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Dyson V6 Fluffy Review – The Best Cordless for Hard Floors?

Written by James Hall |

Dyson V6 Fluffy




Ease of Use


Cleaning Power







  • Excellent
  • Outstanding suction for a cordless
  • Handheld mode
  • Hygienic emptying system


  • Short 20 minute run-time
  • Loud

Despite being the mid-range option in the V6 range, the Dyson V6 Fluffy is still one of the most expensive cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. It promises to be a full replacement for your corded vacuum, with a unique soft floor head for tackling dirty hard floors.

We’ve already reviewed the basic version of the Dyson V6 (which we rated 8.4/10). It’s an excellent vacuum, but the V6 Fluffy has a few extra features that make it worth a separate look (for a full overview of this range, checkout our Dyson V6 comparison).

But how does it perform on carpets? Is it really a replacement for a corded vacuum cleaner – even with just a 20 minute run-time? And is it worth the high price tag? Keep reading our Dyson V6 Fluffy review to find out why we think it’s one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners.

Update May 2018: The V6 series, including the Fluffy, is no longer being manufactured by Dyson. We’re going to leave this review online, as you can still find it for sale at some retailers (at least until stocks run out).

Overview of Dyson V6 Fluffy

  • Motorised cleaner head for cleaning carpets
  • Innovative soft roller cleaner head for hard floors
  • Radial cyclone technology for filtration
  • Handheld mode
  • Mini pet hair tool for upholstery
  • Maximum power mode for additional suction
  • Relatively short 20 minute run-time
  • Trigger system to maximise battery life

Features and Performance

Considering the price, we have high expectations of the Fluffy. Fortunately, it doesn’t let us down. It’s the mid-range V6 model and provides a good compromise between price and performance. With a unique hard floor cleaner head, outstanding suction power and convenient 2-in-1 design, this is a fantastic vacuum that’s worthy of its place on our list of the best cordless vacs.

Appearance and Design

Dyson V6 Handheld Mode
As always, let’s start with a brief overview of the vacuum’s design. The Fluffy has the typical futuristic Dyson design. With a blue shaft and silver body, it’s an attractive vacuum cleaner with a premium appearance.

Like all Dyson cordless vacuums, the V6 Fluffy has a stick design with detachable handheld mode. This makes it a versatile option for cleaning your home, as it’s suitable for cleaning both floors and higher areas.

You need to hold down the “on” trigger when using the vacuum. This is the same as other Dyson cordless vacs and helps to preserve battery life. The downside is that it can get tiring to hold the button for extended periods.

A docking station is included. This can be wall-mounted and acts as a charging station. It also holds the vacuum’s attachments and accessories.

Unfortunately, the Fluffy has a relatively small dust bin. With a 0.4 litre capacity, you should expect to empty it regularly – especially as it has such powerful suction. The size is around average for a cordless though.

It’s also very lightweight at just 2.3kg. This makes it one of the lightest cordless vacuums we’ve reviewed.

Suction Power and Performance

V6 Fluffy on TilesLike all the V6 range, the Fluffy is powered by Dyson’s digital V6 motor which spins at over 100,000 RPM. Dyson claimed that this was the most powerful cordless motor when it was first released, although it has since been beaten by the V8 (click here for our comparison).

Even so, it’s a powerful motor that provides excellent suction. It has more suction than almost any other cordless and provides outstanding performance – particularly on hard floors. It’s also great at digging into carpets and removing more dust and dirt. The Fluffy also doesn’t struggle with pet hair, which is a common problem for cordless vacuums.

A drawback of the powerful motor is that it’s a relatively loud cordless. We don’t think this is a major problem, especially as the short run-time means it’s not suited for extended cleaning sessions. But if you’re looking for a quiet cordless vacuum to use when your children are asleep or without waking the neighbours, the V6 series probably isn’t the best choice.

Battery Life

One of the biggest drawbacks of this vacuum is the short run-time. With a maximum battery life of 20 minutes, it’s not suitable for extended cleaning sessions. The run-time is reduced to 16 minutes if you use the motorised floor tool, which is necessary for carpets.

When you need extra power for stubborn dirt, the vacuum has a maximum power mode. This is great for dirt that’s ground into carpets, but reduces the run-time to a mere six minutes. It’s a significant power boost though that pushes the V6 above many corded models in terms of suction.

But is 20 minutes run-time really enough? If you want a vacuum to clean your entire home in one go, it’s probably not the best option. But for small homes or cleaning specific rooms it’s a fantastic vacuum.

Also, keep in mind that the trigger system means the actual cleaning session might be considerably longer than the battery run-time.

A positive is that the model uses a lithium-ion battery. This provides a constant level of suction even as the battery gets low, so you get a full 20 minutes of powerful suction. It also means that the V6 Fluffy is relatively quick to charge.

Dyson Motorised and Fluffy Head

Dyson V6 Fluffy on HardfloorsFor general cleaning on carpets and other surfaces, the V6 Fluffy comes with Dyson’s motorised floor head. This has stiff bristles that can get dig into carpets to remove dirt, dust and pet hair. The motorised head does a great job of cleaning carpets and is highly effective at removing dirt that other vacuums would pass over.

It’s worth noting that the Fluffy doesn’t include a direct-drive cleaner head. This is estimated to be 1.5x more powerful, but only comes with the V6 Absolute and Total Clean. If your home is largely carpeted it might be worth paying more to get the direct-drive head, although the motorised head with the Fluffy still does an excellent job.

However, the biggest difference between the Fluffy and standard V6 is the soft roller head. This is specifically designed to improve hard floor pickup and isn’t included with the standard model.

The soft head is made from softer nylon than the motorised head. The nylon is woven together in a way that allows larger debris, such as cereal, to pass into the head while maintaining a solid seal for vacuuming smaller particles. Additionally, the head contains carbon fibre filaments that prevent static electricity build-up. This stops dirt sticking to the floor.

The Fluffy head is highly effective at cleaning hard floors and is one of the main reasons we highly recommend this vacuum.

Both floor heads provide decent edge performance, although they don’t clean right up to walls or skirting boards. You’ll need to use the crevice tool to get rid of the thin strip of remaining dust.

The floor head also has a detachable bar. This means you can quickly remove any hair that gets tangled.


Like other Dyson cordless vacuums, it uses two tiers or radial cyclones. These spin captured air in a circular pattern until the dust is caught in filters.

The Fluffy doesn’t include the post-motor filter that’s found on the V6 Absolute. This is the main reason why the Fluffy is lighter than the more expensive Absolute, but marginally reduces the filtration. This should only be an issue for people with severe allergies though.

The vacuum’s hygienic emptying system is certainly an improvement on most bagless vacuums. But it won’t stop fine dust escaping into the air. For this reason, we always recommend emptying it outside if possible. If you suffer from severe dust allergies, a bagged vacuum might be a better option.


Dyson V6 Fluffy Emptying System
The Fluffy has a hygienic emptying system so you don’t need to get your hands dirty.

With a price tag of over £250 (at the time of writing), the V6 Fluffy is one of the most expensive cordless vacuums on the market. It’s still significantly cheaper than the V6 Absolute and V8 Absolute though, yet provides excellent performance on any floor type.


In fact, it’s one of the most powerful and versatile vacuums we’ve seen. We also love the innovative soft floor head. For these reasons, we think it provides great value for money. There’s no doubt that the V6 Fluffy price will put some people off though.

Other Features

  • It includes Dyson’s “hygienic emptying” system. This allows you to release dirt with a single button press.
  • The bin can also be removed for more thorough cleaning.
  • The brush bars can be quickly removed for easy cleaning.
  • Tools can be stored on the docking station.
  • The docking station can be wall mounted.


The vacuum has a range of options and tools, so it’s great for cleaning almost anywhere in the home. All the tools clip onto the machine with a clear “click” and are easy to remove when you’re done.

If you own a dog or cat, the Fluffy comes with miniature motorised pet hair tool. This is great for getting rid of hair from sofas and other fabric. It’s also a useful alternative to the floor heads when vacuuming stairs.

Aside from the docking station and pet hair tool, the vacuum comes with crevice and combination (upholstery and dusting brush) tools. While these are standard tools for vacuums, we like how the crevice tool has a suction vent. We would prefer separate tools to the combination tool, but it’s still a useful accessory.

The combination of floor heads, handheld mode, accessories and suction power settings make the V6 Fluffy one of the most versatile vacuums we’ve reviewed so far. It’s also a great option for cars – especially as you don’t need to worry about a power cord. It doesn’t included Dyson’s more interesting tools, such as the “Up Top” tool or flexi-crevice though. For those, check out the V6 Flexi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few of the most common questions about the Dyson V6 Fluffy. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments section.

Should I Buy the V6 Fluffy vs Absolute?

Both are excellent vacuums and they are very similar in most ways. As the Absolute comes with a direct-drive cleaner head, we think it’s the best option if your house is mainly carpet. The Fluffy can handle carpets too though and is considerably cheaper.

The Fluffy and Absolute both excel at hard floors, as they both include the soft floor head. So if your home has mainly wood, tiles or laminate flooring the Fluffy is the better value option.

Can I swap the battery?

Unfortunately not. The V6 Fluffy comes with a single lithium-ion battery that can’t be easily replaced. This means you can’t buy a second battery and swap it to increase run-time.

Dyson V6 Fluffy Vs. Animal – What’s the Difference?

The V6 Animal doesn’t come with the Fluffy cleaner head for hard floors. Instead, it just includes the motorised floor tool. A miniature pet hair attachment is also included – although this also comes with the Fluffy. While the Animal is cheaper than the Fluffy, the lack of the soft cleaner makes it far less suited to homes with hard floors.


The Dyson V6 Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner is an outstanding machine. It has the power to rival corded vacuums, a range of useful tools and two excellent floor heads. It’s also cheaper than the V6 Absolute and Total Clean, yet provides close to the same performance. If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum but can’t afford the V8 range, the Dyson V6 Fluffy is one of our top recommendations.

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3 thoughts on “Dyson V6 Fluffy Review – The Best Cordless for Hard Floors?”

  1. Avatar

    Hi James, I’m in the process of buying a vacuum cleaner. I currently have a Miele cylinder which doesn’t work too well on hard floors. Our new house has a mix of wooden floors, tiles and laminate and will in time have some carpeting/rugs. I’ve been looking at GTECH and wondered whether you have reviewed this vacuum cleaner. I have arthritis in both hands and would be concerned about holding down the button on the Dyson for more than 1 minute. What would you suggest?

  2. Avatar

    James, for anyone who wants a user’s view this might be helpful.

    My partner was awarded some shopping vouchers from work last year and although we would not normally spend £300 on a vacuum cleaner we decided to splash out on a V6 fluffy. 6 months or so down the line this is our experience:

    Pro – looks snazzy; lots of tools came with it (but see cons); convenient wall mounted holder/charger; good suction (when new); small and light in hand-held mode; very easy to grab for quick clean

    Con – loss of suction after a few months; lack of access to the cyclones and some of the filters for cleaning; the roller tools need regular cleaning – lots of dust and hair gets caught in all the little joints & corners; only one of the roller heads is usable – the others suck themselves onto the floor; short battery life (even without using the booster); small capacity dirt holder

    Conclusion – the whole bagless revolution is a marketing myth. You still have filters and moving parts which get clogged with dust and need regular cleaning out. Dyson specifically (based on this product) are overengineered – a triumph of form over function.

    For comparison, other vacuums I have which are better include an 800w Sebo upright (going strong after 30 yrs & still used for carpets) a 1300w Tesco compact (better suction – gets grit out of car mats) and a wet/dry bagless cylinder which is over 40yrs old and is used in the garage/garden for all sorts of stuff. Pay your money & take your choice!


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