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Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Written by James Hall |

Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum




Ease of Use


Suction Power







  • Powerful suction
  • Excellent value for money
  • Lightweight design


  • Reports of damage to vinyl flooring
  • Minimal features and accessories
  • Hose often comes loose when not in use

The Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed vacuum cleaner is a budget machine – so you wouldn’t expect advanced features. Even so, it’s been highly rated by buyers and provides strong performance considering the price. This is partly due to its multi-cyclonic technology that prevents suction power dropping as the canister fills up, but also its surprisingly powerful suction.

In this Zanussi ZAN2000A review, we’re going to go through the main features of the vacuum in detail, including suction power, dust capacity and accessories. By the end, you’ll have a much better idea of positives and negatives of this machine – and you’ll hopefully be able to make an informed decision about whether it’s the right model for you.

Overview of Zanussi ZAN2000A Features

  • Lightweight bagless upright vacuum with a total weight of 4.1kg.
  • 7 metre cord so you won’t have to change plug sockets as often.
  • Carpet height adjuster for optimum suction on any surface.
  • Relatively powerful multi-cyclonic motor that slows down filter clogging.
  • B rating for energy efficiency; B rating for carpet dust pick up.
  • Also suitable for cleaning hard floors.
  • Comes with two tools – a crevice nozzle and dusting brush.

In-Depth Look at the Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite Vacuum

As you can tell from the feature list above, the Zanussi ZAN2000A isn’t going to win any awards for innovative features. But what it does offer is lightweight, reliable performance for a fraction of the cost of other upright vacuum cleaners. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at how the ZAN2000A performs.

Appearance and Design

The Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite certainly doesn’t look like a budget model at first glance. With its attractive white and yellow colour scheme, it has the appearance of a more expensive model. It does feel a little flimsy when you pick it up – but this is to be expected from a lightweight model.

It has a 1.8 metre hose for cleaning above-floor surfaces. This hose is meant to fit snugly into the handle, but reviewers have noted that it often falls out. While this might sound like a minor problem, it can be annoying during a cleaning session.

Suction Power

Let’s get right to the most important performance metric: suction power. This is often where budget vacuums are most clearly inferior to more expensive models, such as the Vax U84-Al-Pe, but fortunately the Zanussi ZAN2000A provides excellent suction power.

Many buyers have mentioned that the suction power exceeds what they expected for the price. This power, combined with the lightweight design, is a big part of what makes the Zanussi ZAN2000A such a popular upright vacuum.

Dust Capacity

The canister holds up to 1.4 litres of dust and dirt. This is middle-of-the-road when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners – especially lightweight and budget models. While the capacity isn’t tiny, the powerful suction of the ZAN2000A means you’ll probably need to empty it after every 2-3 major cleaning sessions (depending on the size of your home).

Ease of Use

The Zanussi ZAN2000A Lite is designed for simplicity. It has an on/off switch, height adjuster and hose, along with a switch to alternate between floor and hose cleaning.

In addition, the Zanussi ZAN2000A has a relatively long 7 metre cord. While this is far from the longest cord on the market, it does mean you won’t have to constantly switch plug socket. The vacuum also has reasonably generous 1.8 metre hose for reaching those tricky dusty spots.

Aside from basic features, the lightweight construction makes it easy to carry the vacuum up and down stairs. It’s also a bagless vacuum, so you don’t need to worry about changing or buying bags.


There is no HEPA filter included with the Zanussi ZAN2000A upright vacuum cleaner – which is to be expected as it’s a budget model. It does, however, come with washable filters that are easy to remove. This means you can rinse the filters (make sure you let them dry) to remove clogging dust and dirt instead of buying new ones.


Price is where the Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed really shines. It has an RRP of £70, but can often be found for less than this – sometimes as low as £55. Even though it doesn’t come with many advanced features, we think it’s worth this price for the suction power alone, which rivals many of the best uprights on the market.


Two accessories are included with the vacuum – a crevice nozzle and a dusting brush. While these don’t match the motorised tools found on premium upright vacuums, they are useful for extending the versatility of the Zanussi ZAN2000A.

Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite Reviews

We’ve already mentioned that the Zanussi ZAN2000A has proven to be a popular model amongst buyers. Now we’re going to take a closer look at what reviewers like and don’t like about the vacuum. Let’s start with positive comments:

  • One reviewer admits that he took a “punt” on the Zanussi ZAN2000A as a replacement for his previous vacuum – and he hasn’t been disappointed. He especially likes the superb suction power when cleaning floors and the lightweight design.
  • Another writes that the Zanussi ZAN2000A matches the suction performance of expensive brands for a fraction of the price. She adds that she would “recommend it to everyone.”
  • A reviewer writes that he originally bought the vacuum as a temporary replacement for his Dyson, but liked it so much that he’ll probably continue to use it – despite the Dyson costing much more.

And now the negative comments:

  • The hose doesn’t seem to fit perfectly into the handle holder, which means it can flail around when not in use.
  • Reviewers mention that the suction power from the hose doesn’t come close to matching the power of the main body.
  • The lightweight design of the Zanussi ZAN2000A means it can easily fall over if you’re not careful.
  • Worryingly, a reviewer has posted that the suction is so strong that it actually damaged his vinyl flooring. So, while the Zanussi ZAN2000A is an excellent choice for carpets, we have to hold back on recommending it for vinyl floors until Zanussi provide a response to this.


If you’re looking for a cheap upright vacuum cleaner that has powerful suction and a lightweight design, you can’t go far wrong with the Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite. It’s a convenient, bagless vacuum that holds its own against more expensive models – at least in terms of suction. Be aware, however, that it doesn’t have many advanced features, and that there have been reports of it damaging vinyl flooring. Click here to view the vacuum’s price.

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4 thoughts on “Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review”

  1. Avatar

    Hi ~James, Angie here! I have this model Zanussi Air speed lite vacuum and everytime I switch it on it belches out a cloud of grey dust from the base area. I have stripped it down washed and dried the sponge filter but still it happens. Is there another filter hiding that I can’t locate?? I have been scouring all the you tube reviews but no one actually mentions the filter apart from washing it.

    • James Hall

      Hi Angie. Hmm that’s strange. I used to have the Zanussi as my home vacuum and the only time I had this issue was if the filter needed cleaning. Have you tried rinsing the dust canister? If that’s very dusty it might be causing it. Make sure you remove it fully and detach the filter then let it completely dry before turning it on again of course – don’t want any liquid getting near the electronics!

  2. Avatar

    I have the same problem Angie despite washing filters EC. It always belches out grey cloud of dust every time I empty it and switch it on! It also always has a layer of dust on the base of the drum near the on/off switch. Really frustrating as it has good suction etc and is light to use.

    • Avatar

      I have a similar problem with mine. Carying it by the handle seems to loosen the fittings so allowing the clouds of dust out when you turn it on. Who designs these things?? More seriously, even after thorough cleaning of the filter and other bits mine has stopped picking up or if it does then drops a load of dust where it was supposed to be cleaning. And where do I find a manual? I won’t be recommending this.


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