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Samsung Jet 90 Pet VS20R9042S2 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Written by James Hall |

Samsung Jet 90 Pet review

Our Verdict: The Samsung Jet 90 Pet is a high-quality cordless vacuum that’s a genuine rival to the Dyson V11. It’s great for cleaning almost any type of floor, comes with a pet tool, and is easy to use around the home. Our main complaints are that the bin emptying system could be improved and that the charging station is quite bulky, but these are minor downsides to an otherwise excellent vacuum.

Samsung Jet 90 Pet



Ease of Use


Cleaning Performance






Overall Rating



  • Excellent cleaning performance on all surfaces
  • Great set of tools, including pet tool and flexible adapter
  • Freestanding dock is a useful feature (although not perfect)
  • Efficient filtration due to the HEPA filter
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Fiddly bin design makes it less convenient to use than other cordless vacuums
  • Feels like a high-maintenance vacuum
  • No adaptive suction is a downside considering the cost
  • Pricey

Thinking of buying the Samsung Jet 90 Pet? Read our review of this powerful cordless vacuum to find out whether it’s the right choice for your home.

The Samsung Jet 90 Pet is a premium cordless stick vacuum that’s designed for pet owners. It certainly has a tempting feature list if you need a cordless vacuum for pet hair, with its strong suction, HEPA filter, LED screen, and motorised pet tool.

We think the Samsung Jet 90 Pet is an excellent vacuum cleaner. It’s manoeuvrable and easy to use, but most importantly does a great job at cleaning almost any type of floor. We also like that it comes with a HEPA filter and a high-quality pet tool.

These features mean the Jet 90 has a premium price tag though, putting it in direct competition with the Dyson V11 and Miele Triflex. How does the Samsung compare with other premium vacs? And is it worth the money? Keep reading our full Samsung Jet 90 Pet review to find out.

Overview of the Samsung Jet 90 Pet’s Features

  • Cordless stick vacuum with a handheld mode
  • 0.5 litre dust canister capacity
  • Up to 60 minutes run time on the lowest power mode (without a motorised tool)
  • 3.5 hour charge time with a removable battery
  • Telescopic wand for adjustable height
  • A lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner at 2.8kg
  • Self-standing charging function with no wall mount required
  • Digital LED display screen
  • Includes a motorised pet tool and non-motorised attachments

Quick Summary of Samsung Jet 90 Versions

Before we get to the review, it’s worth noting that there are two versions of the Samsung Jet 90 cordless vacuum available in the UK. These are:

  • The Samsung Jet 90 Pet
  • The Samsung Jet 90 Pro

The main difference is the attachments you get with the cordless vacuum. The Pro comes with the same accessories as the Pet model, but with an additional “Spinning Sweeper” attachment and disposable pads.

This attachment is used for mopping floors, which is a useful extra that isn’t included with many cordless vacuums. A downside is that there’s no suction when using this attachment, so you’ll need to vacuum separately.

In this review, we’ll be focusing on the Jet 90 Pet, but many of the points apply to the Jet 90 Pro.

Samsung Jet 90 Pet Vacuum Cleaner Appearance and Design

The Samsung Jet 90 Pet is a cordless vacuum that can convert into a handheld. It has a sleek design consisting of a grey and silver colour scheme constructed from heavy-duty plastic. We think the cleaner has a premium feel, as does the included self-standing charging dock.

Samsung has kept the weight down to 2.8kg, which makes it one of the lighter cordless models on the market. But the small 0.5 litre dust capacity isn’t anything to write home about. This is a similar capacity to the Miele Triflex and around 50% smaller than the Dyson V11, so be prepared for frequent emptying.

The main wand is a telescopic pipe that can be adjusted to suit your height. The four pre-set options give you 21cm flexibility, ranging from 93cm to 114 cm. When at the full extension it’s the same length as the Dyson V11, but it’s useful having shorter options available for more comfortable cleaning.

On the main power unit, there’s a digital LED display to show which mode you’re in and if there are any troubleshooting alerts. The screen also contains buttons for changing power modes, which are easy to reach when pushing the vac around.

Remaining battery life is shown on the battery itself rather than the LED display, so you can’t confuse the two. Unfortunately, this is only a simple indicator. Unlike the Dyson V11, it doesn’t show the real-time minutes and seconds of remaining battery power.

Note: Along with the three power modes, there’s also a wet mode. This is for the mop attachment which isn’t included with this Pet model. It can be bought separately, but it’s an expensive alternative to a standard household mop.

Manoeuvrability and Ease of Use

Ease of Use Rating: 3.8/5

One of the great things about the Samsung Jet 90 Pet stick vacuum is its versatility. We think this is a nifty vacuum cleaner that can reach almost anywhere in the home with ease.

The low profile floorhead means you can lay the vacuum almost flat to the floor for getting under furniture, and it swivels for cleaning tight spots. We like that the height of the telescopic pipe is easy to change using a push button, which can extend the reach for high-level cleaning.

You also get a pivoting attachment, which allows you to angle any tool to 90 degrees. It’s useful for getting into all those awkward places that many cordless vacuums struggle to reach.

There are some downsides though. The balance of the cleaner makes it feel heavy to use, so above-floor cleaning quickly becomes tiring. We think most people would struggle to hold it above head height for cleaning cobwebs or in between blinds. And there isn’t any automatic surface detection on the floorhead, as you’d find on a Dyson.

As for the attachments, you get plenty included but there’s no onboard storage. They do pop on and off easily though.


The Samsung Jet 90 Pet has an excellent five-layered HEPA filtration system. This captures 99.999% of microdust particles, including common allergens such as mould and pollen. It’s also designed to stop dust building up on the filters, which, in theory, should reduce the chance of clogging.

So, as far as bagless cleaners go, the Samsung Jet 90 Pet is a good choice for allergy sufferers.

However, the bagless design allows allergens to escape during the emptying process, so a bagged vacuum is probably the better choice if you have allergies. There aren’t many bagged cordless vacuums available, but the Halo Capsule is one option that we liked in our review.

Emptying and Cleaning

Samsung has opted for a bagless system with the Jet 90 Pet vacuum cleaner, with a clear plastic container and a “max” line showing when it’s full. As we’ve already mentioned, it only has a 0.5 litre capacity, which is relatively small and means the vacuum fills up quickly.

The “EZClean Dust Bin” has a click and twist emptying system that isn’t as easy as the name suggests. You’ll need to use both hands for this fiddly job, as there are quite a few twists and clicks required to get it off the cleaner, open it, and empty it.

Considering you’ll need to empty the vacuum regularly, we think it’s a shame that the system isn’t more convenient. It’s also easy to drop debris onto the floor, and, when the dust is in the bin, you’ll need to follow up with the dusting brush to wipe down the grill before putting it back together.

There are many components that can be removed for cleaning. While this makes it easier to keep the vacuum clean, we think the Samsung Jet 90 Pet feels like a high-maintenance vacuum in comparison with other options.

Tip: Samsung also sells a separate “Samsung Clean Station.” This reduces the chance of spills when emptying the vacuum, as you can click the dust canister directly onto the clean station. Dust and dirt is then emptied into the Clean Station’s bin. It’s an expensive addition though.

Samsung Jet 90 Pet Battery Life

The Samsung Jet 90 Pet comes with a removable 21.9V lithium-Ion battery. This provides decent cleaning run-time for a cordless vacuum cleaner, although there are some things to be aware of before buying.

While Samsung claims you can get up to 60 minutes from a single charge, this is when using a non-motorised attachment on the lowest suction setting.

In reality, with the floorhead on, you can expect around 40 minutes from using a mixture of low and medium power level, but only about 10 minutes on max suction. When you turn the vacuum on it will start up in medium power, which we think is a good combo for battery life and cleaning performance.

Samsung says it’ll take 3.5 hours to fully charge a battery, but it can be up to an hour less than this. This is quicker than many cordless vacuums, despite the relatively long run-time.

If you need more battery run-time, there’s the option of buying additional batteries – but they’re expensive. It’s great to have the option of an extra battery though, as some vacuums don’t allow you to remove the battery. The charging stand for the Jet 90 Pet can also charge two batteries at once, which is a handy feature.

Samsung Jet 90 Pet Tools and Accessories

Tools Rating: 4.5/5

You get a selection of motorised and non-motorised attachments with the Samsung Jet 90 Pet stick vacuum. They all connect with a satisfying click and improve the vacuum’s versatility.


The primary floorhead for the Samsung Jet 90 Pet is the 25cm Turbo Action Brush. We think this is an excellent brush head that does a great job on all surfaces. It also has stiff bristles for deep carpet cleaning, although there aren’t any side suction channels as you’ll find with other brands, like the Dyson V11.

The brush bar can be removed with a simple click system, so you don’t need to resort to scissors for untangling pet hair. Unfortunately, there aren’t any headlights on the floorhead. You generally expect to find these on premium cleaners, although the Dyson V11 doesn’t have lights either.

Another slight irritation is not being able to turn off the rotating brush bar. Brush bars often scatter debris on hard floors, which is why it’s useful to sometimes switch them off. You can buy a separate Soft Action Brush for hard floors, but this is sold separately and you’ll need to check the compatibility of your cleaner.

There’s a smaller motorised pet tool included, which has rubber fins instead of bristles. This is more hygienic for cleaning pet hair, but it doesn’t grip so well on carpets. The pet tool is great for removing hair from sofas and stairs though.

Other Tools and Accessories

Along with the floorhead attachments, you get a range of non-motorised accessories. There’s a combination tool (dusting brush/upholstery tool,) an extension crevice tool, the flexible pivot tool we mentioned earlier, and a Z Station self-standing charger stand.

While the combination and crevice tools are fairly standard, the flexible tool is a useful extra that isn’t included with most cordless vacuums.

The charging stand is also unusual. Unlike most mounts, which need to be fixed to a wall, the stand just needs to be placed near a plug. While this freestanding design makes the mount more convenient, the downside is that it’s heavy and relatively large. It also needs to be near a plug socket, so you probably won’t be able to use it inside a cupboard.

Another issue worth mentioning is that you’ll need to shorten the wand to its minimum length to fit in the charger. It’s not a huge hassle, but adds to the sense that the stand creates more issues than it resolves.

Note: Despite the wall mount being advertised as not needing to be drilled into a wall, Samsung still recommends using a screw at the top to stop it falling over. 

Samsung Jet 90 Pet Suction Power and Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance Rating: 4.5/5

The Samsung Jet 90 Pet’s 27 cyclones generate excellent suction power and allow for brilliant cleaning performance. It’s great on all surfaces and easy to use.

There are three power settings to help tackle a range of cleaning scenarios: minimum, medium, and max. Even in min mode, the Jet 90 Pet does a fair job of picking up larger debris. As you move up the power settings, it gets better at picking up finer particles, like flour.

We like the medium setting because it offers a good balance of battery life and cleaning power that’s good enough for most jobs around the home. But the max mode is perfect for stubborn dirt.

As with all cordless vacuum cleaners, there’s a compromise on battery life as you increase the power. The max mode will get rid of just about any dirt in your home, but the battery will only last around 10 minutes. We suggest you save it for really stubborn dirt, especially as the Samsung is very noisy in this setting (around 86dB which could be upsetting for pets).

There are a couple of niggles with the cleaning performance of the Jet 90 Pet. If you hold it on one area of carpet for too long, the vacuum will turn itself off and you’ll get an error message pop-up. Samsung also recommends keeping the cleaner on for 10 seconds after you finish vacuuming to stop debris from falling out, which only adds to the overall high-maintenance feeling of this cleaner.

These are minor issues and certainly not deal breakers, but are worth keeping in mind.


The stiff bristles on the Turbo Action Brush make the Jet 90 Pet excellent for cleaning carpets. It can get deep into fibres to pull out embedded dirt, making this an excellent cordless vacuum for both short and high-pile carpet. It’s also powerful enough to remove both fine dust and larger debris.

We found that the medium setting provides plenty of suction for most carpet cleaning. The Jet 90 Pet can sometimes struggle with finer particles in this mode, however, which is when you’ll need to switch to the highest suction setting.

Hard Floors

We thought the Jet 90 Pet might struggle with pick up on hard floors with the rotating brushbar, but it handles them with no real problems. The suction power is great for fine dust particles, while the floorhead is also capable of picking up larger debris without sending it scattering across the floor. In fact, we think it’s one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners for hard floors.

You might encounter the occasional clogging issue, but this is easy to resolve by upping the power setting. It would be nice to see the Soft Action Brush included as standard, but you can always buy this as an extra if you have lots of hard floors in your home.


Being able to convert the Samsung Jet 90 Pet into a handheld vacuum cleaner makes cleaning the stairs an easier task. It feels nicely balanced when used in this compact mode and it’s light to easily carry up and down the stairs.

You can use the Turbo Action Brush or the mini motorised pet tool, along with the other accessories. The pet attachment won’t fluff your carpets up, though, because it uses rubber fins in place of traditional bristles. The main floorhead is much better for fluffing carpets, but it’s quite wide for cleaning narrow stairs.

Pet Hair

In terms of suction, the Samsung Jet 90 Pet makes quick work of pet hair, even if it’s embedded into fabrics. The combination of the mini motorised pet tool and being able to convert to a handheld allows for cleaning on a range of surfaces like pet beds, sofas, and cars.

The rubber fins used on the pet tool mean it’s hygienic and easy to wipe down. The HEPA filter is also good for allergies as it will contain most of the dust particles rather than releasing them back out into the room.

Our only niggle around cleaning pet hair is the pivoting head on the pet attachment. When you pull the vacuum backward the pivot function can cause it to lift up, so it doesn’t always maintain contact with the surface you’re trying to clean.

Even so, we think the Samsung Jet 90 Pet is an excellent vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Samsung Jet 90 Pet Price and Value for Money

Value Rating: 3.5/5

There’s no denying the Samsung Jet 90 Pet is an expensive vacuum cleaner – even by cordless standards. You get a lot for your money though!

The suction power can rival many corded vacuums and beats nearly all cordless vacs. You’ll struggle to match the cleaning performance with a less expensive option, like the Dyson V8 Animal.

The Jet 90 Pet also comes with a range of cleaning attachments. While most of these are standard to most premium vacuums, the pivoting attachment is an innovative addition.

The vacuum itself is designed with some nifty features, such as the digital display screen and charging stand. However, if you want to buy the extra attachments (such as the cleaning station, soft brush, second battery, or mop attachment,) then it becomes very expensive.

In summary, the Samsung Jet 90 Pet is a premium vacuum cleaner with a price tag to match, but we think it’s a strong cordless vacuum that’s worth the investment for homes with pets.

Samsung Jet 90 Pet Specification Table

Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
Price Range£££££
Maximum Run-Time60 minutes
Capacity0.5 litres
Motorised Pet ToolYes

Comparison With Other Vacuums

Samsung Jet 90 Pet Vs Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

We’ve compared these two a lot during this review already, so let’s take a look at them side-by-side.

In terms of handling, they’re both similar weights, but the Dyson is a fraction heavier at 3kg compared with 2.8kg for the Samsung. You can choose between three power settings on both of them, although the Samsung does have adjustable height settings, too.

We think the  V11 offers superior cleaning power on carpets, and it has the added benefit of adaptive suction technology. Although the Jet 90 Pet is better at picking up debris from high-pile carpets.

For hard floors, the Samsung wins with the main floorhead, but the Dyson includes the Soft Roller for hard floors. It’s a bit of a hassle to swap the floorheads over, but it gives the Dyson more versatility. Finally, the emptying system on the Dyson is cleaner and easier than the Samsung.

Overall, the Dyson V11 has some better features and attachments. So when the prices are so similar, it edges it over the Samsung Jet 90 Pet for us.

Verdict and Summary of Our Samsung Jet 90 Pet Review

The Samsung Jet 90 Pet stick vac is a strong competitor to the Dyson V11 and one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. It offers excellent cleaning performance, while features like the telescopic wand, pet tool, handheld mode, and three suction settings make it a versatile choice.

It’s also brilliant on pretty much every type of floor. Whether you need to clean tiles, carpets, or hard floors, the Jet 90 Pet is up to the job.

There are some drawbacks to the Jet 90 Pet though. The bin emptying system is fiddlier than it should be, and it’s easy to cause a mess. In fact, the Jet 90 Pet is all round a higher maintenance vacuum than other options in this price range, which is our main complaint about it.

Another issue is that the charging station is quite bulky. While it’s great that the station doesn’t need to be drilled into a wall, it’s tricky to hide in a cupboard.

These things aside, it’s a great option if you don’t like the Dyson trigger system. If you want an alternative, you won’t be disappointed with the Samsung Jet 90 Pet.

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