in the future if we get hold of one to review.

What Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners?

Kirby is a US-based vacuum cleaner manufacturer. The company was originally founded in 1914, and they have been producing vacuum cleaners for over 100 years.

One of the interesting things about Kirby vacuums is that you can’t buy them in shops. Instead, Kirby vacuum cleaners have traditionally been sold via an in-house demonstration.

However, after checking the Kirby website, it seems that you can now purchase the vacuum directly online. This seems to a be a departure from their previous sales-only model, although you can still book a home demonstration too.

Another interesting feature of Kirby vacuums is that they are designed to be versatile cleaning machines, rather than just a vacuum. This means their machines have functions such as carpet cleaning and hardwood polishing.

Note: Kirby vacuums might be expensive, but they often receive high praise from buyers due to their strong suction power, versatility, and reliable designs.

What Happens During an In-Home Demonstration?

Kirby vacuum cleaners are usually sold via an in-home demonstration. These can be booked around the world using the Kirby website.

During the demonstration, a sales representative will give you a chance to see the Kirby in action. They’ll also show you how to use the various features and accessories of the vacuum, along with tips for getting the most out of your machine.

We haven’t experienced one of these sales demonstrations, so we can’t comment about the specifics of what is included. It’s worth noting that there has been some criticism of Kirby dealer’s sales tactics in the past though – more information can be found on Wikipedia.

What Models of Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Are Available?

At the time of writing, the current Kirby vacuum cleaner (according to Kirby’s website) is the Avalir 2. It’s a bagged upright vacuum that’s built in America and comes with HEPA filtration, along with a set of tools depending on which package you buy.

The Kirby Avalir 2 is more than just a vacuum cleaner though. It can also scrub tiles, polish hard floors, and shampoo carpets, making it much more versatile than a traditional vacuum.

Unlike most vacuum cleaner manufacturers, Kirby tends to only have one available model. This is then replaced by a newer model, rather than expanding the product line.

Previous models of Kirby have included:

  • Kirby G4
  • Kirby G5
  • Kirby Gsix
  • Kirby Ultimate G
  • Kirby Sentria and Sentria 2
  • Kirby Avalir (replaced by the Avalir 2 in 2018)

Tip: All Kirby vacuums are manufactured in the US. At the time of writing, the company has factories in Texas and Ohio.

How Much Do Kirby Vacuums Cost?

We couldn’t find any details online about the UK prices for Kirby vacuums. But to give you an idea of what these vacuums cost, here are the current US prices for the Kirby Avalir 2 according to Kirby’s website:

  • Avalir 2 Vacuum Package – $1599 (approximately £1275)
  • Avalir 2 Home Cleaning System – $1957 (approximately £1560)
  • Avalir 2 Ultimate Home Cleaning System – $2103.99 (approximately £1675)

Keep in mind that it’s common for prices to vary depending on the country you buy from, so these may not be accurate UK prices.

It’s also worth noting that you can negotiate the price of a Kirby vacuum cleaner if you have an in-house demonstration.

According to an undercover report by, their reporter was originally quoted £2500 as the price for the vacuum, but were able to negotiate it down to £1100. This is a huge saving, and suggests that you should be prepared to negotiate hard if you’re buying a Kirby vacuum.

Are Kirby Vacuums Worth Buying?

We haven’t reviewed a Kirby vacuum, so we can’t comment directly on how effective they are at cleaning. Until we review a Kirby vacuum, we think it’s unfair to give any direct positive or negative feedback about the company.

However, our research into buyer comments shows that many Kirby customers are happy with their purchase. They claim that Kirby vacuums provide excellent suction power that beats the top models from other brands. Many buyers also mention that Kirby vacuums are built to a high standard and last for many years.

With that said, we find think most people would find it hard to justify paying more than £1000 for a vacuum cleaner. Kirby vacuums may be great at cleaning, but there are plenty of excellent options that cost less than half the price.


Kirby vacuum cleaners have a reputation for being powerful, versatile, and durable. It can be hard to find pricing information about the company’s vacuums, however, as the machines are usually sold via in-house demonstration.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Kirby vacuum prices can be negotiated. Just like any product bought via a salesperson, be prepared to haggle in order to bring the price down, and don’t accept the first offer.

Do you have any questions about how much a Kirby vacuum cleaner costs? Or have you used a Kirby vacuum and want to give feedback about how it performs? Please use the comments section below.

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