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Roidmi H10 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Written by James Hall |

Roidmi H10

Our Verdict: The Roidmi H10 is an interesting cordless vacuum. It’s designed specifically for hard floors, so it has poor carpet cleaning performance and is less versatile than most stick vacs. We were also disappointed by the lack of accessories. However, it could be a decent choice if you have mainly hard floors in your home.

Roidmi H10



Ease of Use


Cleaning Performance






Overall Rating



  • Great performance when cleaning hard floors
  • Relatively inexpensive for a cordless stick vacuum
  • Lightweight design


  • Floorhead is only designed for hard floors, so the H10 has very poor carpet cleaning performance
  • Only one accessory
  • Battery can’t be removed
  • Dirt can often get stuck in bin (and trap door sometimes opens unintentionally)

Thinking of buying the Roidmi H10 cordless vacuum? Here’s our full review of this vacuum, including who should consider buying it.

The Roidmi H10 is a cordless stick vacuum that’s designed for cleaning hard floors. With its lightweight 2.7kg design, noise-cancelling technology, and generous run time, it seems worth a look – at least on paper.

We think the Roidmi H10 could be a decent option if you have a small home with mostly hard floors. It provides strong performance on laminate, tile, and hardwood, plus it’s available for a very reasonable price. With that said, the lack of accessories and almost non-existent carpet cleaning performance mean we think most people should choose a different cordless vacuum.

How does the H10 stand up to other cordless stick vacs though? Keep reading our Roidmi H10 vacuum cleaner review to find out.

Overview of the Roidmi H10’s Features

  • Cordless stick vacuum cleaner
  • Soft roller floorhead for hard floors
  • Slimline and lightweight design at just 2.7kg
  • Bagless emptying system
  • 3 power settings to choose from
  • 0.65 litre capacity
  • Noise level of 72dB on the quietest setting
  • 2-year warranty on the cleaner and 5-year warranty on the motor

Roidmi H10 Appearance and Design

Roidmi has channelled space-age vibes with the white and light grey design of the H10. It looks sleek and modern, with a quality construction that doesn’t feel bulky.

Although the 0.65 litre container provides a fairly average dust bin capacity for a cordless vacuum, we wouldn’t complain about compromising the design for a larger bin. It still offers more than the 0.54 litres of the Dyson V8 Absolute, and is around the same as the Tineco Pure One S12. But it’s much smaller than the whopping 1.7 litres of the Dyson V11 Outsize.

The Roidmi follows similar design principles to most cordless stick vacs. The main body has a trigger power switch (although you can choose not to hold it down, unlike a Dyson), a switch for changing modes, and a power indicator light.

Like most stick vacs, you can remove the main wand to convert the vac into a handheld cleaner for smaller areas. This also makes storage easier if you’re tight on space.

At 2.7kg, it’s one of the lightest cordless vacs we’ve reviewed. The Dyson V8 and Halo Capsule are a fraction lighter, at 2.6kg. But the Miele Triflex range is much heavier at 3.6kg.

Roidmi claims the 10 cyclones and brushless motor design minimises friction and helps to cancel noise. It has a 72dB noise output in the lowest setting, which we think is certainly quiet for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Manoeuvrability and Ease of Use

Ease of Use Rating: 3.5/5

We found the even weight distribution of the lightweight Roidmi H10 makes it painless to move around. And the swivel floorhead is handy for getting into tight spots in a furnished home.

It glides across hard floors with ease and manages carpets without skipping across them. However, we found it can sink into thicker carpets and become tricky to push. Plus, the floorhead isn’t great at cleaning carpets, but more on that later.

Still, the control switches on the handle are comfortable to reach while using the vac. And it’s straightforward to remove the wand and floorhead with a simple push of a button. So far, so good.

Filtration System

The Roidmi H10 comes with two washable filters. These are straightforward to maintain, although Roidmi recommends replacing them every few months.

While the filters are effective at removing dust and most small particles from the exhaust air, we don’t think they are the best choice if you have allergies. A HEPA filter is the cream of the crop for efficient filtration, so we’d instead recommend this type for allergies.

Emptying and Cleaning

The H10 is simple to empty, but harder to clean.

The dust cup is emptied while still attached to the main body of the vac. The lack of dismantling makes it a quick process, but you’ll need to hold the whole vacuum over a bin and then press a button to release the dirt. It can be hard to get the right aim with this system, so it’s best to empty the H10 into an outdoor bin.

The Roidmi H10 also relies on gravity to empty it, so you may need to get your hands dirty to pull out any clumps left behind.

We think there are much better systems, such as the “Point and Shoot” feature on the Dyson V10 Cyclone. This has an internal collar that pushes dirt out of the canister, removing the need for handling it. Still, we probably wouldn’t expect a cordless vacuum in this price range to include this feature.

Maintaining the vacuum isn’t quite as simple. There’s a sequence of taking bits apart to clean the filters, and Roidmi supplies a small brush to help with this. It’s a fiddly job that will take some getting used to. And remember the order, so you can piece it back together!

Our other gripe after this cordless vacuum cleaner is how easy it is for the dust cup to pop open. It’s a messy and frustrating downside.

Roidmi H10 Battery Life

As far as cordless vacs go, we think the H10 has a decent run time, depending on the power mode.

There are three settings to choose from: Eco, Standard, and Boost. It automatically turns on in Eco mode, which is the best for battery life.

Roidmi claims you get up to 60 minutes run time from the 25.9V Lithium-Ion battery in eco mode, and it’s pretty accurate. Although you could get a bit less than this depending on the surface type. It dwindles to just under 30 minutes in standard and only 10 minutes in boost, so use that one sparingly.

Our main issue with the battery is that it’s not removable. This means you can’t swap batteries to increase run time. It also makes charging trickier, as you need to plug the whole vacuum in rather than just a small battery.

Other than that, the three-hour charge time is a bit less than standard. There are lights on top of the main unit to let you know how much power the cleaner has.

Roidmi H10 Tools and Accessories

Tools Rating: 1.5/5


The Roidmi H10 has a basic soft roller floorhead designed to tackle hard floors. The brush bar looks more like a paint roller than a classic brush with stiff bristles – so why have Roidmi chosen this design?

The lack of bristles makes it less effective for deep cleaning on carpets, as there’s nothing to agitate the fibres and pull dirt out. But we think it’s great for hard floors, as the soft roller design won’t scratch delicate floors or flick debris across the surface.

It’s also simple to remove the brush bar if you want to clean it. And the three wheels on the floorhead support the weight of the vac and make it easy to move around.

Still, it’s a bold strategy to only include a hard floor head with a cordless vacuum, as most people have at least one carpet (or rug) in their home.

Other Tools and Accessories

There’s a noticeable lack of attachments with the Roidmi H10. You only get a basic crevice tool, which can be used with or without the wand. It’s easy to attach and is handy for getting into edges.

But the lack of accessories reduces the versatility of this cleaner, which is disappointing. It would be nice to see a dusting brush or upholstery tool provided, as these are standard with most stick vacs.

You do get a wall mount for storage, though, which is convenient if you don’t want it taking up floor space.

Roidmi H10 Suction Power and Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance Rating: 3.2/5

We’re impressed with the overall cleaning performance and powerful suction of the Roidmi H10. But bear in mind that it’s aimed at hard floors, so it struggles on carpets.

With three power settings to choose from, you get a good mix of suction power and run time. The Standard mode is strong enough for everyday cleaning. Then there’s Boost mode for stubborn dirt and any fine dust trapped between floorboards.

Larger bits of debris pose an issue for the Roidmi H10. They can get clogged in the vac on the way to the dirt bin, or sometimes fall back out altogether.


The brush bar on the H10 just isn’t suited to carpets. It will pick dirt up in Boost mode, but this drains the battery and is only worthwhile for small areas or rugs. And even then, you’ll have to do a few sweeps to pick everything up.

If you spend too long on carpets, the motor can have issues and cut out. So, we really don’t recommend this vacuum cleaner if you’ve got even small areas of carpets in your home.

Hard Floors

As you’d expect, the Roidmi H10 comes into its own on hard floors. The soft roller picks up fine dust particles, while also managing heavier debris. The lower settings are more than adequate for general cleaning and give a long enough run time to cover a lot of ground.

We like that the soft brush is suitable for more delicate surfaces. The lack of a hard brush bar also means that the Roidmi doesn’t scatter debris like many other vacuums.

Boost mode will pick up stubborn mess and clean any grooves without an issue. But use it sparingly to preserve battery life.


Being able to convert the Roidmi H10 into a handheld cleaner is useful for stairs. The main floorhead and crevice tool can attach without the wand for this compact area.

However, the floorhead is bulky and won’t be of much use on carpeted stairs. The crevice tool is too small for anything but edges, so the H10 could really do with an in-between attachment for this job.

Pet Hair

Without a bristle brush roll or any form of pet attachment, the Roidmi H10 isn’t your best bet for pets.

That said, the suction power is strong enough to pick up pet hair from hard surfaces with relative ease. It won’t handle hair that’s embedded in fibres and fabrics, but it will pick up clumps of fur from hard floors.

Roidmi H10 Price and Value for Money

Value Rating: 4/5

The Roidmi H10 cordless vacuum cleaner is a relatively inexpensive vacuum. It’s nowhere near the cost of premium Dyson or Samsung stick vacs, which reflects the fact that it’s only designed for hard floors.

With only a soft roller floorhead and minimal attachments, it lacks versatility. Plus, the battery isn’t removable, which is something we’d like to see on a vac in this price range. It’s also recommended that you change the filters every three months, adding to the overall cost.

The H10 might look the part and have decent suction power, but there are other cordless stick cleaners out there that offer more for a similar price. The Dyson V8 range and Halo Capsule sit in a similar price bracket while being far more versatile.

Roidmi H10 Specification

Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
FilterWashable (Standard)
Price Range £££
Battery (V)25.9
Maximum Run-Time60
Charge Time (h)3
Weight (kg)2.7
Capacity (Litres)0.65
Motorised ToolNo

Roidmi H10 Verdict

The Roidmi H10 is a modern-looking vacuum cleaner for a contemporary home. The lightweight and slimline design make the H10 easy on the eye and simple to store. But it lacks the versatility needed in most homes.

This H10 is good at cleaning hard floors. Without other accessories, however, it can’t be used in other areas, like cars or furniture, and it offers poor performance on carpet. The sealed battery is a downside, too, so we can’t justify the price for these limited options.

The Roidmi H10 is worth considering if you’ve got a modern apartment with lots of hard floors. But it’s one to avoid if you’ve got a home with stairs, carpets, or pets.

Looking for alternative options that are better for cleaning carpets? Click here for our best cordless vacuum guide.

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