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Where are Shark Vacuum Cleaners Made?

Written by James Hall |

where are shark vacuums made

Where are Shark vacuum cleaners manufactured? Are they built in the US or China? And which company owns the “Shark” brand name? Keep reading to find out.

Shark vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular in recent years. This isn’t surprising to the team at Spotless Vacuum, as Shark vacuums provide excellent performance and unique features.

Where are Shark vacuum cleaners made though? And where is the company based? These are important questions when buying a new vacuum, so let’s find out.

Where are Shark Vacuums Manufactured?

All Shark vacuum cleaners are manufactured in China. This includes their upright, cylinder, stick, robot, and handheld vacuum cleaners.

While the vacuums are manufactured in China, Shark is an American company. Their products are designed by engineering teams at various Shark offices around the world, including the UK and US.

When Was SharkNinja Founded?

SharkNinja was originally called Euro-Pro Operating LLC. It was founded in 1994, but changed its name to SharkNinja in 2015 to make it clear that the company owns the Shark and Ninja brands.

Despite the US vacuum market being dominated by existing major brands, Shark was able to quickly take over a large portion of the market. This was partly due to the company’s use of infomercials and selling using direct TV channels in the United States.

Shark has seen similar success in the UK, where their vacuums have quickly come to rival Dyson, Hoover, and other major brands.

Which Company Owns Shark?

The Shark brand is owned by SharkNinja. SharkNinja is an American company based near Boston. The company was originally founded in Canada by Mark Rosenzweig, but ended up settling in the US.

As the name suggests, SharkNinja has two main brands:

  • Shark – The brand responsible for producing vacuum cleaners and other home cleaning devices.
  • Ninja – A brand that produces kitchen appliances, including coffee makers and blenders.

SharkNinja was acquired by a private equity company in 2017.

Where is Shark’s Headquarters?

SharkNinja’s headquarters are located in Massachusetts in the United States. The company has offices around the world, however, including:

  • United Kingdom (Leeds and London)
  • Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Italy (Milan)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • China (Beijing, Hainan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Suzhou)
  • Taiwan
  • Spain (Madrid)
  • And several other locations

What Types of Vacuum Does Shark Manufacture in China?

Shark produces a range of different vacuum cleaners, all of which are manufactured in Chinese factories.

The company’s best-known models tend to be their uprights, which often come with a Lift-Away design and various other interesting features. Shark also produces cordless stick vacuums, corded stick vacuums, cylinder vacuum cleaners, and handheld vacuum cleaners.

While there are many different types of Shark vacuum, they all share similar features and technologies. All Shark vacuum cleaners are bagless, for example, which puts them in direct competition with Dyson. Many also come with DuoClean technology and anti-allergen seals.

Aside from their vacuums, Shark also produces a range of other housekeeping products. These include air purifiers, hair dryers, and steam mops.

Shark’s Innovative Features

One of the great things about Shark is that their vacuum cleaners often come with unique features. These include their DuoClean floorhead, which is effective on both carpets and hard floors, and the Powered Lift-Away cylinder. All of these technologies are designed in-house by Shark’s engineering team.

How Long is Shark’s Vacuum Guarantee?

Shark offers a maximum guarantee of 5-years on all vacuum cleaners, but you need to register your vacuum to receive this. The 5-year guarantee doesn’t cover batteries, which are only guaranteed for 2-years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shark a Chinese Company?

No, Shark is an American company that is based near Boston. Shark products are manufactured in China though.

Where is Shark’s UK Headquarters?

Shark currently has its UK headquarters in Leeds. Their previous headquarters was in Wakefield, but in 2019 the company expanded into a larger office in Century Way.

The original Wakefield office was opened with under 20 employees, but quickly grew due to the company’s rapid growth. The new office in Leeds has over 100 employees.

Along with its Leeds office, Shark also has a research and development centre in London. This centre works in combination with others in China and the US to allow for rapid development across multiple time zones.

Are Shark and SharkNinja the Same Company?

Yes. SharkNinja is a company that owns both the Shark and Ninja brands, so they are all the same organisation.

Shark is the home cleaning product brand, while Ninja is a brand for home appliances.

Are Shark and Dyson the Same Company?

This is a surprisingly common misconception, but Dyson and Shark are very different companies. They do produce similar vacuums and are fierce competitors in the UK vacuum cleaner market, but they are not the same company.

Are Any Vacuum Cleaners Manufactured in the UK?

Not many! Numatic (of Henry fame) are the only major vacuum brand that still manufacture in the UK, since Dyson and Hoover have both moved abroad. There are other companies that still manufacture in Europe, such as SEBO and some Miele models.


Shark is an American company that produces excellent vacuum cleaners, but all of their products are manufactured in China. This includes their upright, cylinder, handheld, and cordless vacuum models.

Even though they aren’t produced locally, we’re still big fans of Shark vacuum cleaners and think they provide excellent performance for the price. They also come with a host of interesting features that you won’t find on other vacuums.

Do you have any questions about where Shark vacuum cleaners are made? Or would you like to know more about another aspect of Shark vacs? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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