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Dewalt DCV582 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Written by James Hall |

Dewalt DCV582-GB




Ease of Use


Cleaning Power







  • Highly portable and easy to use
  • Decent suction for a compact model
  • Can run off battery or mains power
  • Blower function
  • Can be attached to power tools with an adapter


  • Not the most powerful wet and dry
  • Limited accessories and no brush
  • Battery needs to be bought separately
  • Battery doesn't charge when vacuum is connected to mains

The Dewalt DCV582-GB is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner designed for workshop or site use. It’s a versatile tool that’s compact enough to not get in the way – plus it can run off both battery and mains power.

It’s clear the vacuum is designed for quick clean-up jobs rather than large scale cleaning. The portable design and on-board storage mean that it’s easy to carry around, but the lack of a floor tool shows it’s not meant for large-scale cleaning.

How does it compare to other wet and dry vacs though? And does it provide value for money? Keep reading our Dewalt DCV582 review to find out.

Overview of Dewalt DCV582

  • Compact and rugged vacuum designed for on-site or workshop tasks
  • Can run off Dewalt battery packs when mains supply isn’t available
  • On-board storage for the cord, hose and accessories
  • HEPA filter for more effective filtration
  • Switch between dry or wet modes without changing filters
  • 2m hose, wide nozzle and crevice tool included
  • Blower function is a useful feature
  • Can be attached to power tools (all makes) but may require an additional adaptor

In-Depth Look at the Model’s Features

If you’re looking for a portable wet and dry vacuum that has the power to handle tough cleaning tasks, the DCV582-GB looks like a great option – at least on paper. It has a relatively compact design, yet still offers a decent capacity and the ability to handle fluids. The vacuum is also durable enough for on-site or workshop tasks.

The Dewalt Vacuum Range

Dewalt are a popular option for power tools, but are less well known for vacuums. The Dewalt vacuum range currently contains three models – the DC515N, DCV582 (reviewed in this article) and DCV517N. In terms of performance, the DCV582 is the most powerful, with a 300W input power compared to 180W for the other two models. It also has a considerably larger capacity and a blower function.

Additionally, the DCV582 is the only model that’s capable of running off either Dewalt’s 14.4V or 18V battery packs or mains supply. The ability to work from batteries when there isn’t mains power available provides a lot of versatility, making it perfect for site or workshop use.

Appearance and Design

The Dewalt DCV582 has the company’s classic black and yellow design. It looks like a bulky vacuum in pictures, but with a length of just 43cm and 4.5kg weight it’s a relatively lightweight and compact model.

As you would expect from a compact wet and dry vacuum, the DCV582 has a relatively small 32mm nozzle. It’s not as effective for large clean-up jobs as other wet and dry models, but is more convenient for smaller tasks. A wider nozzle attachment is included, but the vacuum clearly isn’t designed for cleaning large areas quickly (like a vacuum with a proper floor head).

The vacuum provides on-board storage for the cord, hose and other accessories. Tools and accessories are often the first things to get lost, so having on-board storage is vital – especially when used in a busy workshop or on-site.

The capacity of 7.5 litres isn’t the largest for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, but is big enough that you won’t need to continuously empty it. It’s also the reason why the vacuum is such a compact model. For comparison, the budget Draper on our list of wet and dry vacuums has a 10 litre capacity, while some models have up to 30 litres.

Switching between wet and dry modes is straightforward, as you don’t need to change filter. If you need to switch modes regularly this can save a lot of time – especially compared to some of the fiddly switching processes of other vacuums.

It has a two metre hose, which is enough for most tasks. This is slightly shorter than the Numatic Charles (2.4m) and Einhell TE-VC 1930 though.

Suction Power and Performance

In terms of raw suction power, the DCV582 isn’t the most powerful wet and dry, but it’s no slouch either. It’s more than capable of getting up sawdust from carpet fibres, for example, but can struggle with larger debris or stubborn dirt. The vacuum does a good job on liquids though.

The vacuum can be powered by either Dewalt battery packs or mains supply. This is one of our favourite features of the vacuum, as there are often times when mains supply isn’t available.

A downside is that you need to buy Dewalt XR battery packs (14.4V or 18V) to use the vacuum without mains power. If you own these already then this isn’t a problem, but otherwise they need to be bought separately (the vacuum doesn’t include one as standard).

If we were being picky, it would have been useful for the battery to charge while the vacuum was running on mains power. Instead, you need to charge the battery using an external charger.

Ease of Use Features

The Dewalt is designed to be a simple, no-frills wet and dry vacuum, so it doesn’t have many extra features. There are a few things worth mentioning though:

  • The blower feature is handy for quickly cleaning dust from tools.
  • The handle also acts as on-board storage for the cord.
  • It can be attached to power tools, although you may need an additional adaptor.
  • It has a switch and carry system that can be operated with one hand.

A minor downside is that you can’t remove the cord from the vacuum when using battery power. The on-board storage means it doesn’t get in the way, but this would have been a useful option in some situations.


The Dewalt DCV582 comes with a HEPA filter. This stands for “high efficiency particulate air,” and means the vacuum removes 99.97% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or higher.

A complaint about the filter is that it can become clogged relatively quickly, especially when vacuuming certain types of dust. This can temporarily reduce suction power.  Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to clean.


Considering the versatility of the vacuum, we think the £190 RRP is very reasonable for the DCV582.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to buy a Dewalt tool battery if you don’t already own one though – at least if you want to use it without mains power. This can add a significant amount to the total cost.

Accessories and Tools

One area the DCV582 is slightly let down is its set of tools and accessories.

The vacuum only comes with two accessories: a crevice tool and wide nozzle tool. A brush isn’t included, which would have been a useful addition. We also would have liked an extension tube – such as those that come with the Karcher WD3 P vac – although this may be too much to ask for a compact vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are batteries included?

No, batteries need to be bought separately. If you already own a Dewalt XR 14.4v or 18V battery, however, you should be able to use this.

Can the vacuum handle MDF dust?

Yes, but you’ll need to empty the vacuum more often otherwise the filter will get clogged quickly. This reduces suction power until the filter has been cleaned.

Is the vacuum able to handle large clean-up jobs?

In terms of suction power and capacity, the DCV582 can handle most tasks (although it’ll struggle with the toughest debris).

The problem is the size of the nozzle, which makes cleaning large areas time consuming compared to models with a proper floor tool.


If you work on a site or in a workshop with large amounts of dust, dirt and liquid to clean, the Dewalt DCV582 is probably too small and compact to be the best choice (we recommend the excellent Numatic Charles instead). The lack of a proper floor head also means it can’t clean large areas quickly.

For small cleanups, however, it’s a great option. It’s versatile and convenient to use – plus it’s one of the most portable wet and dry vacuums on the market. The option of using either battery or mains power is an added bonus. Click here to view its current price.

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