How to Get Rid of Pet Hair in the Home (8 Tips!)

how to get rid of pet hair

As much as you love your fur baby, it’s frustrating to have pet hair all over your home. Fortunately, there are some simple cleaning hacks you can use to remove hair. These range from using damp rubber gloves to vacuuming with powerful pet vacuums. Let’s get started! 1. Get Rid of Pet Hair Using a … Read more

Does Baking Soda Ruin Your Vacuum Cleaner?

does baking soda ruin your vacuum

Baking soda is often recommended for cleaning carpets – and there’s no doubt that it can be effective at removing stains and absorbing odours. Unfortunately, it’s picking up baking soda after you’ve used it for cleaning that’s the issue. Here’s why baking soda can damage a vacuum cleaner, along with some alternative cleaning tips for … Read more

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet With a Regular Vac?

can you vacuum wet carpet

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet? The simple answer is that you should never use your vacuum cleaner on wet carpet. In fact, you should never use it to clean anything that’s even slightly damp. Regular vacuum cleaners are electrical devices that are not designed for fluids. If water is sucked into the vacuum, there’s little … Read more

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring (Easy Method)

How to clean vinyl flooring

How to Clean Vinyl Floors Cleaning vinyl floors isn’t difficult, but it’s important to know the correct method. Here’s a simple cleaning process that’s quick and effective. What You’ll Need Vacuum cleaner or broom Mop (one for cleaning and another if you want to rinse) Water Washing-up liquid (optional) White vinegar (optional) Microfibre cloths or … Read more

Can You Vacuum Glass From Carpets and Hard Floors?

A shattered wine glass

The sound of glass smashing on the floor is one of the worst to hear – at least from a housekeeping viewpoint! While it’s tempting to grab your vacuum and suck all the shards up, this may not be the safest (or best) option. In this article, we’ll discuss whether to use a vacuum on … Read more

How to Remove Bad Odours from a Carpet

How to remove bad odours from carpet

What Causes Carpets to Smell? Carpets have porous fibres, so dirt can build up and cause bad odours. To eliminate a bad smell, you need to remove the dirt and bacteria causing it.  Some cleaning products mask the smell rather than remove it, so they’re only a temporary fix. Instead, you should try to find … Read more

How to Clean a Shaggy Rug at Home

How to clean a shaggy rug

A shaggy rug adds a plush feel to any room. But cleaning a shaggy can be daunting, as you need to take special care of its long fibres. Fortunately, there are some simple methods you can use to clean a shaggy rug. Here are a few of our favourites. Make sure you read the instructions … Read more

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Effectively Clean Your Home

A guide to vacuuming more efficiently

Having spent countless hours testing vacuum cleaners, we’ve realised that a vac’s performance isn’t always the issue. Sometimes how your vacuuming is just as important. In this article, we’ll take you through our top tips for vacuuming your home more efficiently. General Vacuum Tips Regardless of the type of flooring, here are some vacuum tips … Read more

How to Get a Dog Smell Out of a Vacuum Cleaner

How to get a dog smell out of a vacuum cleaner

How to Remove a Dog Smell From a Vacuum To remove a dog smell from a vacuum, start by washing the filters (if they are washable) or replacing them. Empty the vacuum, then clean the bin interior if your vacuum is a bagless model. Next, cut away hairs on the brush bar and give it … Read more