Miele Complete C3 Pure Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Review

Miele Complete C3 Pure Power

The Miele Complete C3 Pure Power is another cylinder vacuum in the popular C3 range. It features a large 4.5 litre bagged dirt capacity, six-stage motor, and a combination Allteq floorhead. So, what makes this Miele vacuum cleaner stand out from the crowd? And is it a worthwhile investment compared with other C3 vacuums? Keep … Read more

Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline Cylinder Vacuum Review

Miele C3 Complete Pure Red PowerLine

The Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline is a powerful cylinder vacuum cleaner with a range of useful features. These include multiple suction settings, a generous bagged dirt capacity, and a long power cord with a rewind feature. But how does the Miele compare to other cylinder vacuum cleaners? Does the bagged design make for … Read more

Henry NRV370-11 XL Plus Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Review

Henry NRV370-11 XL Plus

Henry has a new sibling – and it’s big! The Numatic Henry XL Plus cylinder vacuum is designed for DIY and tough home jobs. With a whopping 15 litre dust capacity and 12.5m cable, everything about this vacuum cleaner is super-sized. How does the Henry XL Plus perform when cleaning though? And how does it … Read more

Duronic VC7020 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Review

Duronic VC2020

The Duronic VC7020 is a cylinder vacuum cleaner that’s an inexpensive alternative to the top models on the market. Despite costing less than £100, it comes with a turbo brush for carpets, relatively lightweight design, HEPA filter, and several other tools. How does the VC7020 compare to the best cylinder vacuum cleaners though? And it … Read more

Miele Complete C2 Powerline Vacuum Cleaner Review – A High-Quality Mid-Range Cylinder?

Miele Complete C2 Powerline

It’s true that bagged cylinder vacuum cleaners seem old-fashioned compared with sleek cordless models. But these vacuums have a number of advantages, including better dust retention, larger capacities and unlimited run-time. The Complete C2 Powerline is Miele’s mid-range model. It’s relatively inexpensive, especially compared to newer cordless vacuums, and is designed to be convenient and … Read more

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead Review

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead is a bagless cylinder vacuum that’s designed to cope with the toughest cleaning jobs. Its standout feature is the Musclehead floor head, which automatically adjusts to provide maximum suction on any surface. The vacuum also comes with a powerful motor, Dyson’s Ball steering technology and a range of unique … Read more

Numatic James Hoover Review (JVP180-11)

The James Hoover is similar to the Numatic Henry, but designed for smaller households. It’s smaller, slightly lighter, cheaper and easier to carry – yet still aims to provide the powerful and reliable performance Numatic vacuums are famous for. But does the James live up to the standards set by its more famous brother? And … Read more