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Hoover Breeze Evo Pets TH31BO02 Upright Vacuum Review

Written by James Hall |

Hoover Breeze Evo Pets review

Our Verdict: The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets might not be the best vacuum on the market, but it’s hard to beat its cleaning performance for such an affordable price. It’s particularly useful for pet owners, due to the turbo tool and above-average pet hair performance. The downsides are that it’s bulky and lacks the quality feel of higher-priced vacuums. It also struggles with larger debris and thick carpets.

Hoover Breeze Evo Pets



Ease of Use


Cleaning Performance






Overall Rating



  • Solid performance for a low-budget vacuum
  • Turbo pet tool is great for pet hair
  • Easy to use
  • Large dust capacity
  • Great value for money


  • Two hose design is fiddly when changing tools
  • Hose often falls off when it’s not being used
  • Struggles with larger debris on carpets
  • Not a great filtration system

Considering buying the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets? Make sure you read our full review before you buy, to find out whether it’s the right choice for your household.

The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets is an affordable upright vacuum that’s designed for pet owners. A mini motorised pet tool is a welcome addition to this model, along with a large 3 litre dirt capacity and five-stage floor height selector.

We think this vacuum provides decent performance considering the low price. It’s not the easiest to use and the motor is a bit underpowered, but it still generates relatively strong suction. This suction power, combined with the pet tool, makes it a solid choice for pet owners looking for an affordable upright vacuum – as long as you have realistic expectations.

Can this budget cleaner really handle daily dirt and pet hair though? And is it worth forking out for the upgraded “Pet” version in comparison to the regular Breeze Evo? Read our in-depth Hoover Breeze Evo Pets review to find out.

Overview of the Hoover Breeze Evo Pet’s Features

  • Affordable bagless upright vacuum cleaner
  • Includes a mini motorised pet hair attachment
  • Range of non-motorised accessories with onboard storage
  • 3-litre dirt capacity
  • 7-metre power cable
  • 5-metre stretch hose that can cover a whole flight of stairs
  • Floor height selector with five different settings for the brush bar

Appearance and Design

The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets has similar features to the standard Hoover Breeze Evo, but comes with an extra mini motorised turbo brush. This accessory has rotating brushes to agitate fibres, making it useful for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and car interiors.

As the two Breeze Evo vacuums are almost identical in design, however, we’re not surprised they have similar issues. One of those is the crowded appearance, which is even worse on the Breeze Evo Pets due to the extra tool. While there is onboard storage, it’s often easier to just store the attachment elsewhere.

We also would like a longer cord. The 7-metre power cord of the Breeze Evo Pets isn’t the shortest we’ve seen, but you’ll need to change sockets in bigger rooms. With that said, a longer cord would make the Hoover even more annoying to store.

It’s not all bad news though. At 6.4kg, it’s a fairly average weight for an upright and is around the same as the 6.5kg of the Shark NZ801UKT. While it’s heavier than some models, the weight is well-balanced and it feels light to push around.

There’s also a generous 3 litre dirt capacity that comes in handy for longer cleaning sessions. The Shark AZ910UKT, which is another pet model, only has a 0.99 litre tank. And the more expensive Hoover H-Upright 500 Reach is still smaller at 1.5 litres.

Our main gripe with this vacuum is the quality, as the Breeze Evo Pets feels like a flimsy vacuum made with low-grade plastic. It’s certainly not the quality you’d expect from the Hoover brand, but this is the compromise for a lower cost.

Manoeuvrability and Ease of Use

The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets is simple to use, but it’s let down by the attachments getting in the way. The crowded onboard storage makes it easy to knock things off, and the long hose flaps around and falls off.

When in use, however, the Hoover feels light and easy to move around on different floor types. We also like the cord clip to keep the cable out of the way and prevent you from running over it.

The different height settings come in handy for using the vac on a mix of surfaces. You just turn the rotary dial to change the height of the brush roll to suit the floor type, making it simple to move from hard floors to thick carpets.

For above-floor cleaning, the long 4.5 metre hose extends the reach and makes it easier to access awkward areas. The hose is also great for stairs, as you probably won’t need to switch sockets half-way up.

Unfortunately, we don’t like the dual hose setup. The Hoover comes with both a short connector hose and longer cleaning hose, which is a fiddly system and makes using the tools hard work. Needing to disconnect the short hose and reattach the longer one is a lot of hassle if you just need to use the crevice tool for a quick job.


The standard washable filters on the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets are prone to clogging, which affects their performance. They need regular maintenance to keep them in working order.

They’re also not as effective as HEPA filters, although they are as efficient as can be expected for a vacuum in this price range. It’s certainly not the best vacuum for allergy sufferers though.

Emptying and Cleaning

Emptying the bagless dirt canister is a straightforward process on the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets.

The “MAX” line shows you when it’s full, although it’s easy to see this anyway as the canister is made from clear plastic. It’s worth noting that dust and dirt doesn’t always settle to the bottom, so you might not get the full 3 litres of capacity.

When it’s full, there’s one button to remove the canister from the vacuum, so you can hold it inside a bag to minimise how much dust escapes. Then there’s another button to open the flap and empty it.

It’s a basic system that we think works well – as long as clumps don’t get stuck. There isn’t an internal collar, as you get with the Dyson “point and shoot” system, which means you’ll have to pull out any clogs by hand. And, since this is a Pet model, clumps of fur are quite likely!

Cleaning the filters is a trickier task. The filters aren’t the easiest to access, and you need to untwist or remove various components before you can release them.

It’s recommended to clean the pre-motor filters after five bin empties, although it’s likely to be more frequent than this if you have pets. On top of this, the exhaust filters require monthly cleaning. Considering you’ll be cleaning them often, it’s a shame the system isn’t more convenient.

Tools and Accessories


The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets has a basic floorhead with a motorised brush bar for deeper cleaning. There aren’t any headlights or advanced features, but it does a decent job on most floor types.

Hoover has also included five height settings for the brush roll to suit different floors. On hard floors, for example, you can raise the brush to protect the surface and avoid sending debris scattering across the floor. These settings are adjusted using a simple rotary dial – there are no foot controls like on some pricier vacuums.

The belt to power the brush bar is a weak point we should mention. It’s prone to breaking or slipping off, which is a real inconvenience. And it’s not easy to access it for maintenance or cleaning, either.

Other Tools and Accessories

There’s a wide range of tools included with this Hoover. Along with the pet tool, there’s also Hoover’s longest crevice tool, a 2-in-1 dusting brush and furniture nozzle, and an extension tube.

This is a pretty standard range of non-motorised accessories, although it is nice to see a longer crevice tool than you find on a lot of modern vacs.

The mini motorised tool is one of the stand out features of this vacuum. Even if you don’t have pets, the compact size and rotating bristles are ideal for thorough cleaning all around the home. It’s a good width for using on stairs, and handy for areas like furniture and pet beds.

The main issue with the accessories is the onboard storage. It’s a crowded vacuum and the retaining clips aren’t strong enough to hold everything in place, so you leave a trail of discarded tools as you clean. You’ll probably find it easier to store the tools in a cupboard, although this means they won’t always be on hand.

Suction Power and Cleaning Performance

For a budget vac, we think the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets performs pretty well – as long as your expectations are realistic. It doesn’t have the same suction power as a premium cleaner, but it’s still decent for the price. Just expect to do a few extra sweeps to completely clean a floor.

The height selector is a useful feature, but it takes some experimentation to get right. This setting only affects the height of the brush roll, rather than power or speed, but it still changes the vacuum’s performance. If the brush roll is too high, for example, the cleaning performance suffers. Too low, and it’s hard to push around.

In our opinion, the main downfall to this Hoover is edge cleaning. The bulky floorhead isn’t quite capable of getting larger debris from the edges of skirting boards and furniture. It leaves a wall of mess, which then means you have to go through the hassle of swapping hoses and attachments over to clean the last bits.

This isn’t a quick or easy procedure, so it’s an inconvenience to move from floor to above-floor cleaning with tools. But, once you’ve changed the setup, the 4.5 metre hose does provide a generous reach to get tricky areas around your home. Just expect the suction to drop when using the long hose.


The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets is better at cleaning light dirt and dust than larger debris on carpets. You have to lift the vac off the floor and place it directly on top of bigger bits. Otherwise, the floorhead just pushes them around.

Even so, it fluffs up thick rugs nicely, while pulling out a lot of embedded dust. It’s surprising to see the dust canister filling up so quickly on what seems like a clean surface.

However, it does leave bits of fluff behind, especially on deep pile carpets. You need to nip round and handpick any final bits, which is a disappointment.

Hard Floors

Larger debris is less of an issue on hard floors for the Hoover. It sucks most of it up, rather than flicking it around, but it still pushes some bits out to the edges.

That said, it’s easy to move the Breeze Evo Pets around hard floors without it skipping or sticking. And the suction power is pretty good overall, once you find the right height for the brush bar. If it’s in the wrong place, the power feels weak and it picks up noticeably less dirt.


Stairs are a strong point for the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets, as the stretch hose is long enough to cover a whole flight in one go. Just make sure it’s at the bottom of the stairs, as the hose can topple the vacuum over if stretched too far.

The mini motorised tool is also excellent for cleaning stairs. As already mentioned, it allows for deeper cleaning on carpeted areas and is a handy size, especially for the corners. The angle of the handle also allows for good contact between the tool and the steps.

When you’re finished, the vacuum is light enough to carry upstairs to carry on cleaning the bedrooms. So, stair cleaning is a strong area for the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets.

Pet Hair

The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets is great for cleaning pet hair on the floor, as well as other surfaces. So, despite its limitations in other areas, it could be a good choice for pet owners who need a vacuum on a tight budget.

Its main floorhead manages to pick up pet hair on both carpets and hard floors. And, unlike the standard Breeze Evo, the pet tool is great for tackling above-floor areas.

The only real issue with pet hair is the filter. The Hoover struggles if you’re cleaning lots of long hair and it tends to clog the filters, which means they require frequent cleaning.

Price and Value for Money

As far as vacuum cleaners go, it’s not an expensive initial outlay to buy a Hoover Breeze Evo Pets. But does it provide value for money?

The addition of the pet turbo tool makes it a definite step up from the standard Breeze Evo. It’s only a small jump in price, but is much more versatile with this extra tool.

With that said, the performance isn’t outstanding, and the Hoover feels flimsy. Some design elements, like the hoses and onboard storage, could also do with improvement.

For a budget vacuum, it’s a worthwhile buy. But be prepared for regular maintenance to maintain its performance.


Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
FilterWashable (Standard)
Price Range£
Power (W)350
Cord Length (m)7
Weight (kg)6.4
Capacity (Litres)3
Motorised ToolYes
Hose Length (m)4.5

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Power of the Hoover Breeze Evo Pets?

The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets has a 350W motor. This is considerably less than most upright vacuums, which tend to have motors in the 700-900W range. However, it can still generate relatively strong suction power.

Are The Filters Washable?

Yes, the Hoover Breeze Evo has washable filters. These need to be cleaned frequently to maintain the vacuum’s performance.


The Hoover Breeze Evo Pets is a strong choice for pet owners looking for an affordable vacuum. Despite the lower price point, the performance is good enough to tackle pet hair and daily dirt. It also has a large three litre capacity and pet turbo tool.

There are some definite drawbacks though. The plastic feels cheap and low-grade, while the tools and hose often fall off. We also would have liked a longer power cord.

But as far as the basic task of Hoovering goes, the Breeze Evo Pets does a solid job – and you can’t argue with the price. The addition of the pet turbo tool definitely makes a more viable option than the standard Hoover Breeze Evo.

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