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Dust Mites: The Definitive Guide to Your Home’s Hidden Residents

Written by James Hall |

Just the thought of millions of dust mites living in your home can be enough to make you feel sick – even if they don’t bite. But for people with dust allergies or asthma, these otherwise harmless bugs can cause serious health issues.

Dust mites are thought to be the leading cause of perennial allergic rhinitis (year-round allergies to you and me). They can cause asthma attacks, coughing, itching, a runny nose, watery eyes and even depression in severe cases. That’s a lot of problems for a creature far smaller than a grain of sand!

If you have a dust mite allergy, it’s vital to know what you’re up against. What exactly are dust mites? Where do they live? And what are their weaknesses?

With that in mind, has created an in-depth infographic to answer some of the most common questions about dust mites. If you enjoy the graphic, please consider sharing it!

We’ve also included some practical tips for getting relief from a dust allergy. These tips are meant complement – not replace – treatment from a medical professional. If you think you suffer from allergies, make sure you visit your doctor to get a professional opinion.

Dust Mites: The Definitive Guide to Your Home's Hidden Residents

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