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Miele C1 Compact Vs Miele C2 Compact – Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Written by James Hall |

Not sure whether to buy the Miele C1 Compact or Miele C2 Compact? Here’s our in-depth comparison of these two excellent cylinder vacuums.

The Miele C1 Compact and Miele C2 Compact are both popular cylinder vacuum cleaners, which makes it tricky to know which one is right for you.

When the C1 Compact already does such a great job, what can the C2 Compact do better? Can it justify the extra price? And, most importantly, which of these Miele vacuums should you choose?

In this article, we’ll compare the base models of the C1 Compact and C2 Compact vacuum cleaners.

The Quick Pick...

 Miele C1 Compact

Winner: Miele C1 Compact

Both the Miele C1 Compact and Miele C2 Compact are powerful vacuums, but we think the C1 offers the best value for small homes. It has impressive suction and a range of attachments, while still being lightweight. The 5.5m power cord does limit its use to smaller homes or apartments though. Click here to view the C1 Compact’s price.

If you have a medium-size home, or don’t mind stretching your budget a little further, then the C2 is a great alternative. While it looks almost identical to the C1, it has a longer 7.5m power cord and a better stretch hose, giving it a wider cleaning radius. Click here to view the C2 Compact’s price.

A Quick Comparison of the Miele C1 Compact and Miele C2 Compact

Comparison of the Miele C1 Compact Powerline and Miele C2 Compact Powerline

The Miele C1 and C2 Compact have many similarities in design and features.

They’re both cylinder vacuums designed for small homes or apartments. Unlike “Complete” Miele vacuums, the Compact models only have external clips for the three tools, rather than internal storage.

Both models also have the same bagged 3.5 litre capacity, telescopic wand, rotary dials, and suction power settings.

There are a few key differences though. The C1 is smaller and lighter, but has a shorter power cord. The C2 is heavier, but has a longer power cord and longer reach from the stretch hose. It also has an upgraded filter.

So, let’s compare the C2 Compact and C1 Compact in more detail to help you make the right choice for your home.

Note: Miele Compact models are designed for apartments and smaller homes. For bigger homes, the Miele Complete range is the better option, such as the Miele Complete C3 Pure Red.


The Miele C1 Compact only comes in a base version, but there’s another model available in the C2 range – the C2 Compact Cat & Dog. While we’re not using this for our comparison, it does have a couple of upgrades that might make it more suited to your needs.

The Miele C2 Compact Cat & Dog has the same core body and accessories, but it uses a different filter and includes an additional floorhead.

The Active AirClean filter helps to neutralise pet odours, and the turbo brush floorhead is better for pet hair. It has a rotating brush bar powered by airflow, so it agitates fibres and pulls dirt out for deeper cleaning.

Of course, it has a higher price to reflect these perks, but it’s worth knowing the differences between Miele models.

Want to learn more about other Miele vacuums? We’ve also compared the popular Miele Complete C2 and Complete C3 models and C1 and C3 models.

Design and Weight

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Miele C1 and C2 Compact were the same vacuum at first glance.

They both have Miele’s classic cylinder shape, with a mix of foot pedals and rotary dials. The pedals switch the cleaner on/off and operate the cord rewind, while the rotary dials vary the suction power.

Both vacuum cleaners also have a 3.5 litre dirt capacity and self-sealing bags. While bags aren’t everyone’s favourite system, they are a more hygienic emptying method than a bagless canister.

Then we come to the differences. The C1 is a lightweight 4.3kg, making it easier to carry around. Meanwhile, the C2 weighs in at a heavier 6.5kg, which is a big difference when they look so similar from the outside.

The cord length is also an important contrast. The C1 offers a minuscule 5.5m cable, which is one of the shortest we’ve reviewed and means it’s not suited to large rooms or big houses. The C2 has a 7.5m cord, which is better, but still on the short side of average.

The hose length is also different. The C2 hose is 2m, but it stretches to 10m for increased reach. The C1 Compact’s hose is 3.5m, so there’s more to store, but it only stretches to 9m for a smaller overall cleaning radius. A bigger radius is better, as it’s quicker to cover more ground without having to stop and change plugs all the time.

Winner of the “Design” Category: It Depends

They both look similar and have the same control system, but the Miele C1 Compact is lighter. The Miele C2 Compact has a longer cord and stretch hose, however, so it depends which is your preference.

Cleaning Performance and Suction Power

Both the C1 and C2 Compact offer brilliant cleaning and powerful suction from the same 890W motor. They also both have the same three non-motorised attachments (more on these later) and a rotary dial to move between the six different power settings.

The suction settings range from low power for delicate surfaces, like curtains, all the way to maximum power for hard floors and carpets. While it’s great to have strong suction available, the high airflow can make the floorhead of both the C1 and C2 difficult to move on carpets.

The main difference in cleaning performance is the wider cleaning radius of the Miele C2. We can’t emphasise enough how much easier it is to clean when you don’t have to stop to change plugs all the time. Still, if you have a small home, then the lighter C1 may be more convenient.

Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning performance is similar for both of these canister vacuum cleaners, as they have the same Allteq floorhead, accessories, and castors for manoeuvrability.

They’re both fantastic on hard floors and carpets (including high pile carpets,) and make quick work of hair, fine dust, and other smaller particles. The Compact models are also powerful enough to suck dirt from between floorboards, while still providing plenty of suction on lower power settings (which is vital for making the vacuum easier to move around on carpets.)

A downside is that the Allteq floorhead sometimes pushes around larger debris rather than sucking it up. When this happens, you’ll need to lift the floorhead to place the debris into the airflow. This is an issue with both the Miele C1 Compact and Miele C2 Compact though.

Again, it all comes back to the cleaning radius. The C1’s cable is so short that you’ll need to change the plug socket much more frequently. In contrast, the heavier design of the C2 isn’t as much of an issue when cleaning floors, as the vacuum is on wheels.

Above-Floor Cleaning

The mixture of settings and attachments makes both Miele vacuum cleaners suited to various tasks around the home. We also like how the compact body fits onto stairs for easier cleaning, which is a bonus of both models.

As you can fit the attachments onto the hose, the C2 can reach more places than the C1 with its extended stretch. So, it helps you clean higher areas and hard-to-reach corners, as well as being great for upholstery.

You can still use the C1 for similar jobs, but you may have to lift the body of the vac up for getting cobwebs off the ceiling, as the hose doesn’t stretch as far.

Pet Hair

Neither the Miele C1 Compact nor C2 Compact has a turbo tool of any sort, which is disappointing for homes with pet hair. A turbo brush helps with deeper cleaning, due to agitation caused by the rotating brush bar.

That said, they both tackle pet hair surprisingly well, thanks to the strong suction. And the upholstery tool has air inlet grooves and fabric strips to pick up pet hair from sofas and pet beds.

It’s effective, but still not as good as a motorised tool, which we’d recommend for pet owners.

 Winner of the “Cleaning Performance” Category: Miele C2 Compact

The C2 pips the C1 in this category due to the extra reach. The suction power is equally impressive on both, though.


This is an area where the Miele C1 and C2 Compact differ. The C1 uses an AirClean filter, while the C2 has an upgraded AirClean Plus version.

According to Miele, the AirClean+ filter leaves air cleaner than it was before you vacuumed, and only needs replacing once a year. The standard AirClean filter is still a great option, but it isn’t quite as effective and needs replacing more frequently (approximately once per pack of dust bags.)

With that said, both models have added filtration from the dust bags. The self-sealing bag design also makes the vacuums more hygienic when emptying, as dust can’t escape.

Note: Neither vacuum has a HEPA filter, which is the best option for allergy sufferers. You can purchase a Miele HEPA filter separately though.

 Winner of the “Filtration” Category: Miele C2 Compact

The AirClean Plus is a more effective filter and requires less maintenance. We’d recommend this over the standard AirClean filter, particularly for allergy sufferers.

Tools and Accessories

The Allteq floorhead and accessories are the same for the Miele C1 Compact and Miele C2 Compact. While the floorhead is relatively simple, it’s well-designed and has retractable brushes to make it suitable for carpets and hard floors.

Then there’s a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool included with both models. You get a stainless steel extender tube, too. But unlike the Complete series, the tools attach onto the outside of the vacuum via the included varioclip, rather than tucking away into a tidy compartment.

There isn’t a motorised pet tool or floorhead included with either Miele model, which is a shame.

Winner of the “Tools and Accessories” Category: Draw

You get the same range of tools and accessories with the Miele C1 and C2 Compact, so it’s level-pegging here.


The Miele C1 Compact is a bit cheaper than the C2 Compact. When they’re so similar in design, is it worth paying extra for the C2 Compact?

If you want a longer power cord and extra reach for a wider cleaning radius, then the C2 is worth the extra money.

But if you want a vacuum that’s compact and lightweight for a small home or apartment, then the C1 offers the best value for money – and it’s one of our favourite vacuums under £200. It generates the same cleaning performance and includes the same accessories for a lower price.

Winner of the “Value for Money” Category: Miele C1 Compact

If you can overlook the short power cord, then the Miele C1 Compact offers better value. It provides impressive power and cleaning performance, while being lighter than the C2 Compact.

Specification Comparison

Ninja Column 1Vacuum 1Vacuum 2
Miele C1 Compact PowerlineMiele C2 Compact Powerline
Price Range£££££
Power (W)900900
Cord Length (m)5.57.5
Weight (kg)4.36.5
Capacity (Litres)3.53.5
Motorised ToolNoNo
Hose Length (m)910

Summary and Key Differences

Here are the main features of the Miele C1 Compact and Miele C2 Compact vacuum cleaners at a glance:

  • Suction Power: Both models use the same 890w motor for impressive power. You can change between six settings on the C1 and C2.
  • Floorhead: The C1 and C2 both use the Allteq combination floorhead and have the same attachments. There isn’t a motorised element with either model. If you want a turbo floorhead, then consider the Miele C2 Compact Cat & Dog instead.
  • Filtration: The C2 has a more effective AirClean Plus filter compared to the standard AirClean version you get with the C1.
  • Weight: The C1 is lighter at 4.3kg, compared with 6.5kg for the C2.
  • Reach:  The C2 has a longer reach than the C1. The actual hose length is shorter and easier to store, but it stretches further and has a longer power cord. The C1 has a very short 5.5m cord.
  • Ease of Use: They both have castors and foot pedals with accessories stored on an external clip, making the C1 and C2 equally easy to use.
  • Price: The C1 is the cheaper option, but there’s not a huge difference between them.

Which Should You Buy?

There isn’t a clear-cut winner when it comes to the Miele C1 Compact and Miele C2 Compact models. It comes down to what you’re looking for in a vacuum cleaner.

The Miele C1 Compact is a great choice if you have a small house or apartment and want a compact vacuum.

It’s lightweight to carry around, while also being easy to store. And the lower price tag means it offers exceptional value for money. But the power cord is very short, which is frustrating for larger rooms.

The Miele C2 Compact is better for a medium-sized home due to the longer cord and wider cleaning radius. It also has an enhanced filtration system. But it’s heavier than the C1 and is more expensive.

Overall, both of these Miele vacuums offer brilliant all-round cleaning performance for small to medium homes. The “best” choice comes down to your personal requirements.

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