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Bosch Athlet BCH61840GB Cordless Vacuum Review

Written by James Hall |

Bosch Athlet BCH61840GB




Ease of Use


Cleaning Power







  • Excellent suction power
  • Three power levels
  • Easy to empty


  • No accessories

The Bosch Athlet BCH61840GB is the entry-level model in the Athlet range (click here for our review of its bigger brother – the Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet). It has a relatively long 40 minute run-time and Bosch claims it delivers excellent suction on any floor type.

But does the vacuum live up to the marketing claims? And how does it perform on carpets, hard floors or pet hair? Let’s find out.

Overview of Bosch Athlet BCH61840GB

  • Comes with an “all floor” motorised brush head for efficient cleaning
  • Relatively long 40 minute run-time for such a reasonably priced cordless
  • 18V Lithium-ion battery for decreased charging time
  • Lightweight at just 3.3kg
  • SensorBagless technology warns you if filter cleaning is required
  • Three power levels for extra suction when needed (with a shorter run-time)
  • Brush roll can be easily removed for quick cleaning

In-Depth Feature Analysis and Review

Appearance and Design

Bosch have gone for a futuristic appearance with the Athlet range – and the BCH61840GB certainly looks the part. With a sleek black design and a range of scientific-sounding names emblazoned across the vacuum, it’s an impressive looking model.

Of course, style is one of the least important factors when choosing a vacuum. But I’m happy to say that the Bosch is a well-designed model that’s simple to use.

For example, it’s a bagless vacuum that’s built with SensorBagless technology. This is unique to Bosch and helps increase suction power while minimising maintenance.  It can also stand up on its own, which makes it easier to store without the need for it to be propped up.

The powered brush roll is designed to stir up and remove dust, fibres and dirt from any type of floor – including carpets and in-between tiles. The bar only rotates when in turbo mode though, as it would otherwise take up too much battery life. When in use, the bar rotates at around 5000 RPM, so you can see why it helps to provide excellent cleaning on almost any surface.

One thing to note is that this is not a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum. In other words, you can’t detach the body to turn it into a handheld. Its lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, but the upright-style design makes it unsuitable for cleaning furniture.

Other design features include a battery indicator showing the level of charge remaining and a 0.9 litre capacity (which is small but about average for a cordless). The nozzle joint is also highly flexible, allowing you to easily clean underneath furniture (see the picture below). Be prepared to empty it regularly, due to the small capacity, although fortunately the vacuum makes this an easy process.

Battery Life and Power

As it’s the cheapest model in the Athlet range (at least in terms of RRP), you might expect the BCH61840GB to lack suction power. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. The 18V battery provides excellent suction on any type of floor – although it excels on hard floors. It’s also capable of sucking up pet hair, although if this is your primary purpose for a vacuum then there are better options available.

Battery life is also impressive, with a regular run-time of 40 minutes. This decreases significantly when placed in high power mode, so this should only be used for the most stubborn patches of dirt or hair.

There is also a “low power” mode which can extend the run-time to around 60 minutes. This is great for maximising run-time but at the cost of suction power. For most jobs, you’ll probably stick to the medium suction level, but having the option of extending battery life is a useful feature.

The lithium-ion battery is also relatively quick to charge, taking under 6 hours to go from empty to full. According to the Bosch sales material, it can also charge to 80% in just 3 hours, which is useful if you need to clean in a rush.

Additionally, the battery doesn’t lose suction power as it starts to run out. This is a common problem with cordless vacuum. The result is that the BCH61840GB has a genuine run-time of 40 minutes – not 30 minutes of full suction followed by 10 minutes of progressively weaker performance.

One thing to note is that the vacuum can’t quite match the suction of corded models. This is to be expected, but it’s important to have realistic expectations of a cordless vac.

Ease of Use

  • Cleaning a brush roll can be one of the more annoying vacuum maintenance jobs. That’s why the BCH61840GB has a removable brush for easy maintenance.
  • With a weight of just 3.3kg, this is a lightweight model that’s easy to manoeuvre around the home.
  • The nozzle joint is highly flexible, making it easy to clean around and under furniture.
  • The vacuum is easy to empty when full.


The Bosch Athlet BCH61840GB comes with a washable filter that should last for the lifetime of the machine.  This reduces the overall cost compared to models that require replacement filters.

The machine also makes use of the company’s “Sensor Control” technology. This is designed to maintain consistent performance, but also monitors the filter and switches on a warning light when it needs to be cleaned.


The RRP of the Athlet BCH61840GB is £240 – but it’s available for much less than this on many shopping sites. Considering the long run-time, powered brush bar and lightweight design, I think this provides excellent value for money.


As you might have gathered from this review, I think the Bosch Atlet BCH61840GB has very few downsides. But one area it’s lacking is accessories. Unlike most vacuums, the model doesn’t include any extras. That means you don’t get an upholstery brush or crevice tool – possibly because the design of the model means there isn’t anywhere for tools to attach (it’s not a stick vacuum like the Dyson V6 and doesn’t have a detachable handheld).

While this isn’t a disaster considering the quality of the vacuum and comparatively low price, it makes cleaning tricky areas more difficult. It still scores a couple of points for accessories as it’s so easy to manoeuvre though – as this offsets some of the drawbacks. Compared to models from Dyson and other major cordless brands, however, we can’t help but be a bit disappointed by the lack of tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the BCH61840GB Come With Attachments?

There is some confusion about this, as the machine is listed as having no attachments and most people don’t receive any. Some reviewers on shopping sites, however, claimed to have received a small set of tools. I think they may have mistakenly ordered another model in the Athlet range though. To be on the safe side, assume that the model doesn’t come with tools.


The Bosch Athlet BCH61840GB is an outstanding vacuum. In fact, the only reasons it hasn’t made my list of the best and highest value cordless vacuums are that it’s too similar to the also excellent Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet and the lack of accessories (the other Bosch includes several attachments).

If you’re looking for a powerful cordless model that doesn’t cost a huge amount of money, then I can highly recommend this vacuum. The only downside is the lack of attachments, but this is partly offset by the highly manoeuvrable design. Click here to view its price.

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    I’ve found this Hoover a bit rubbish, whwn accessories are attached to do my stairs I’ve found the overall suction to be non exsistant so I have to use another Hoover or use a brush and pan set to remove any carpet bits. Bit disappointed to say the least.


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