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Zanussi ZAN7620EL ErgoEasy Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Review

Written by James Hall |

Zanussi ZAN7620EL Ergo Cylinder Vacuum




Ease of Use


Cleaning Power







  • Great suction power
  • Fast to empty and clean
  • Performs well on carpet
  • Variable suction setting


  • Loud vacuum
  • Short power cable
  • Can be a struggle to push on carpet

The Zanussi ZAN7620EL ErgoEasy bagless vacuum cleaner is a budget model with a powerful 1550W motor, several accessories and attractive design. But is it worth the money? Let’s find out in our Zanussi ZAN7620EL review.

Overview of Zanussi ZAN7620EL Features

  • The Zanussi ZAN7620EL is a bagless vacuum cleaner with a 2 litre capacity
  • It comes with several accessories including a crevice tool, extension tube and floor nozzle
  • The floor nozzle can be used on both hard floors and carpets
  • A variable suction setting allows you to reduce the strong suction when required
  • Zanussi claims the vacuum is suitable for people with allergies as it has a washable filter
  • It sneaks into our lightweight category at 4.9kg
  • A 4.5 metre cord and a total cleaning radius of 7.45 metres
  • The vacuum has a relatively compact size, allowing for easy storage

In-depth Look at the Zanussi ZAN7620EL Cylinder Vacuum

Appearance and Design

The Zanussi ZAN7620EL Ergo vacuum certainly isn’t a vacuum designed to blend into the background. With its bold white and yellow colour scheme and various features emblazoned around the body, this is a vacuum that wants to shout about its benefits.

On the front of the vacuum are two large buttons for cable rewinding and power. These can be foot-operated, making the ZAN7620EL convenient to switch on and off. The dial between the two buttons is for adjusting power – which is vital as the vacuum’s strong suction can cause it to stick to carpets.

Additionally, the dust canister is designed to be easy to empty. The Zanussi ZAN7620EL is a bagless cylinder model and comes with a quick-release emptying mechanism. This helps to reduce dust and dirt spread around the home when emptying, but doesn’t come close to a bagged vacuum in this regard.


Dust Capacity

With a two litre capacity, the Zanussi ZAN7620EL vacuum cleaner won’t need to be emptied as often as smaller models. The strong suction power, however, means that you’ll still need to empty and clean the bin on a regular basis.

Suction Power

One of the Zanussi ZAN7620EL’s strengths is its excellent suction power. It has enough “oomph” to really get into your carpets and remove as much dirt as possible, and the floor head is great for cleaning right up to skirting boards without needing to switch tools.

Of course, the downside to strong suction is that it can make cleaning on carpets tiring. The variable setting for suction power somewhat makes up for this.

While the Zanussi ZAN7620EL is great for cleaning carpets, it doesn’t fare so well on hard floors (despite its B rating). The issue isn’t suction power, of which it has plenty, but because the bristles can push larger particles in-front of the vacuum and then move them back, without actually picking them up. This means some jobs require several passes to get rid of all debris.

Another thing to note is that the vacuum’s floor head doesn’t have a rotating turbo brush. However, it makes up for this with strong suction power, meaning that it’s capable of removing most pet hair.

On a side note: this is not a quiet vacuum cleaner. While you can reduce the noise using the suction power setting, we don’t recommend this vacuum if you’re looking for a near-silent vacuum.

Ease of Use

One of the most useful features of the Zanussi ZAN7620EL vacuum is the multi-purpose floor head. This is suitable for both carpets and hard floors, as you can flick a switch to reduce the bristle height. The floor head can also pivot for extra manoeuvrability.

Other features include:

  • Filter is easy to remove wash
  • Relatively lightweight at just 4.9kg
  • Bagless to save money on bags


The Zanussi ZAN7620EL Ergo vacuum cleaner comes with a cylinder washable filter. There is a nylon protector between the filter and the bin, which helps reduce the amount of dust and dirt clogging the filter. You will, however, need to regularly unclip and wash the filter to keep it working effectively.

While Zanussi claims the vacuum is suitable for people with allergies, we always recommend a HEPA filter for families suffering from dust allergies. The Zanussi ZAN7620EL doesn’t come with a HEPA filter and is only rated E for filtration, so don’t expect top-of-the-range filtration from this vacuum.

As a bonus, however, the Zanussi ZAN7620EL comes with two filters. This is great when you’re waiting for a filter to dry but need to use the vacuum.


The Zanussi ZAN7620EL has an RRP of over £100, but you shouldn’t have to pay that. It’s nearly always available for less than £100, and sometimes as low as £80. At this price it’s hard to argue that the vacuum doesn’t provide good value for money, although there are other excellent vacuums in this price range.


The Zanussi ZAN7620EL comes with extension tubes for reaching difficult places, although these aren’t as long as we would have liked. They are also fiddlier to fit than other vacuums, which is a minor annoyance.

It also has an upholstery tool and a combination crevice/dusting brush tool. These are surprisingly small and not built to the same quality as other vacuum cleaners. So if you’re looking for high-quality accessories, the Zanussi ZAN7620EL probably isn’t the best option.

The good news is that the upholstery brush is adequate for getting rid of pet hair from sofas. And if you want extra suction, you can purchase a turbo tool for the Zanussi ZAN7620EL.

Zanussi ZAN7620EL Reviews

Buyer Zanussi ZAN7620EL vacuum cleaner reviews have been largely positive, with most reviewers giving the model a high rating. Here’s an overview of some of the positive comments:

  • Most reviewers mention that the Zanussi ZAN7620EL has strong suction power considering its budget price.
  • A reviewer writes that the vacuum is easy to empty and relatively lightweight.
  • Another praises the small and compact design of the Zanussi ZAN7620EL and writes that it has “great” power. He also likes how simple it is to switch suction level, although notes that it’s almost impossible to push on carpet when on the highest setting.
  • A reviewer writes that the vacuum is relatively lightweight and easy to carry up stairs.

And here are some negative comments:

  • One of the reviewers from above writes that the vacuum feels like it’s made from cheap materials, although this is to be expected from a budget model.
  • A common complaint is that the 4.5 metre power cord isn’t long enough for large rooms.
  • A reviewer complains that emptying the vacuum causes a cloud of dust to escape, which is common with budget cylinder bagless vacuums.

Zanussi ZAN7620EL Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Zanussi ZAN7620EL Bagless vacuum cleaner have a full indicator?

No, there is no indicator for when the dust canister needs to be emptied. However when you feel the suction starts to become weakened, or when you can see the cylinder is full, you know it’s time to empty it.


The Zanussi ZAN7620EL ErgoEasy Cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaner is a decent budget vacuum with strong suction power, good carpet pick-up and a relatively lightweight design. Unfortunately, it’s let down by its poor quality accessories and short power cord. If you need a cheap cylinder vacuum for a small flat or caravan, however, then it still might be worth considering. Click here for the vacuum’s price.

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