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Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline Cylinder Vacuum Review

Written by James Hall |

Miele Complete C3 Pure Red review

Our Verdict: We think the Miele Complete C3 Pure Red is an exceptional vacuum cleaner. It generates strong suction, is great for cleaning both carpets and hard floors, and is easy to use around the home. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t come with a motorised pet tool, but it still does a decent job at removing pet hair.

Miele Complete C3 Pure Red



Ease of Use


Cleaning Performance






Overall Rating



  • Excellent vacuum cleaner with strong performance on all flooring types
  • Powerful suction with multiple settings
  • Wide 12-metre operating radius and automatic cable rewind
  • Easy to use and durable


  • No motorised tool
  • Can be hard to push on the highest suction setting
  • Sometimes pushes along larger debris on hard floors rather than sucking it up

Thinking of buying the Miele Complete C3 Pure Red? Here’s our in-depth review of this vacuum cleaner to decide whether it’s the right choice for your home.

The Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline is a powerful cylinder vacuum cleaner with a range of useful features. These include multiple suction settings, a generous bagged dirt capacity, and a long power cord with a rewind feature.

We think the Miele C3 Pure Red is one of the best vacuums on the market. It’s excellent for cleaning all types of hard floors and carpets, despite not having a motorised brush bar. We also like that it’s easy to use and has a hygienic bagged emptying system.

But how does the Miele compare to other cylinder vacuum cleaners? Does the bagged design make for easier and hygienic emptying? Read our Miele Complete C3 Pure Red review to find out everything you need to know about this vacuum.

Overview of the Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline’s Features

  • A powerful bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner
  • Large 4.5 litre dirt capacity
  • Telescopic tube for height adjustment and extra reach
  • Wide cleaning radius at just under 12 metres
  • Variable suction controlled by convenient foot switches
  • 3 non-motorised accessories with onboard storage (although no turbo brush)

Miele C3 Pure Red Appearance, Features and Design

Features Rating: 4.5/5

As you would expect from a Miele vacuum, the Pure Red (as we’ll call it from here) is well-built and durable. Everything slots into place with a satisfying click, giving the vacuum a premium feel.

The Miele C3 vacuum comes with a telescopic tube, which has multiple settings to suit the height of the operator. This is great for making floor cleaning more comfortable, plus it provides extra reach when cleaning high areas. The tube also has a wide diameter for increased airflow.

In terms of weight, the Pure Red is around average for a cylinder vacuum at 7.3kg. It’s certainly not the best option if you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum, but most of the weight is pulled around on wheels (unlike with upright vacuums.) For comparison, the classic Henry cylinder vacuum weighs 8kg, while the Miele C1 Compact is a much lighter 4.3kg.

The bagged 4.5 litre capacity is on the larger side, meaning you won’t need to empty it so often. For context, the Hoover Enigma has a smaller 3.2 litre capacity, while the bagless Dyson Ball Animal 2 is just 1.8 litres.

There’s also a long power cord and a 1.8 metre hose. These combine for a cleaning radius of 12 metres, which we think is brilliant for cleaning large areas without changing plug sockets.

The cord is hidden inside the body of the vac, so it’s easy to keep tidy and tangle-free, and there’s an automatic rewind function. We love this feature, as it makes the vacuum more convenient than models like the Henry Xtra, which doesn’t have an automatic system. The three accessories are also hidden away in the vac, so the overall appearance is neat and streamlined.

Finally, the unit is encased by a bumper strip. This reduces the risk of scratches and scuffs on your furniture or walls when you pull it around.

Note: We’ve also written a review of the Miele C3 Pure Power. This is a similar model to the Pure Red, but with a black colour scheme.

Manoeuvrability and Ease of Use

Ease of Use Rating: 4.5/5

Despite the weighty design, we think the Miele C3 Pure Red has excellent handling and is simple to use. The design and casters make it easy to move around a furnished home, while the wide cleaning radius reduces the restrictive feel of a corded vacuum.

You can vary the suction power using foot controls, which comes in handy for using the vac on different surfaces. The strongest suction can be too much for most carpets, so this is an important feature.

For convenience, there’s a carry handle and the option of hooking the floorhead onto the rear of the vacuum. This is a useful feature when you need a break from cleaning or you want to store the vac.


The Miele C3 Complete Pure Red comes with an efficient and hygienic AirClean filter. It’s a decent choice for allergy sufferers, as it traps 99.9% of small particles and stops them leaking back out into the room. The bagged system adds another layer of filtration, plus it’s much easier to empty without letting dust escape.

We should mention that while it’s an effective system for cleaner air, it’s not a HEPA filter. These are the gold standard for filters, trapping at least 99.97% of microparticles, like bacteria and allergens.

Emptying and Cleaning

Unlike many modern vacs, the Miele C3 Complete Pure Red is a bagged vacuum. While bags are less convenient than bagless vacuums, they are more hygienic and hold far more dirt. The Miele’s bags also have a self-sealing design that prevents dust and other allergens escaping, along with an indicator for when you need to change the bag.

The main filter needs changing once a year or so, and it’s easy to access when the time comes. The exhaust filter lasts the same time as a pack of bags, and Miele includes one inside each pack. It’s a nice touch that keeps maintenance simple.

Miele C3 Pure Red Tools and Accessories

Tools Rating: 4/5


The C3 Pure Red comes with Miele’s Allteq combination floorhead. We think this universal floorhead is a great all-rounder that’s suitable for both carpets and hard floors, due to the retractable brushes.

There’s a switch on the floorhead to adjust the brush position. It’s best to have the brushes protruding for hard floors, and retracted for carpeted areas or delicate floors prone to scuffs.

The floorhead isn’t motorised, so it relies on pure suction power. Thankfully, this isn’t something the Pure Red is lacking. It does, however, lack headlights, which are becoming increasingly common on modern vacuums.

Even so, the C3 Pure Red’s floorhead is a high-quality tool that works well on most surfaces, despite not having the most advanced design.

Other Tools and Accessories

There are three attachments included with the Miele C3 Complete Pure Red Powerline: a natural-bristle dusting brush, an upholstery nozzle, and a crevice tool. The accessories are built to a high-standard and the on-board tool storage means you’re less likely to lose them.

While these three accessories are fairly standard for modern vacuum cleaners, they are useful for cleaning skirting boards, car interiors, and staircases. It’s great that you can change the angle of the dusting brush too, as this makes it easier to clean awkward spots.

We do have a few complaints though. The crevice nozzle is very short, which limits its usefulness. There’s also no turbo tool, which would have been useful for deep cleaning stairs or sofas. The strong suction power does make up for this though.

Miele C3 Pure Red Suction Power and Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance Rating: 4.5/5

The short summary of this section is that the Miele Pure Red is brilliant for cleaning all surfaces. While it might lack the flashy features of modern cordless vacuum cleaners, it’s an excellent all-round vacuum that makes quick work of pretty much any cleaning job.

One of the great features of this vacuum is that it comes with six suction settings. These are designed to cover surfaces such as carpets, hard floors, and delicate fabrics. There’s also a quiet mode, which sacrifices suction power for a quieter noise output.

The top setting is great when you need strong suction, but it’s sometimes too powerful – particularly on carpets. You’ll need to experiment to find a level that works best for your carpets.

Fortunately, the mid-level settings still offer great cleaning performance, and there’s also an inlet valve if you need to adjust suction further.

The only drawback to the Miele’s cleaning performance is that it can sometimes struggle with larger debris. Pieces of rice and lentils tend to get pushed along rather than sucked up, so you’ll need to lift the floorhead to get them.


The Miele deep cleans carpets and leaves them feeling fresh. While the lack of a powered brush bar is a downside when cleaning carpets, the strong suction of the C3 means this isn’t noticeable.

Using it can feel like a workout, however, with the vacuum actually lifting the carpet when on the highest setting. But we can’t fault it for how well it removes dirt from the fibres, even on lower suction settings.

Hard Floors

Hard floors are another strong area for the Miele C3 Complete Pure Red. It’s easy to move around and it picks up most debris, apart from the few larger bits that sit in front of the floorhead.

The powerful suction is great at getting dust out of the grooves between floorboards for a deep clean. And the little gaps in the bristles on the floorhead allow continuous airflow, so the head doesn’t suction itself to the floor.


The hose on the Miele Pure Red isn’t long enough to clean an entire flight of stairs, but it can stretch halfway. This means you can clean half from the bottom and half from the top without needing to balance it on a step.

It’s also handy to have the accessories stored in the vac, where they’re easy to swap around mid-clean. You’re likely to need these for stairs, due to the main floorhead being too wide.

The non-motorised attachments are good for getting into tight edges and corners, but aren’t as effective as a proper floorhead or turbo tool. So, while the C3 does a decent job at cleaning stairs, it wouldn’t be our first choice for a stair vacuum.

Pet Hair

Although it’s not a pet vacuum, the Miele Pure Red removes pet hair on carpets and hard floors with ease. This is due to the powerful suction and efficient floorhead design.

Even so, the lack of a motorised tool means the C3 Pure Red probably isn’t the best option for pet owners. Having a smaller tool with bristles is important for cleaning hair from car interiors and stairs.

Tip: The Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog’s floorhead has an air-powered rotating brush bar, so it’s a good alternative for pet owners. Otherwise, you can buy a motorised attachment separately.

Miele C3 Pure Red Price and Value for Money

Value Rating: 4.5/5

We think the Miele C3 Complete Pure Red Powerline provides excellent value for money. It’s a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a range of useful features, such as adjustable suction, cord rewind, integrated accessories, and strong cleaning performance, so it’s well-worth the price.

Make sure you factor in the ongoing costs though. The disposable dust bags will need replacing, as will the filters. Fortunately, the bags hold a lot of dirt and aren’t overly expensive. Likewise, the main filter should last a year and exhaust filters are included with a pack of bags.

Comparison With Other Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline Vs Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Both of these Miele cylinder vacuums have the same bagged design, non-motorised accessories, and suction controls. But the pricier Cat & Dog has a few extra features that make it more suited to homes with pets.

Unlike the Pure Red, the Cat & Dog has a charcoal-based Active AirClean filter that helps to absorb odours. It also has the upgraded Turboteq floorhead. This has a rotating brushbar that’s powered by airflow, allowing for a deeper clean on carpeted areas.

Tip: Want to learn more about Miele vacuum cleaners? Click here to read our Miele vacuum guide. 

Miele C3 Pure Red Specification

Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
Type Cylinder
Bag Bagged
Filter AirClean
Price Range £££
Power (W)890
Cord Length (m)8.5
Weight (kg)7.3
Capacity (Litres)4.5
Motorised ToolNo
Hose Length (m)1.8

Miele C3 Pure Red Review Verdict

The Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline is one of the best cylinder vacuums on the market. It has strong suction power that cleans effectively on a variety of surfaces. We’re also fans of the hygienic bag system, wide cleaning radius, and the automatic cord rewind function.

However, the strong suction can be a downside, as it makes the vacuum hard to move on thick carpet. This issue is usually solved by turning down the suction, but this does reduce cleaning power – even though the middle settings still provide strong performance. And, if we’re really nit-picking, there are some issues with picking up larger debris.

These are relatively minor drawbacks considering the excellent cleaning performance of the C3 Pure Red though. If you’re looking for a durable, no-nonsense cylinder vacuum that provides great value, then it’s a fantastic choice.

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