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Miele Complete C3 Silence EcoLine Cylinder Vacuum Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Written by James Hall |

Miele Complete C3 Silence review

Our Verdict: The Miele C3 Silence EcoLine is one of the quietest vacuums we’ve reviewed, so it’s a great choice if you need to keep noise to a minimum. It also provides decent all-round cleaning performance and is easy to use. However, while it’s great at cleaning dust and dirt from hard floors, the C3 Silence struggles more with pet hair and larger debris.

Miele Complete C3 Silence EcoLine



Ease of Use


Cleaning Performance






Overall Rating



  • One of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market
  • Excellent quality tools and floorhead
  • Energy-efficient EcoLine motor
  • Mobile and easy to use around the home
  • Large capacity due to the bagged design


  • Not great for cleaning pet hair
  • Can struggle with larger debris (such as cereal)
  • Expensive

Do you often clean when your children are in bed? Or do you live in a flat and want to vacuum without annoying the neighbours? If so, the Miele Complete C3 Silence could be the perfect solution.

It’s a cylinder vacuum with extra insulation and a less powerful motor to reduce noise output. The C3 Silence also comes with Miele’s EcoTeQ floor head, AirClean filter and foot controls for suction power.

While we don’t think the Miele can match the best cylinder vacuums for performance, it does a surprisingly good job at cleaning both carpets and hard floors considering the reduced motor power. It also provides the high build quality you expect from a Miele vacuum.

Is this vacuum worth the money though? And how does it compare to other cylinder vacuum cleaners? Keep reading our in-depth review to find out.

Overview of the Miele C3 Silence

  • A quiet vacuum cleaner with a noise output of just 64dB on its quietest setting
  • Powered by Miele’s EcoLine 550W motor
  • EcoTeQ combination floor head for cleaning both carpets and hard floors
  • Efficient filtration system, including the Silence AirClean filter
  • Bagged vacuum with self-sealing bags
  • Foot controls for adjusting suction power
  • One-click cable rewind
  • Several tools, including a crevice nozzle and upholstery tool

In-Depth Look at the Miele Complete C3 Silence EcoLine

Appearance, Features & Design

Features Rating: 4/5

With a stylish white exterior and Miele’s classic cylinder appearance, we think the Complete C3 Silence certainly looks like a premium vac. It’s part of the C3 range of bagged vacuums that also includes excellent models such as the C3 Cat & Dog and C3 Complete PowerLine.

Let’s start with the main feature of this vacuum though: the quiet operation.

The Miele Complete C3 Silence has a noise output of just 64dB on its quietest setting, which is much less than the average decibel rating for vacuums.  For comparison, both the Dyson Ball Animal 2 and Shark NV681UKT Lift-Away vacuums are rated at 80db, which is significantly louder.

To achieve this, Miele has added extra insulation around the motor and included the Silence AirClean filter. The EcoLine motor also reduces both noise output and energy consumption.

Miele has even set the C3 on DynamicDrive castors. These are designed to be quieter than the average castors, whilst protecting delicate floors and making the C3 a highly mobile vac.

Does the C3 Silence really deserve the name though? It’s certainly not silent – no vacuum cleaner is – but we found that it’s much quieter than regular vacs. It’s possible to have a relatively normal conversation on its low suction modes, which can’t be said for many vacuums.

It’s worth noting that the 64dB noise output is only on the lowest setting. While it’s still a quiet vacuum cleaner on higher suction settings, it’s still noticeably louder than the advertised 64dB output.

Aside from a lower noise output, the Silence comes with the standard C3 features. Examples include an 8.5 metre cable, 4.5 litre bag capacity and foot switches for suction control. At 7kg, it’s not the lightest vacuum we’ve reviewed, we don’t think it’s too bulky either.

A useful feature is the single-touch cable rewind system. Unlike cylinders such as the Henry, the Miele automatically rewinds without you needing to turn a handle, which is a feature we really like. Like other C3 models, the Silence has a dual-sided park system for easy storage and a telescopic suction tube.

There are also various cleaning settings depending on how much suction you need. These include options for curtains, upholstery, rugs, thick pile carpets and hard flooring. There’s also a “quiet” mode, which reduces noise output while maintaining more suction power – although the quietest mode (and lowest suction) is the one labelled as curtains.

Tools & Accessories

Tools Rating: 3/5

The Silence C3 comes with Miele’s EcoTeQ floorhead. This is designed for cleaning both carpets and hard floors, although it doesn’t have a rotating brush bar like the TurboTeQ head (more on this in a moment). We still think it’s a high-quality floorhead, despite the lack of an agitating brush bar.

There are several other accessories, including a dusting brush, upholstery nozzle and crevice tool. These are stored within the body of the vacuum so they are always accessible.

Miele accessories are always high-quality, so the C3’s tools should last a long time. There’s no turbo tool though, so we don’t think it’s the best option for pet owners.

Suction Power & Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance Rating: 3.8/5

Quiet operation is the name of the game with the C3 Silence, which is why it’s built with Miele’s 550W EcoLine motor. Don’t worry about losing suction power though – while the motor is less powerful than the 900W PowerLine, the vacuum still provides decent suction and cleaning performance.

One of the reasons the vacuum is so effective is the EcoTeQ floorhead. This creates a strong seal around carpets, which helps remove more dirt and dust. If you find it difficult to push, there’s the option of reducing suction using the foot controls or opening a vent in the tube.

The motor also generates excellent suction power. You’re more likely to need to reduce the suction to prevent it sticking to carpets than be left wishing for stronger pickup.

It’s not perfect though. The lack of a rotating brush bar means the vacuum can struggle with larger debris – it tends to “snow plough” instead. When vacuuming cereal or other larger objects, you’ll probably need to pick up the floor head rather than push it over debris.


We think this vacuum does a decent job of cleaning carpets, without being outstanding.

The strong suction power allows it to tackle both short and thick pile carpets using the combination floor head. The ability to adjust suction power is a useful feature too.

It can be hard to push over carpets though, as the floorhead sinks into the fibres. You can reduce the suction or open the vent to alleviate this, but we don’t think the C3 Silence is the best choice for elderly people or those with mobility issues.

We also think it struggles to remove debris from deep in thick carpet. This is due to the lack of a motorised brush bar, which means there’s nothing to agitate the carpet fibres.

Hard Floors

While it’s not the best on carpet, we think the C3 Silence is much better at cleaning hard floors.

When set to hard floor mode, the C3 Silence does a great job of removing dirt and dust. Despite the quiet operation, it has enough power to suck up debris between floorboards.

Whether you have laminate, hardwood or tile floors, the C3 silence is an excellent choice. The only issue is that it tends to push larger debris around rather than suck it up.


Like most cylinder vacuums, the C3 Silence can be a little awkward to use on stairs. It has a relatively long hose for reaching up steps though, so it’s easier to use than an upright. The C3 is also a compact vacuum which makes it easier to clean stairs.

Still, we think there are more convenient choices for stair cleaning.

Pet Hair

It’s difficult for us to recommend the Miele Complete C3 Silence for people with pets. It doesn’t include a turbo tool for cleaning furniture and stairs, and the lack of a rotating brush bar means it relies on pure suction power to remove hair from carpet fibres.

With that said, we think it does an acceptable job at cleaning fur on both carpets and hard floors. If your cat or dog is a light shedder, it may still be an option to consider – particularly if your pet is scared of loud vacuums.

The upholstery nozzle is also effective at removing pet hair. It’s not as good as a true turbo tool with a powered brush bar, but it’s a decent alternative.


The bagged design of the C3 makes it a better choice for people with allergies than bagless alternatives. Dust and other allergens can’t escape when emptying the vacuum, and the bag itself acts as an excellent filter.

Miele has also included the Silence version of their AirClean filter. This is brilliant for reducing the quantity of allergens released into the air, so the C3 Silence is a great choice if you suffer from allergies.

Emptying & Cleaning

To remove the bag, you first need to unclip the hose, before opening the bag flap on the front of the vacuum. Bagged vacuums are never as convenient as bagless, but we found swapping bags is quick and easy – especially as Miele bags are self-sealing.

Changing or cleaning the filter is also straightforward. The AirClean filter is located in the same compartment as the bag, so it’s easily accessible.

Price & Competitor Comparison

Value For Money Rating: 3.5/5

With an RRP of £270, the C3 Silence isn’t a cheap vacuum cleaner – especially compared to other bagged models. We think it’s worth the money if you’re looking for a quiet vacuum cleaner that still provides solid cleaning performance though.

It’s also worth searching for current deals and discounts to ensure you get the best price. The Complete C3 Silence EcoLine is often available for considerably less than its RRP.

Miele C3 Silence EcoLine Specification Table

Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
Price Range£££
Weight (kg)7
Capacity (Litres)4.5
Motorised ToolNo

Frequently Asked Questions

How Quiet Is This Vacuum Compared To Other Noises?

On its quietest setting, the Miele has a noise output of 64dB. For comparison, this is around the same noise as regular conversation or an air conditioning unit. Most vacuums tend to be around 80DB, which is similar to the noise of city traffic.

Can The Miele C3 Silence Clean Pet Hair?

The Miele provides acceptable pet hair performance without being spectacular. The lack of a motorised pet tool for upholstery, stairs, and cars means that we don’t recommend it for pet owners though.

Does It Come With A Bag?

Yes, as a general rule, all Miele vacuums come with at least one bag in the box (although you should check this with your retailer before buying).


We think the Miele Complete C3 Silence EcoLine is an excellent vacuum cleaner if you need a quiet model. It’s a strong performer on hard floors, comes with Miele’s excellent floorhead and tools, and provides multiple suction options.

It’s not quite as powerful as the C3 PowerLine series, nor is it the best choice for pet hair. But if you want a quiet vacuum cleaner it’s our top recommendation.

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