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Bosch BGS5SIL2GB Power Silence 2 Vacuum Review

Written by James Hall |

Bosch BGS5SIL2GB Power Silence 2




Ease of Use


Cleaning Power







  • Very quiet vacuum (66dB)
  • HEPA 13 filter
  • 10 metre cleaning radius
  • A rated pick-up for hard floors


  • Relatively heavy
  • Bulky design
  • Carpet pick-up isn't great
  • Not good for pet hair

If you’re looking for a near-silent vacuum, the Bosch BGS5SIL2GB Power Silence 2 seems to be the perfect model. At just 66dB it’s one of the quietest models on the market at the moment, and it also comes with SensorBagless technology for consistent suction and a HEPA 13 filter.

But is the BGS5SIL2GB a high-quality all-round vacuum…or has Bosch sacrificed performance for a reduced noise level? And is it worth the money? Keep reading this Bosch BGS5SIL2GB Power Silence 2 review to find out!

Please Note: The Power Silence 2 also seems to be known as the Bosch GS-50 ProSilence 66. As far as we can tell, both models have the same features, so this is our review for both.

Overview of Features

  • One of the quietest vacuums on the market at just 66dB
  • SensorBagless technology to maintain airflow as canister fills
  • Stylish black design with 10 metre cleaning radius
  • Three litre capacity with easy to empty system
  • Improved power system to increase suction power while reducing energy usage
  • Rated A for hard floor cleaning performance; C for carpets
  • A class energy efficiency

In-Depth Look at the Vacuum

Appearance and Design

Let’s start with the build quality. As you would expect from a Bosch vacuum, the BGS5SIL2GB feels sturdy and well made. It has a convenient dial for selecting suction power, along with the excellent energy-saving motor (which we’ll get to later) and an eight metre rewind cable.

The body is supported by four wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre around your home. If you’re used to an upright vacuum, you’ll love how easy the Bosch is to move around the home. It also has a carry handle, although you’ll probably use the wheels whenever possible as it’s a relatively heavy model at 6.5kg.

It also comes with a large hose to transmit airflow from the motor as efficiently as possible. The thick design of the hose makes it easy to suck up large objects, unlike smaller alternatives. The hose, combine with the eight metre cord, provides a total cleaning radius of around 10 metres. Additionally, the three litre dust capacity should mean you can vacuum your home more than once before needing to empty it.

While the 10 metre cleaning radius is far from the worst we’ve seen, it would have been nice to get a slightly longer hose – especially as it’s relatively heavy and bulky compared with other cylinders (if you’re going to be storing it in a cupboard make sure you check the dimensions). Check out our other vacuum reviews for examples of thinner and lighter vacs.

The model comes with a “SilentClean Premium” floor tool. This is built specifically for hard floors, and is a big reason why the model achieved such a high rating in this category. It excels on floors with crevices, so if you have a tiled floor the BGS5SIL2GB could be a great choice, and is also designed to gently clean without damaging delicate floors.

In addition to the SilentClean Premium tool, Bosch has included a smaller floor tool for carpets and two additional hard floor tools. One of the hard floor tools has silicon blades at the front and back, which improves pickup on tiles. The other has nylon bristles.

Suction Power and Performance

The Bosch BGS5SIL2GB Power Silence 2 is powered by a 700W motor, which at first glance seems to be relatively weak. Suction power isn’t all about motor strength though, and the model performs excellently on hard floors (it has received an A pick-up rating in this category) due to the Quattro Power System. This is Bosch’s proprietary technology for increasing cleaning performance while reducing energy usage (which is great for your bank balance).

Carpet pick-up isn’t quite as efficient though, with the model receiving a C rating in this category. This isn’t terrible performance, and the BGS5SIL2GB is capable of tackling most cleaning jobs on carpets. It’s also powerful enough to lift vinyl flooring, which could be a problem if you have a lot of this type of floor in your home.

One thing to note is that the BGS5SIL2GB is not a vacuum designed to cope with pet hair. While it can certainly remove some hair, it struggles with the more difficult jobs. If you own a cat or dog that shed a lot, we recommend getting a pet vacuum cleaner (you can view our pet vacuum reviews by clicking here).

Despite these drawbacks, the suction power is impressive when you consider how quiet the vacuum is. This brings us nicely to…

Noise Level

The model is called Power Silence 2, so you would expect it to be quiet! And the good news is that it lives up to its name. With a noise output of just 66dB at its lowest, this is a very quiet vacuum cleaner.

Remember, the decibel scale is logarithmic, which means a vacuum with a 10dB higher noise level has a ten times higher power ratio. This makes the model considerably quieter than others. For comparison, the excellent Miele C3 Cat and Dog has a noise output of 75dB, while the Dyson DC41 MK2 has an output of 86dB.

So how does the model achieve such a low noise output? There are a combination of factors, but the most important are the impressive insulation, optimisation of air flow through the vacuum and motor suspension.

The great thing about such a quiet vacuum is you can use it at almost any time of the day without worrying about waking the neighbours or your children. A low noise output can also be useful if you own a cat or dog that finds loud noises frightening. In fact, you could probably have a conversation while vacuuming, which simply isn’t the case for most models.
To hear just how quiet the vacuum is, check out the video below:

Ease of Use

  • The model is a bagless vacuum designed to be easy to empty. The dust bin can be quickly detached, and the lid is removed using a red button on the handle. Keep in mind that this form of emptying system is convenient but not as hygienic as bagged models with self-sealing bags.
  • Each of the four wheels is coated with rubber to protect floors.
  • As the BGS5SIL2GB is a bagless vacuum, you don’t need to worry about buying replacement bags.
  • Suction can be varied using the dial (which also functions as the on/off button)


One of the great things about the Bosch BGS5SIL2GB is that it comes with a HEPA13 filter. HEPA filters removed microscopic particles from the air much more efficiently than others types, resulting in less allergens such as dust and bacteria leaking back into the air. If you have an allergy, a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner can relieve symptoms compared with other models.

Additionally, the HEPA filter included with the model is washable, so you don’t need to buy a replacement when it starts to clog. The filter uses a “RotationClean” system, so you don’t have to touch the dusty filter when cleaning. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the filter though.


The Bosch BGS5SIL2GB Power Silence 2 cylinder vacuum has an RRP of £280, which we think is relatively high considering its performance on carpets. The good news is that it’s often available for considerably less than this.

If you can find the model for less than £200, and have decided a low noise output is one of the most important factors when choosing, then we think the BGS5SIL2GB provides excellent value for money.


Aside from the floor heads, the model comes with an upholstery tool and a hard floor crevice nozzle that can be attached to the hose. On-board storage is provided for both tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BGS5SIL2GB really quiet enough for a cat to sleep next to it like in the promotional video?

Probably not! Most cats and dogs will still notice when you turn it on (it isn’t completely silent). The drastically reduced noise level certainly makes it easier for pets to get used to though.


The Bosch BGS5SIL2GB Power Silence 2 vacuum cleaner is one of the quietest models on the market. If you live in a flat, like to clean at night or just hate loud noise, it’s an option you should consider.

The model isn’t just about noise though. It’s a solid all-round vacuum with high build quality, excellent hard-floor pick-up and a useful set of accessories. On its own, these features make it a vacuum to consider for everyday cleaning. But, when combined with the extremely quiet 66dB noise output, the vacuum is easy for us to recommend. If you can find it for less than £200, we think it provides great value. Click here to view the vacuum’s price.

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