Henry Hoover Range: A Complete Guide to Numatic Vacuums

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The Henry is one of the most iconic vacuum cleaners - and his family has grown dramatically over the years. Here's our guide to the Henry Hoover range to help you choose the best model for your requirements.

There are a variety of Henry Hoover types.

With its instantly recognisable design and powerful suction, the Henry has become a popular cylinder vacuum in UK homes. Produced by Numatic, the Henry family has developed a reputation for strong suction and reliable operation, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial situations.

Over the years, Numatic has introduced a range of new models, such as the George, James and Hetty. These have similar designs but very different functions and strengths. While the new additions are welcome, it can be confusing to know which is the best Numatic vacuum.

For this reason, we've compared Henry models below before describing each in detail. So if you're not sure which model to buy - you've come to the right place!

Which Henry Should I Buy?

There are a range of Numatic vacuum cleaners on the market. Here's a comparison table of each model in the Henry Hoover family so you can quickly see the major differences, but for more information read our summaries below.

ImageNameTypeCapacityFiltrationPowerAdditional Features
Henry Hoover HVR200Cylinder9 litresTriTex + HepaFlo Bags620W
Henry Cordless HVB160Cordless9 litresTriTex + HepaFlo Bags250WCordless design
Hetty Hoover HET200Cylinder9 litresTriTex + HepaFlo Bags620W
Hetty Compact HET160Cylinder6 litresTriTex + HepaFlo Bags620WCompact design
James JVP180Cylinder8 litresHepaFlo620W
Harry Hoover HHR200Cylinder9 litresActive Charcoal + HepaFlo bags620WPet hair floor and upholstery tool
Henry Xtra HVX200A2Cylinder9 litresTriTex + HepaFlo Bags620WAirobrush tool
George GVE370Wet & Dry15 litres dry or 9 litres wetTriTex + HepaFlo Bags1060WExtraction vacuum
George GVE370Wet & Dry15 litres dry or 9 litres wetTriTex + HepaFlo Bags1060W

Numatic Henry Hoover HVR200

Henry Hoover

The Henry is the model that started it all - although it's had a number of upgrades over the years. With its charming exterior and simple design, you could be forgiven for thinking it can't compete with more expensive models. As we found in our Henry Hoover review, however, this is far from the case.

The HVR200-11 uses 620W of power, making it one of the more energy efficient models on the market. The motor also provides excellent suction and is highly durable, while the large 9 litre capacity means you won't need to empty it often. Other features include TriTex filtration, HepaFlo bags and a cord-rewind system.

If you're looking for a straightforward cylinder vacuum that won't let you down, the Henry is a great choice. While it can be unwieldy to use on stairs and doesn't have many advanced features, it has excellent filtration, strong suction power and provides great value.

Numatic Henry Cordless HVB160

Henry Cordless

Cordless vacuums have become increasingly popular due to their convenient design, so it's no surprise that Numatic have a cordless version of the Henry. It has many of the same features as the corded version, but comes with two 36V batteries and a one-click battery swap system.

With a run-time of just 20 minutes on high power, the HVB160 probably isn't a great choice for cleaning large areas (although it increases to 30 minutes on low power). Even so, the lack of a cord means it's great for small cleaning jobs, and the two supplied battery packs means you can double the run-time without spending more money.

Aside from the cordless design, it has a 9 litre capacity (which is huge for a cordless), adjustable floor head and a HEPA filter. Like other Henry models, it comes with several tools, such as a crevice nozzle and dusting brush.​

If you want the no-nonsense design of a Henry vacuum combined with the convenience of cordless, the HVB160 is an option to consider. It's much more expensive than the corded Henry and doesn't have the longest run-time, but the dual batteries and large capacity mean it's much better suited to heavy cleaning than most cordless models.

Numatic Henry Compact HVR160

Henry Compact HVR160

One of the newest Henry Hoover vacuums is the HVR160. It has the same features as the regular Henry, just with a smaller 6 litre capacity and more compact design. Unfortunately, this model is currently not available in the UK, but we'll update this post if this changes.

Aside from a smaller drum capacity, the HVR160 is also lighter than the 200. It still has a 10 metre cable, TriTex filtration and energy efficient motor, but is easier to move around.

If you don't need a full-size Henry but want all the same features, the HVR160 would be a great choice - if only it were available in the UK. Hopefully this is something Numatic have planned for the future.

Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200

Hetty Hoover

With a 9 litre capacity, TriTex filtration system and HepaFlo bags, the Numatic Hetty HET200 has the same features as the Henry 200. Like its sibling, the Hetty (also sometimes known as the Henrietta) is a powerful vacuum that's designed for no-nonsense cleaning. But is there any real difference between the Hetty and Henry?

In short: no. The only differences are that the Hetty comes in a fetching pink colour scheme and has a set of eyelashes. Aside from that, the Henry and Hetty are exactly the same.

​So if you're looking for something that provides extra performance or features compared to the Henry, the Hetty isn't the right choice. But if you want all the power and convenience with a more feminine colour scheme, it's a great option.

Numatic Hetty Compact Hoover HET160

Hetty Compact HET160

If you're looking for a compact Henry Hoover and are disappointed the HVR160 isn't available in the UK - you're in luck (as long as you don't mind a pink vacuum!) The Hetty HET160 is the compact version of the Hetty and is currently available from a number of UK retailers.

Like the full-size Hetty, the 160 has on-board storage for tools, a cable rewind system and energy-saving motor. The only real differences are the smaller size and 6 litre capacity. This is still relatively large for a cylinder vacuum, but means you don't need as much storage space as you do for the regular Hetty or Henry.

The Hetty HET160 is an option to consider if you love the features of the Henry but want a smaller and more compact vacuum. While it's a shame that you can't buy compact versions of both Henry and Hetty, as the pink colour scheme might put some people off, the HET160 is an excellent vacuum cleaner and provides great value.

Numatic James Hoover JVP180

James Hoover

Numatic calls the James Hoover the "frugal" member of the Henry family, as it aims to provide a similar level of cleaning performance at a lower cost.

The James has many of the same features as the Henry. The eight litre dust capacity is one litre smaller, ​but it's still one of the largest cylinders on the domestic market. It also has an A-rating for energy efficiency, HepaFlo bags and a number of accessories.

There are some missing features though. The James doesn't have an automatic cable rewind system, you need to manually coil the cord at the top of the machine (see photo). It also doesn't have the TriTex filtration system, so it's not as suitable for people with allergies.

Even so, if you want a vacuum with many of the advantages of the Henry Hoover at a lower cost, the James is an excellent choice. It's powerful, comes with a range of accessories and has a large capacity, making it suitable for almost any cleaning job.

Numatic Harry Hoover HHR200

Numatic Harry Hoover

Another popular model in the Henry Hoover range is the Harry. While it has many of the same features, it's specifically designed for people with pets (hence the paw print).

Like the Henry, the Harry Hoover has a 9 litre dust capacity, HepaFlo bags and an A rating for energy efficiency. It also has Numatic's cord rewind system and uses HepaFlo bags.

There are some important differences though. Unlike the Henry, the Harry is built with a MicroFresh charcoal filter (click here for an overview of what a charcoal filter does). This reduces pet odours in the home while removing hair and dust particles from the air. It also has a powered brush that's more effective at removing pet hair on both upholstery and floors.​

If you own a dog, cat or other animal that sheds, the Harry Hoover is probably the best option in the Henry range. It has all the same features, including a large capacity and strong suction, but is better equipped to deal with pet hair and animal odours.

Numatic Henry Xtra HVX200A2

Henry Xtra Hoover

Numatic have continuously improved the Henry, and the Henry Xtra is one of the most recent developments. The HVX200 is a 580W vacuum that has all the features of the standard model - but with a few additions not found on the cheaper option.

The biggest difference is that the Xtra comes with two additional floor heads. The first is the Henry Hoover Airobrush, which is designed for removing more dirt and dust from carpets. A hard floor brush is also included. Aside from the new floor tools, the Xtra is also more energy efficient.

If you want the powerful suction of a Henry but don't think the standard model comes with enough accessories, the Henry Extra is a great alternative. It's more expensive, but the Airobrush floor head is great for cleaning carpets and removing pet hair.

Numatic Wet and Dry Vacuums

Numatic also produces several wet and dry vacuums. As the name suggests, these models are capable of sucking up liquid spills as well as dry debris, making them a great option for gardens or industrial cleaning.

Numatic George GVE370

Numatic George

The Numatic George GVE370 is a wet and dry vacuum that Numatic claims is a truly "all-in-one" machine. It can handle both dry and wet vacuuming, while also being suitable for unblocking sinks, vacuuming upholstery and drying floors after cleaning.

With a 1200W power rating, the George is considerably more powerful than other Numatic vacuums. For dry materials, it has a huge 15 litre capacity, while for wet cleaning this is reduced to 9 litres.

What makes the George such a great machine is that it's capable of performing a variety of tasks. Aside from dry vacuuming, it can act as an extraction vacuum to clean carpets and upholstery. The wet floor tool is also capable of scrubbing in addition to vacuuming fluids.

Switching between ​wet and dry cleaning is relatively straightforward. You just need to use the float valve instead of the dry filter. A range of accessories are also included with the George.

In short, the Numatic George is built for professional cleaning. It's powerful, highly versatile and is available for a very reasonable price. If you need a wet and dry vacuum and like the design of the Henry Hoover range, you can't go far wrong with the George.

Numatic Charles CVC370

Numatic Charles

Another of Numatic's wet vacuum cleaners is the Charles. It's less expensive than the George and doesn't come with quite as many accessories, but is still a powerful and versatile vacuum that's suitable for both domestic and professional cleaning.

​Like the George, the Charles is built with Numatic's Twinflo motor. The machine has a wet capacity of 9 litres and dry capacity of 15 litres, and comes with two floor heads. The first is a combination head for carpets. The second is a head for wet cleaning. In addition, three tools are included with the George.

If you need a wet and dry vacuum but aren't interested in the extra features of the George (such as the extraction vac capabilities), the Charles is an excellent choice. It's also cheaper than its sibling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Numatic HZ-type vacuums?

The HZ series is built for industries where dust could be hazardous to health. These models have a HEPA filter, additional pre-filter and use Hepaflo bags, allowing cleaners to vacuum and empty the machine safely.

For the average home, the HZ series isn't required as the standard HepaFlo bags + TriTex filtration is adequate for household dust and allergens. The HZ series is only necessary for industrial uses.​

Which is the Best Henry Hoover?

That's a difficult question, as the best Henry Hoover depends on your requirements. For everyday vacuuming, we still think the standard Henry is the best choice. It's powerful, has a huge capacity and is now much more energy efficient. The exception is if you have pets. In this case, the Harry is a great choice due to its active charcoal filter and pet tool.


The Henry Hoover range is one of the most popular in the UK - and for good reason. Numatic vacuum cleaners are powerful, reliable and often sold for very reasonable prices. If you need a vacuum you can trust, almost any of the Henry range can do a great job (although the best option depends on your personal requirements).

We hope this guide has made choosing the best Numatic vacuum easier! If you have any questions, please use the comments form below.​

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