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BISSELL 2635s Handheld Steam Cleaner Review

Written by James Hall |

Bissell 2635s Steam Shot review

Our Verdict: The Bissell Steam Shot 2635s is an excellent handheld steam cleaner. It comes with 11 accessories and tools, making it a versatile steamer that’s useful for cleaning many areas of the home. We also think it provides great value for money. Like all handheld steamers, it can’t match the cleaning power of full-size models, so it’s important to have realistic expectations.

Bissell 2635s Steam Shot



Ease of Use


Cleaning Performance






Overall Rating



  • 11 accessories make it a versatile steam cleaner
  • Good cleaning power-to-price ratio
  • Easy to use around the home


  • Not suitable for large floors
  • Not as powerful as more expensive models
  • Can feel awkward to use

The BISSELL 2635s handheld steam cleaner is the company’s first foray into the handheld cleaner market. It’s a compact model with a 4.8 metre power cord and 11 accessories.

We found it to be a decent handheld for cleaning around the home, especially considering the low price. It’s nowhere near as powerful as full-size steam cleaners, but it’s still useful for cleaning mould, windows, and light stains.

But can the model match the quality of competing steam cleaner brands? And is the 2635s worth the money? Let’s find out!

Overview of BISSELL 2635s Features

  • Lightweight handheld steam cleaner with excellent power considering its small size
  • 4.8-metre cable so you don’t need to switch plug sockets as often as many other options
  • Compact design that’s easy to hold
  • Works on almost any hard surface
  • 11 accessories, such as a fabric steamer and window squeegee, are included
  • The 360ml capacity water tank rivals that of larger upright models
  • Indicator light and “steam on demand” trigger

In-Depth Look at the BISSELL 2635s Handheld Steam Cleaner

At first glance, the BISSELL 2635s seems to be a model that’s easy to ignore – but that would be a mistake. While it doesn’t have many advanced features, it is sold for a low price and we think it provides excellent performance for the price. Let’s take a look at the features in more detail.

Appearance and Design

Let’s start with how it looks. The BISSELL 2635s Steam Shot has a basic red and white appearance that doesn’t have the futuristic style of more expensive models. Even so, we don’t think it’s an ugly machine, and the physical appearance is probably the least important factor when selecting a handheld steam cleaner.

With its compact body, easy-to-hold handle and accessory nozzle, the BISSELL 2635s is straightforward and enjoyable to clean with. We found it to be easy to use around the home, which is important for a tool that’s meant to make cleaning more convenient. However, at times it can feel awkward to use, which is probably a result of the budget design.

It’s a technically lightweight handheld cleaner, weighing just 2.3kg. This is fine for short cleaning tasks – and the water tends to run out quickly anyway – but we also don’t think it’s the most balanced handheld we’ve reviewed. For this reason, it can get a bit tiring to hold for long periods, which is surprising for such a small steamer.

The steam is activated by an “on demand” trigger. This allows for greater control over exactly when the steam will be released, but the downside is you need to keep your finger on the trigger. We think this is a worthwhile trade-off, but holding the trigger may be annoying for some people.

A hose is included with the BISSELL 2635s for getting into difficult areas. It’s 0.8 metres long, and is useful for tasks such as cleaning clothes and curtains. Accessories can be fitted to the end of the hose via the accessory nozzle, which is one of the reasons we’re big fans of this vacuum’s versatility.

We found that re-filling the cleaner is simple due to the pouring jug, and the 4.8 metre cable is long enough for most tasks. Overall, we think the BISSELL 2635s is well-designed and easy to use – which is important for a budget handheld steam cleaner.

Cleaning Power and Water Capacity

The BISSELL 2635s is a handheld steamer, so you wouldn’t expect it to match the power of more expensive models. Even so, we found the BISSELL is suitable for cleaning hard surfaces, hard floors and upholstery. It struggles with carpet, but may still be able to handle small spot-cleaning tasks.

Most importantly, the Bissell Steam Show is able to generate a decent amount of steam considering the small size. It takes around two minutes to heat up and the 2635s is able to maintain relatively consistent output.

In terms of specific cleaning tasks, the Bissell makes a noticeable difference when cleaning stains or stubborn spills on hard surfaces. We haven’t found this to be the case for all handheld steam cleaners, which is why we think the 2635s is one the best in its category.

We also found that the 2635s is a useful tool for cleaning mould in the bathroom or stains in the kitchen. It’s also a versatile tool that’s able to clean everything from limescale to mirrors and curtains, making it a handy option to have when cleaning your home.

It’s important to have realistic expectations though. The small size of the 2635s means it can’t match full-size steam cleaners for power or performance on the toughest jobs. If you’re expecting it to be able to tackle the toughest grime, stains, and limescale, then you’re probably going to be disappointed. It can also take a bit longer to clean stubborn patches of mould or grime than larger cleaners.

As we mentioned in the features overview, the 360ml water tank is relatively large for such a small model. The result is that you should be able to use the cleaner for longer periods than models with a smaller tank, although the steam time also depends on the amount of steam generated by the model.


Like many steam cleaners, the BISSELL 2635s comes with a number of accessories and attachments for different cleaning tasks. Aside from the detachable extension hose and extra-long cable, the model comes with:

  • Window squeegee for cleaning glass windows
  • Grout brush for getting between tiles
  • 3 piece detail brush kit for getting rid of stubborn dirt
  • Angle concentrator tool
  • Flat scraping tool for getting rid of gum or even removing wallpaper
  • Fabric steamer for removing creases from curtains or clothing

Tools can be attached via the accessory nozzle, or the accessory nozzle can be used alone for extended reach without the extension hose. A pouring jug is also included with the model.

Overall, we think that the accessories turn the 2635s from a solid steam cleaner into an excellent option. While the tools can feel a bit flimsy, they do the job and make the Bissell much more versatile. Our only complaint in this regard is that attaching the tools often feels fiddlier than it should.


With an RRP of £50, there are certainly cheaper handheld steam cleaners available. Don’t let that put you off though – the BISSELL 2635s is one of the best handheld steam cleaners and there are often deals available.

We also think it provides excellent value for money. The large number of accessories, generous water tank, and easy-to-use design make it difficult to beat in this price range.

Additionally, Bissell offers a one-year limited warranty on this device (make sure you read the warranty carefully before buying any steam cleaner or other home appliance).

Bissell 2635s Steam Shot Specification Table

Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
TypeHandheld Steam Cleaner
Price Range£
Weight (kg)2.3
Capacity (Litres)0.36
Power Cord (m)4.8


If you’re looking for a straightforward handheld steam cleaner that doesn’t cost much money, the BISSELL 2635s could be the perfect option. The 11 accessories make it a versatile machine, and it generates enough steam for small cleaning jobs.

We don’t think it’s the most convenient handheld steam cleaner though. While it’s not heavy, the unbalanced design can make it tiring to hold during longer cleaning sessions. Attaching the tools and holding the trigger also feel more difficult than necessary.

Of course, it’s also important to have realistic expectations. The BISSELL 2635s isn’t going to have the cleaning power of a full-size steam cleaner, especially considering it’s often available for less than £50.

But, for the price, there are few handheld steam cleaners that can match it for performance. If you need to clean mould from tile grout, wash windows, or remove small stains, then it’s a fantastic choice.

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